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Screenshot of iD
Author: Many
Version: 1.3.2 (2013-11-14)
License: WTFPL
Platform: web-based (Javascript)

iD is an OpenStreetMap editor programmed in JavaScript (usable directly in the browser) with the aims to be simple and friendly.

Use it

Since May 2013 you can use iD live on the homepage (inside the "Edit ▼" menu; of course you also can select it as your standard editor in your user preferences). You can contribute to OSM by adding and editing nodes, ways, areas, relations and their tags.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer is not (yet) supported by iD (bugs: IE9, IE10, IE11). Firefox shows (at least for some users) bad performance (a discussion; bugs: 1, 2 3). You may want to use another browser for running iD (a WebKit-based browser is recommended for best performance, currently).

Documentation is available inside the editor (via start-up screen prompt and always via the bookmark icon on the left side-panel). You can also browse the collection of questions related to iD on and ask there if the question is not already asked. A list of keyboard shortcuts is available, too.


iD uses d3js as a rendering layer and has a fast, modular core that manages OSM data. The primary mode of rendering is via SVG, though other renderers will be considered in the future.

Initial development is by Richard and contributions are very warmly welcomed. Currently User:Tmcw and others are contributing.


See also: entries of the mapbox osmdev blogs (Atom feed) and of the systeme-d blog.