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Search engine result page of TagFinder for 'Schloss'.

TagFinder is a full text search engine for OpenStreetMap tags. It uses Taginfo, translation services (German to English), a thesaurus and an adapted domain-specific semantic net.

 >> tagfinder.osm.ch <<

TagFinder was developed during a semester thesis in informatics at the Geometa Lab, University for Applied Sciences Rapperswil (Switzerland). The application offers a RESTful API, is written in Python 2.7 and uses the Flask web framework. The source code is on Github.

TagFinder provides some information about its findings. Here they are:

Implies: Indicates a strong connection between tags. One tag may be a prerequisite of another (e.g., trees=apple_trees implies produce=apple).

Combined with: Indicates what other tags are often used together with the tag found. The connection between the tags is less strong than Implies (e.g., people may combine shop=supermarket with opening_hours=*).

Weblinks in wiki: Other tags/links found in the OSM wiki page of the tag.

Related terms: TagFinder specific. The application associates synonyms, broader or narrower terms with some tags, which helps find a tag with a search term (e.g., natural=coastline has “shore” as related terms).

Search infos: TagFinder specific. Gives some information why a tag was found by search terms (e.g., when searching “pet”, one tag it finds is shop=pet with a relatively high score. “pet” is found in the tag, description and related terms). Take the score with a grain of salt, though.

Feel free to give feedback e.g. on talk, on Twitter (@geometalab), as a Github issue or to User:Geonick directly.

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