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Public-images-osm logo.svg crossing:signals
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Indicates whether the crossing is controlled by a traffic signal. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: crossings
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This key indicates whether a pedestrian, bicycle, or equestrian crossing is controlled by a traffic signal. It is intended as a replacement for crossing=traffic_signals, making it possible to simultaneously indicate whether a crossing is marked and whether it is signalized. This combination is especially relevant in some regions where unmarked, signalized crossings and marked, unsignalized crossings are both common. See this proposal (and the updated 2022 edition Proposal:Crossing signalization) for more details.


  • crossing:signals=yes – the crossing is controlled by a traffic signal, whether or not it has road markings
  • crossing:signals=no – the crossing is not controlled by a traffic signal, whether or not it has road markings

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Country-specific information

In some countries, signalized crossings are reliably implemented in conjunction with marked crosswalks. However, in others, the presence of signals and the presence of road markings at a crossing are decoupled. Known countries where unmarked, signalized crossings may be found include the United States and Iran.[1] This is a work in progress list, so if you have information about more countries where this combination can be found, you may add to this section.

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