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Kosovo, Europe
latitude: 42.5672, longitude: 20.9035
boundary: 2088990, label: 4366234392
Browse map of Kosovo 42°34′01.92″ N, 20°54′12.60″ E
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Kosovo is a country in Europe at latitude 42°34′01.92″ North, longitude 20°54′12.60″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.


  • Decide what language should be used for names on the map (Serbian or Albanian). This is a highly political decision, so I am not adding any names until some policy has been agreed upon.
  • Hi I am user Hakerche and I think that Kosovo should be mapped in both languages. But it was part of Serbia until few days ago, so maybe it should still remain on Serbian language.
  • Hi, I'm user Jkos. I think that street names will have to be in the local language. Given that they're mostly names, some are Albanian names, others are Serbian names, etc. City names should probably be in both languages as Serbian & Albanian are both official languages.
  • Hello, I think that the street names should be in a bigger size in Albanian, and a smaller size in Serbian. Kosovo is now a Independent State and the language there is 95 % Albanian.

Upcoming Events

Mapathon with Cadastre Data

We'll compare existing street segments and names on OSM with an overlay of data we got from Kosovo Cadastral Agency and fix where needed.

  • 16 March 2019 11:00-16:00 CET
  • Prishtina Hackerspace and Online.

See the detailed plan here.


  • Almost all street names are missing. Adding these requires local knowledge, as street signs are rare.
  • Add points of interest (restaurants, shops, etc.) to the map.
  • (18.11.2018) Add the date of the entry and the username who added it, like this: "( NEW ENTRY. -- User" -- Bardhazizi
  • (18.11.2018) Add land use tags (farmland, industrial area, commercial area, forest, meadow, etc). -- Bardhazizi
  • (18.11.2018) Add water bodies (lakes, artificial lakes, swimming pools, ponds). -- Bardhazizi
  • (18.11.2018) Add names of city suburbs / neighborhoods. -- Bardhazizi
  • (18.11.2018) Add buildings (houses, schools, gov. buildings, etc). -- Bardhazizi
  • (13.03.2019) Add historic buildings/sites that are missing. A good source for the data is the "Database of Cultural Heritage of Kosovo", which is found here: . -- Bardhazizi

What is done?

Help needed

  • Need people to help on mapping Kosovo cities!
    Nevojiten njerëz për të ndihmuar hartimin e qyteteve të Kosovës.
  • Please register on this wiki page and enter your open street map wiki user name here if you are interested!
    Ju lutemi të regjistroheni në këtë wiki faqe dhe shkruani emrin e përdoruesit tuaj të open street map wiki këtu, nëse jeni të interesuar!
  • Hi! I would like to invite you all to join my workgroup. I have been working on Kosovo, editing it and recruiting more people. You can see our workgroup here:
    If you have a navigator phone, you can also make tracks and upload them. Hope to see some more editors for Kosovo, and be sure to come to our conference on the 29/30 of august.
    --H4ck3rm1k3 19:11, 2 August 2009 (UTC) H4ck3rm1k3

People involved

  • User:Þórir Már - Goes on occasional trips to Kosovo for work.
  • User:H4ck3rm1k3 - is working on recruiting new editors
  • User:Drlizau - Providing long distance mentoring and assistance with equipment.
  • User:BesfortGuri - Full time editing all roads of Kosovo, supported by Logistics Plus. Working in recruiting new editors, and adding new features, translating materials in Albanian.
  • User:Bessian - Editing roads and places of interest in Ferizaj.
  • User:Ant - Mitrovica
  • User:Bardhazizi - Active editor inside and around the Municipality of Gjilan








I've started to make the main connecting roads between the towns "primary" roads. Few roads were being classified as primary, with the result being too many secondary roads, few tertiary roads and lots of unknown types.

List of places that have some mapped roads.

Sources of information