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Please upload your Logo ideas for MapsForAll to the wiki and display them here, alternatively they can be emailed to team -at-

Here's some info about what the logo should look like: We would like to get an SVG or other vector version. We would also like a few png versions - small (24x24), medium (48x48) and large (256×256). We would also liike a favicon for our website. Really, as much as we can get ;).

It needs to reflect the goals of this project:

  • A sub-project of
  • Provide mapping assistance to volunteer mappers in developing countries
  • Distribute GPS devices to help mapping
  • Distribute OpenStreetMap mapping party resources to volunteer mappers
  • Mentor volunteers and provide advice and useful resource links
  • Acquire better high-resolution imagery for targetted mapping activation zones
  • Create visualisations of mapping progress made by volunteers to the project

The prize - satisfaction and gratitude from this project :)

-- Samlarsen1, 18 August 2011 (16:24‎ UTC)

No logo was ever proposed.