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Screengrab from the https://openstreetmap.community/ website on 2019-11-04 showing a detail for UK communities
Screengrab from the iD editor after an edit made by a UK editor 2019-11-04 showing display of OSM Community Index data

The OSM Community Index is a collection of community resources for OSM.

It is used by the iD Editor to display some community suggestions after you have completed an edit.

The index is hosted on github at https://github.com/osmlab/osm-community-index so anyone with a github account can suggest changes and additions. Local Chapters and communities are encouraged to get their local details up-to-date. Do this in a pull request. Index entries are translated into many languages in iD's Transifex project.

Visualisation of the index can be seen at https://openstreetmap.community/ and https://community.osm.be/

Adding new entries

Adding new entries is welcomed, see official documentation and SomeoneElse's diary entry "Adding a resource to the OpenStreetMap Community Index".