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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: SelfishSeahorse
Tagging: crossing:island=*
Applies to: node way
Definition: Used to specify if a pedestrian crossing has a refuge island
Drafted on: 2017-11-26


A marked, unsignalised pedestrian crossing with a refuge island (highway=crossing + crossing=uncontrolled + crossing:island=yes)

The key crossing:island is used to specify if there is a refuge island (also known as pedestrian island) in the middle of the road.


This key can be used on a pedestrian crossing mapped as a node (highway=crossing) or a way (highway=footway + footway=crossing). Possible values are yes and no. (If no value is given, no is assumed.) It is recommended to further specify the type of the pedestrian crossing using the crossing=* key.


The presence or absence of a refuge island is independent of the presence or absence of traffic lights and/or road markings. However, with the current de facto tag for refuge islands, crossing=island, it is not possible to specify if the pedestrian crossing is unmarked (crossing=unmarked), marked but without traffic lights (crossing=uncontrolled) or if there are traffic lights (crossing=traffic_signals). Moving the information about the presence or absence of a refuge island out of the crossing=* key to a new key solves this problem.

Current usage

crossing:island=* crossing=island

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