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Do not confuse with the Luxembourg Province in Belgium.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Europe

latitude: 49.8167, longitude: 6.1335
Browse map of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 49°49′00.12″ N, 6°08′00.60″ E
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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a country in Europe at latitude 49°49′00.12″ North, longitude 6°08′00.60″ East.

Flag of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Mapping Project,
the home of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on the OpenStreetMap wiki.
Hello Welcome to the project for mapping efforts in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!
You can find here national events, ongoing projects, map status and mapping guidelines, as well as links to other pages directly related to the mapping of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
You may also find a list of contacts and mappers involved with the OpenStreetMap community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

This page contains information releated to the OpenStreetMap (OSM) activities in Luxembourg.

Join the OpenStreetMap community and help us to improve the map of Luxembourg!

How to start?

First read the Beginners' guide and the FAQ!

Then, you can go into details on these pages:


Feel free to contribute to these projects (or create new ones):


There are two main issues:

  • Errors - Look at them in KeepRight and correct them with one of the editors JOSM or Potlatch.
  • Things not yet mapped - upload your GPS tracks or collect information of important Points-Of_Interest (POI) and add them with JOSM or Potlatch.

You can use Map Compare to compare the OSM map to other sources, here you find the statistics for the used tags in Luxembourg.


June 2011 meetup

September 2011 Wellenstein mapping party

Mapping Party planning

Companies using OpenStreetMap in Luxembourg

A list of companies using OpenStreetmap.

Example Maps

The site Maposmatic is a free software web service that allows you to generate maps of cities using OpenStreetMap data. To create a map of a city or commune, try entering its name with its type, e.g. "Commune Steinsel".

An example for the use of OSM data for cyclists you'll find on the site, a map of Luxembourg City showing the bicycle rental stations of vel'oH! out of OSM and the bicycle parkings. Also you find the local cycle routes in Luxembourg-City and the National Cycle Routes (Pistes Cyclables), if you switch to base layer "OpenCycleMap". All these routes are taken from the OSM database.

Project Ideas

Whilst ongoing projects focus on the data input into OSM, future projects should more focus on the possible outcome of OSM!

First of all, these are useful maps. Here some thoughts (feel free to add):

For all these maps we need a almost complete list of the Points Of Interests (POI) with correct tagging! Maybe, we will open a new POI project next time...

And more ambitious:

  • Improvement of navigational maps for cyclists (like OpenFietsMap and
  • Navigational maps for car navigation (main issue: correct mapping of one-way roads and turn restrictions!)
Local user group
Luxembourg User Group Flag of Luxembourg.svg
When: on invitation
Where: Crossfire (map)
Mailing list
mailing list
no image

And more or less useful:

  • Map of post and telco facilities
  • Hike and bridle map, like this.
  • Hike and cycle map, like this.
  • Map for parents (crêches, school, playgrounds), like this.
  • ...

Useful Resources

The OSM mailing list for Luxembourg

Please respect the copyright of these sites; use them to find unmapped things or to check your work, and if there is a doubt, make a survey.

External Links


Many of OSM related links you find in the green box above and here. The first version of this Project Page is archived here.