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Here follows a list of Règlements de la circulation of various communes. Note that the linked documents are not necessarily the most recent version.

National regulations

Ville de Luxembourg has been requested to publish the reglement as well — they only publish a list of definitions. We should ask the same to other communities that do not publish the document.

Other communes:

  • Luxembourg: no updated version exists, only a version of 28 June 1982 plus all individual changes since then. Individual changes can be obtained at the city hall, but the list of changes is not available.
  • Remich: no electronic version available.
  • Esch/Alzette: contacted, answer pending.
  • Dudelange: contacted, answer pending.
  • Wiltz: contacted, answer pending.
  • Remich: contacted, answer pending.
  • Rumelange: contacted, answer pending.
  • Vianden: contacted, answer pending.