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The existence and style of pedestrian crossing markings. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

For the purposes of crossing:markings=*, 'markings' shall be those markings on the ground meant to draw attention to the area where pedestrians are to cross the road. The standard for these markings can vary from country to country, but are usually required to be the same colour as the other road markings, in high visibility white or yellow. This is most commonly done with paint or bright bricks.


This tag is most commonly used in conjunction with crossing nodes (mainly highway=crossing but also e.g. railway=crossing when the crossing area is marked) and crossing ways (e.g. highway=footway + footway=crossing).

For the purposes of documentation and discussion, markings parallel to the crossed road should be referred to as 'bars' while markings orthogonal to the roadway should be referred to as 'lines'.

Key Value Diagram Description Example
crossing:markings yes An unspecified or unknown crossing marking. Can also be used in document any crossing marking which hasn't been documented.
crossing:markings no Crossing without markings.png The absence of crossing markings at a crossing. Implied by crossing=unmarked. May be useful in combination with crossing=traffic_signals where there is no marking on the ground, but there is a pedestrian signal.
Crossing marked with a traffic sign 20190517 184744 HDR.jpg
crossing:markings surface Surface crossing markings.png A crossing which is not differentiated by high visibility road markings, but only by a change in surface. Depending on the jurisdiction, this may or may not be considered a proper crossing. Additional details can be added with the established tags surface=* and surface:colour=*.

crossing:markings=solid has been discussed to document crossing markings which are all high-vis paint for the width of the crossing, but it has been determined that this is too rare (and confusing to mappers) to merit a top level entry in the schema.

Azalea City Trail, Alden Ave crosswalk across Williams St.JPG
crossing:markings lines Markings lines.png Lines on either side of the crossing (U.S.: "standard/transverse"; Canada: "twin parallel lines")
Crosswalk in Oakland, CA Chinatown.jpg
crossing:markings lines:paired Markings lines paired.png Pairs of lines on either side of the crossing.
First Colors... (1450051718).jpg
crossing:markings dashes Markings dashes.png Dashed lines on either side of the crossing. Used in some countries (such as Germany) at (nearly) all signalized crossings.
Pedestrian crossing Gympie Rd and Murphy Rd pedestrian crossing DSCF5779.jpg
crossing:markings dots Markings dots.png Dotted lines on either side of the crossing. The dots sometimes are reflectors slightly raised from the carriageway. (U.S.: "dashed")
Pelican between King George Rec and Cosham Park - - 729204.jpg
crossing:markings rainbow Markings rainbow.png

a question mark

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A crossing with rainbow colours, other than in zebra pattern or lines along the crossing.
crossing:markings lines:rainbow Markings lines rainbow.png

a question mark

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Rainbow coloured lines along the crossing.
Zebra style crossings
crossing:markings zebra Markings zebra.png Regularly spaced bars along the length of the crossing. (Called "continental" in the United States.)
crossing:markings zebra:double Crossing markings zebra double.png The similar to zebra, but split in the middle. (U.S.: "triple-four")
Praha 10 ulice Ruska x Estonska 09 krtčí uši.JPG
crossing:markings zebra:paired Paired zebra.png Like a zebra crossing but skipping every third bar to avoid premature tire wear. (U.S.: "double-paired")
An n20H Bus in Flower Hill, Long Island, New York September 26, 2021 D.jpg
crossing:markings zebra:bicolour Markings zebra bicolour.png A zebra crossing with alternating colours. The colours can be tagged using crossing:markings:colour=*.
Пешеходный переход в Судалице.jpg
crossing:markings zebra:rainbow Markings zebra rainbow.png

a question mark

This article or section contains questionable, contentious or controversial information. See the talk page for more information.
A zebra crossing with rainbow colours.
Ladder style markings
crossing:markings ladder Markings ladder.png Lines perpendicular to the roadway along with bars parallel to the roadway.
Crosswalk to Divine Mercy Catholic Church across FL3, Merritt Island.JPG
crossing:markings ladder:skewed Markings adder skewed.png Two lines orthogonal to the direction of the roadway with diagonal bars connecting the two lines. Sometimes confusingly referred to as "zebra" in the United States.
2007 09 05 - 97-Hewitt - SE corner 2.JPG
crossing:markings ladder:paired Paired ladder.png Ladder-style markings with the bars paired together.
Azalea City Trail 26.jpg
Pictogram crossing markings
crossing:markings pictograms 400px-Crossing markings pictogram.png Painted pictogram(s) of pedestrian and/or bicycle (with or without arrows)
Bicycle pictogram crossing.JPG

More values may be documented as they are discovered or invented by governments.

More difficult cases

In the case of segregated crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, this can be tagged separately as cycleway:crossing:markings=* and footway:crossing:markings=*.

The color of the markings can be specified using the standard colour=* scheme (e.g. crossing:markings:colour=yellow).

Multiple values of crossing:markings=* can be separated by a semicolon to specify multiple patterns atop each other (see examples below).

Crossing with marking which change in the middle of the crossing

Although quite rare, if a crossing has markings which change within a single crossing, one can tag this most precisely by splitting the crossing way and tagging the individual segments with the appropriate value of crossing:markings=*. The highway=crossing node should still be tagged with the most prominent value for crossing:markings=* or simply crossing:markings=yes.


Example Tagging
Abbey Road Crossing - - 3428564.jpg

The most accurate way to tag this would be

However, simply tagging the markings as crossing:markings=zebra shouldn't be considered "wrong", simply a less detailed description.

Note: Dots refers to the very small markings right besides the zebra bars. The more prominent dashed give-way-lines are a separate feature.

Kraków - Al. Pokoju i ul. Centralna - przejście dla pieszych i przejazd rowerowy nocą - DSC08256 v1.jpg

A segregated foot and cycle crossing

Gehweg und Radweg über querende Straße.jpg

A shared pedestrian and cyclist crossing

Fireman's Park crosswalk.jpg
Rainbow pedestrian in Chicago.jpg

Artistic crosswalk

This crosswalk is painted in various colors, but it isn't a solid marking; the white lines are still required for it to be a legal crosswalk (in the US).

Where crossing:markings is not appropriate

Buffer markings

Gehwegübergangsmarkierung Ilsestraße.jpg

These markings act as a painted curb extension for pedestians, somewhat common in Germany.

crossing:buffer_marking=* was proposed to document this. See Berlin/Verkehrswende/Gehwege for more details (in German).

Look left/look right markings

Hong Kong ⇦ Look Left 望左 road surface marking.jpg

These markings should not be included in crossing:markings=* as they serve a different role from a crossing markings.

No scheme has been proposed to document these (yet).

Software support


iD includes a preset with icons.


GraphHopper considers crossing:markings=yes to be synonymous with crossing=traffic_signals and crossing:markings=no crossing:signals=no to be synonymous with crossing=unmarked. [1]

Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

See also

  • lane_markings=* - Specifies if a highway has painted markings to indicate the position of the lanes
  • highway=crossing - The location of a designated street crossing for pedestrians, cyclists, or equestrians
  • footway=crossing - Specifies that the footway is a road crossing
  • osm-yolo-crossings - AI import tool for zebra crossings