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ohsome API
Author: HeiGIT
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3
Platform: Web API
Version: 1.10.1
Website: https://api.ohsome.org
Source code: https://github.com/giscience/ohsome-api
Programming language: Java

The ohsome API is a generic web API for analysing OSM history data. It is developed by the Big Spatial Data Analytics team at HeiGIT - Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology.

General Information

The ohsome API lets you analyze the rich data source of the OpenStreetMap history and is based on the OpenStreetMap History Database (OSHDB). You can either perform analyses using a dashboard-like application, or use the ohsome API directly and work with its CSV, JSON or GeoJSON responses.

What can you do with the ohsome API?

Data Aggregation
Data Extraction
  • Data Aggregation:

Get aggregated statistics on the evolution of OpenStreetMap elements and specify your own temporal, spatial and/or thematic filters. The data aggregation endpoint allows you to access functions, e.g., to calculate the area of buildings or the length of streets at any given timestamp.

  • Data Extraction:

Retrieve the geometry of the historical OpenStreetMap data, e.g., to visualize the evolution of certain OpenStreetMap elements over time. With our ohsome data extraction endpoint you can get the geometries for specific points in time or all changes within a timespan (full-history).

  • User stats:

Get the number of contributors at any custom time period for your area of interest. The users endpoint also allows you to apply different filters, e.g., to find out how many users have edited street names.

  • Contribution Analysis:

Allows the extraction and aggregation of modifications (contributions to) of OSM's semantic elements.

For further information check out these blog posts or take a look at some ohsome examples on github..

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