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Taginfo logo.png
Author: Jochen Topf
Website: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org
Source code: Blacktocat.svg taginfo/taginfo
Taginfo showing the highway key

Taginfo is a system for finding and aggregating information about OSM tags and making it browsable and searchable. It was created by Jochen Topf.

You can try it out at: taginfo.openstreetmap.org. This is the main taginfo site and covers the whole planet. See Sites for other instances.


  • Contact - How to report bugs or contact the developers
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sites - Web sites running the taginfo software
  • Parsing the Wiki - Information about how taginfo parses the OSM wiki
  • Linking - Linking to taginfo
  • API - The taginfo API
  • Embedding - Embedding of taginfo output in this wiki
  • Taglists - Using tag lists (in this wiki and outside)
  • Architecture - Architecture of the taginfo system
  • Sources - Data sources for taginfo
  • Projects - Data from external projects for taginfo
  • Installation - Running your own copy of taginfo
  • I18N - Translating taginfo into other languages

More information about taginfo in these entries on Jochen's blog.

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