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A zebra crossing Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Crossings
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Status: de facto

A zebra crossing. Use this tag if the zebra markings and signs are the most relevant prescription at this crossing. This is a refinement of the tag highway=crossing, which should also be present. If there are also traffic lights controlling the crossing, use crossing=traffic_signals instead.



In v1.4.0, released in May 2014, iD added a Crosswalk preset tagged crossing=zebra. [1] At the time, this tag was documented as shorthand for crossing=uncontrolled crossing_ref=zebra in the United Kingdom, the term "zebra crossing" originated. However, it was already widespread abroad,[1] and iD did not yet have the ability to limit a preset to a specific geography.

In v2.12.0, released December 2018, crossing=zebra was replaced with crossing=marked in the Marked Crosswalk preset. An unsearchable Marked Crosswalk preset remained for features already tagged crossing=zebra. [2]

In v2.15.0, released March 2019, crossing=zebra was marked deprecated; a validator warning encouraged the user to migrate the tag to crossing=marked highway=crossing. [3] This has attracted controversy. This change was reverted in v2.17.0, released December 2019, due to ambiguity issues raised by mappers. [4]


  1. According to Ohsome Dashboard, in June 2014, there were about 1,800 occurrences of crossing=zebra on nodes in the United Kingdom compared to 7,300 worldwide. There were 4,400 occurrences of crossing_ref=zebra in the United Kingdom compared to 102,000 worldwide. Inanimate alternatives such as crossing=uncontrolled and crossing=marked were used on 255,000 nodes and fewer than 600 nodes respectively worldwide.

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