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A generic crossing with no traffic-signals of any type Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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Status: approvedPage for proposal


A generic crossing with no traffic signals of any type, just road markings; e.g., zebra-crossings. Which means mostly used in combination[1] with highway=crossing (and crossing_ref=zebra) as mentioned in an approved proposal[2].

It is also used for pedestrian level crossing without barrier or light signal. It maybe indicated by a St. Andrew's cross.

This tag is also used for pedestrian crossings of tramway crossing.

When used as a railway level crossing, if the railroad crossing has barriers add crossing:barrier=yes instead.

If the railroad crossing has a warning light add crossing:light=yes instead.

For pedestrian crossings on a street, there is another proposed scheme available which seems to be more specific. The used tags are:

  • crossing=marked - A generic crossing with no traffic-signals of any type, just road markings
  • crossing=unmarked - A crossing without road markings or traffic lights

How to map

Set a node node on the junction where the transition is and add

at the highway
at the railway
by the tram

Tags to use in combination

  • bicycle=yes/no - Access permission for cyclists
  • tactile_paving=yes/no - Indicate if a specific place can be detected or followed with a blindman's stick
  • wheelchair=* - Indicate if a special place can be used with wheelchairs

Tag growth evolution

Graphs of different schemes (uncontrolled / marked) are show on following page link:

Editor preset

There is an implementation of a JOSM preset, which is using tags highway=crossing + crossing=uncontrolled + crossing_ref=zebra for a zebra-crossing (crosswalk) object.


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