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Public-images-osm logo.svg crossing = zebra
A zebra crossing Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: crossings
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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Status: de facto

A zebra crossing. Use this tag if the zebra markings and signs are the most relevant prescription at this crossing. This is a refinement of the tag highway=crossing, which should also be present. If there are also traffic lights controlling the crossing, use crossing=traffic_signals instead.

Software support


In v1.4.0, released in May 2014, iD added a Crosswalk preset tagged crossing=zebra. [1] At the time, this tag was documented as shorthand for crossing=uncontrolled crossing_ref=zebra in the United Kingdom, the term "zebra crossing" originated. However, it was already widespread abroad,[1] and iD did not yet have the ability to limit a preset to a specific geography.

In v2.12.0, released December 2018, crossing=zebra was replaced with crossing=marked in the Marked Crosswalk preset. An unsearchable Marked Crosswalk preset remained for features already tagged crossing=zebra. [2]

In v2.15.0, released March 2019, crossing=zebra was marked deprecated; a validator warning encouraged the user to migrate the tag to crossing=marked highway=crossing. [3] This has attracted controversy. This change was reverted in v2.17.0, released December 2019, due to ambiguity issues raised by mappers. [4]


OSM2World applies a white-striped texture to the crossing way. [5]

Straßenraumkarte Neukölln applies white stripes to the crossing [6] and reserves a parking-free buffer zone around the crossing that is larger than for crossing=marked. [7]


OpenSidewalks converts this tag to crossing=marked. [8]

MOTIS Per Pedes Routing indicates whether the crossing is marked [9][10] and can calculate a detour that avoids unmarked, unsignalized crossings. [11]

See also

  • crossing=* - for an overview of crossing tagging
  • crossing=uncontrolled - for uncontrolled crossings
  • crossing=marked - for a generic marked crossing regardless of specific markings
  • crossing_ref=zebra - a way to record only the markings or a type of crossing, depending on the interpretation.
  • crossing:markings=yes – for a generic marked crossing regardless of specific markings
  • crossing:markings=zebra – specifically for the "zebra" stripes used for marked crossings in many countries, as opposed to other marking patterns


  1. According to Ohsome Dashboard, in June 2014, there were about 1,800 occurrences of crossing=zebra on nodes in the United Kingdom compared to 7,300 worldwide. There were 4,400 occurrences of crossing_ref=zebra in the United Kingdom compared to 102,000 worldwide. Inanimate alternatives such as crossing=uncontrolled and crossing=marked were used on 255,000 nodes and fewer than 600 nodes respectively worldwide.