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Regular online community meetups are organized to exchange/chat/talk/… about the iD editor. The meetings are currently taking place at this room of OSMF's BigBlueButton server.

For each of these meetings, a topic will be picked which highlights a particular aspect of iD in form of a short tutorial, hands-on session and/or presentation. The goal for this section is to share tips and tricks with the community as well as hopefully trigger interesting discussions. Of course these meetups will also be a platform to ask general questions, and to give updates about current works in progress. Any other feedback is of course also very welcome!

List of Meetings

Date and Time Wiki Page Topic
2024-04-24 16:00 UTC 2024-04-24 tbd
2024-03-27 16:00 UTC 2024-03-27 Route relation editing
2024-02-28 16:00 UTC 2024-02-28 highway crossing tagging
2024-01-24 16:00 UTC 2024-01-24 just chatting
2023-12-13 16:00 UTC 2023-12-13 SotM-EU recap
2023-04-24 16:00 UTC 2023-04-24 innovative editing modes
2023-03-24 16:00 UTC 2023-03-24 N/A
2023-02-20 16:00 UTC 2023-02-20 State of the Tagging Presets
Previous meetings (2020, 2021) were documented on a github wiki