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ohsome Dashboard
Author: HeiGIT
License: GPL-3.0
Platform: Web Dashboard
Version: 0.2.1
Website: https://dashboard.ohsome.org/
Source code: https://github.com/GIScience/ohsome-dashboard
Programming language: JavaScript

The ohsome Dashboard generates accurate statistics about the historical development of OSM data for custom or predefined regions all over the world. It is developed by the Big Spatial Data Analytics team at HeiGIT - Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology.

General Information

No programming skills are needed to work with the dashboard. The ohsome Dashboard allows custom filtering of all available OpenStreetMap tags and types and includes administrative boundaries, making the selection of search areas easier. As a result you get a graphical view on the response values of your request.

What can you do with the ohsome Dashboard?

Analyse the OSM history globally. As filter options, you can

  • choose a query region (administrative boundary, bounding box, circle, or polygon)
  • choose your tags of interest (key, value)
  • specify the OSM type (node, way, relation)
  • specify a measure type (count, length, area, perimeter)
  • define the grouping the results (none, OSM type, boundary, tag, key)
  • select a time period and interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

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