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Most mapping activity in OpenStreetMap is performed by individual hobby mappers mapping independently according to their personal interests. But there are also organised mapping activities in OpenStreetMap where several people edit the map under specific instructions of others.

See Category:Organised Editing Teams for pages representing Organised Editing teams.

Anyone involved in organised editing activities either performing such edits or coordinating others to do so should follow the Organised Editing Guidelines. Naturally anyone involved in organised editing activities should also be familiar with the general principles of mapping in OSM like Good practice and How We Map as well as rules and guidelines for specific activities, in particular the Automated Edits code of conduct and the Import Guidelines.

All organised editing activities shall be listed at Organised Editing/Activities.

As with any other rule-breaking mapper, users ignoring this rules may be reported to Data working group. Though it is preferable to start from explain what they may improve using changeset comments. It both gives them chance to learn and in case of ignoring everything DWG will block them quicker.