ID/Community Chats/2024-02-28

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  • Date and time: 2024-02-28 16:00 UTC
  • Location: BigBlueButton
  • Topic: highway crossing tagging

Notes / Minutes


  • Martin
  • Tobias
  • Dennis
  • Sarah
  • Raja
  • Sam

Discussion topic: highway crossing tagging in id-tagging-schema

Goal: Discuss and how to update the way crossings are represented in the preset based all the recent changes in how we tag them

Link list

  • would work, but a small downside is that a user can't search the exact sub-presets
  • missing entries could be added to the repo
  • can be added as an unsearchable preset
  • cannot be added as deprecation for now, but maybe in form of a hint/notice/pre-selected option in the markings field

Other Topics

  • iD v2.28.0 was released today
  • feature proposal: suggest more relevant presets when switching preset of an existing feature (#10138)
  • relations bug #8415 is popping up again
  • Q&A

Next Meeting

March 27, 2024. 16:00 UTC