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Hi, my name is Besfort Guri. I live in Prizren, Kosovo. I am president of the executive board of FLOSSK (Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova), Advisory board of OpenStreetMap Foundation Board, and Charter Member of OSGeo.

My contribution in OpenStreetMap

I start translating in Albanian language the Beginners Guide, [| Beginners Guide in Albanian Language]. After that I start working in my handbook for OpenStreetMap and it was for how to create your own map[ here you can download or check] supported by Unicef Innovation Lab Kosovo. I am a leader of OpenStreetMap Kosovo Local Chapter, where we organize monthly meetups and mapathons, all information's can be found in FLOSSK social media. In 2019, I was chairing State of the Map South East Europe, and in 2023, I was chair of FOSS4G Prizren.


I can be contacted via email at: besiguri [at] gmail [dot] com or via my OSM user page: