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Streets around the Pristina hackerspace, with AKK roads behind the OSM data. Note the missing names in the middle and missing roads on the right.

Kosovo Streets Mapathon #2


The Kosovo community has recently obtained street names and geometries from the Agjencia Kadastrale e Kosovës . AKK and the local NGO FLOSSK have signed a memorandum of understanding to allow this data to be used in OpenStreetMap.

In this mapathon, we will compare existing street segments and names on OSM with an AKK overlay and fix where needed.



The Kosovo community can be reached on Telegram:

The mapathon organiser is Arianit.

Instructions for participants

  1. If you participate, add yourself and your username to the list of participants below
  2. Choose an area to work on in the tasking manager and click 'Start mapping'. If you don't know what area to work on, ask in the chat. If the area is too big, you can click on 'split' to divide it in four.
  3. Click on 'edit' to open the area in your editor of choice.
  4. See the next section for how to add the AKK backgrounds.
  5. Trace the roads that are missing, add the road names where necessary, then go back to the tasking manager to mark your area as done, and pick your the next one! Most missing roads will be of type 'residential', 'service' or 'track'.
  6. If there is a name already, move it to `old_name`, `alt_name` or `local_name`. If in doubt, use `old_name` or ask in the chat.
  7. Make sure you've read all of this page, and don't be afraid to ask any questions on the chat.

Tools and Data Sources

The best aerial imagery to use in Kosovo in 2019 are Bing and DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery.

Please report any mistakes found in the AKK data on the Telegram group and/or on this event's Talk page.

To display the roads:

In the iD editor:

On the right, click on the Map Data button (shortcut F), then click on "..." next to "Custom map data", then enter{z}/{x}/{y}.mvt?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoiZ3Jpc2NoYXJkIiwiYSI6ImNqdDU0MWZlZDAyYmkzeXBiZnQ3MjRrNGcifQ.usw6vA9LGxHRE9xeMw2mHw

AKK roads will be shown in magenta. They can be selected to display the name.

To make things more visible, you can hit W

Be careful when tracing roads to connect them to the rest of the road network, and not to the AKK road lines.


  • In the Imagery menu, choose Imagery Preferences
  • At the bottom right of the window, click on the button with the green '+' that says 'WMS'
  • In field 6 at the bottom of the window, enter{proj}&WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&BBOX={bbox}
  • In field 7, enter as a name: "AKK Kosovo roads"

Map both red and green roads. The red roads are as the municipalities sent them to AKK, the green ones have been validated by AKK.

An useful filter (Windows > Filters) to display only highways is

(-highway=* | -type:way) -(child highway=*)


See also:


There will hopefully be some more people dropping in from the internet. Please join our chat and say hi.

  • You?


We'll ask participants to use the hashtag #kosovoroads in their changeset comments.

Measuring our Success

As of 1 November 2019, 99% of the area in the tasking manager has been marked as complete, and about 1200 streets are still missing, mostly in cities (Prizren, Pejë, Mitrovicë, countryside around Klinë…)

As of 6 January 2020, 358 streets are still missing and 330 possibly mistyped - typically missing accents.


Possible training offered in Prishtina through two workshops at SFK Conference: Kontributi në OpenStreetMap by Yll Ferizi held on 4 April, Thursday, at 12:00 at Termokiss aimed at beginners in Albanian and Further mapping: Using JOSM, and seeing the invisible with John Sturdy held in English on 5 April, Friday, at 10:00 at the National Library.

Post-Event Clean Up

Our core team will frequently look at new changesets being uploaded with our hashtag, and apply corrections where necessary. They will be present at the mapathon to assist anyone with questions.

A few days after the event, the core team will look at the common QA tools (OSMI, Osmose, Keepright) to repair anything that might have slipped through the cracks.


We'll post some results here after the event.


The Kosovo community would like to thank:

  • All participants
  • Agjencia Kadastrale e Kosovës, especially the address team
  • Mapbox for hosting vector tiles
  • The Swiss OSM community for letting us use their tasking manager
  • FLOSSK for its support