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Many roads that are added in OpenStreetMap in Luxembourg are either only accessible for local traffic ('riverains'), or not accessible for vehicles at all. A lot of these roads are not yet tagged as such. This causes trouble for both navigation software and people trying to navigate using Mapnik. It would be nice if we could improve the map by adding these access restrictions.

The follow table explains how to tag the different access restrictions that occur in Luxembourg.

Sign Description How to tag in OSM? How does it look in Mapnik?
White sign with red ring Le signal C,2 indique que l’accès est interdit dans les deux sens aux conducteurs de véhicules et d’animaux, à l’exception des riverains et de leurs fournisseurs.
  • access=destination
  • bicyle=destination
  • foot=yes
Blue dashes
White sign with red ring + excepté (bike symbol) (indique que le signal d’interdiction n’est pas applicable aux cycles)
  • access=destination
  • bicyle=yes
  • foot=yes
Blue dashes
White sign with red ring + sign 'route barrée' Le signal C,2a indique que l’accès est interdit dans les deux sens aux conducteurs de véhicules et d’animaux.
  • access=no
  • bicyle=no
  • foot=yes
Red dashes

Some remarks:

  • As opposed to most other countries, the sign with the red ring can always be passed by residents and other destination traffic (unless combined with the sign 'Route barree'). Therefore, this sign means access=destination, not access=no.
  • Sometimes, no 'excepté (bike symbol)' sign is added, while it is clearly the intention that bicycles are allowed too (for example, Rue Nicolas Adames in Luxembourg City). Try following the official signs, however little sense they sometimes make.
  • The access tags in openstreetmap applies to all traffic, including pedestrians and bicycles. Therefore, combine access=no and access=destination always with foot=yes (unless pedestrians are not allowed either), and with bicycle=yes (if cyclists are allowed, indicated by the sign 'excepté (bike symbol)').
  • When doing a survey for access restrictions, perhaps it is possible to look for speed restrictions at the same time. This site shows a map with the current speed restriction coverage.