ID/Community Chats/2024-03-27

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  • Date and time: 2024-03-27 16:00 UTC
  • Location: BigBlueButton
  • Topic: Route relation editing

Notes / Minutes


  • Martin
  • Minh
  • Thibault

Agenda / Notes

Topic: Route relation editing

  • First step to handle route relations better in iD: Bug which "corrupted" routes in some cases is fixed with [#10149] and introduces a button to fully load a relation's members.
  • Discussion question: To what extent should it be possible to manipulate route relations in iD?
  • There are dedicated route editors now for PT
  • Manually trigger relation route member sorting -> button would be possible to add, but some visual feedback for the operation would be needed. require whole relation to be loaded to do it without breaking
  • Roundabout splitting are much more tricky to implement "properly"
  • add function to select multiple members in the members list to rearrange them quickly.
  • a dedicated route relation edit mode in iD would be nice to have eventually: if you have a relation selected, the map would change to show the route prominently and easy way to add/remove members

General Discussions and Feedback

  • Panoramax integration into iD:

Possible funding for implementation via NLnet. Integration in iD is likely a Gsoc project this summer. But further work on it could be included in further rounds of applications for funding.

  • Crossings discussion follow up
  • Traffic signs as presets and/or NSI

Volume of signs is problematic. Translating them is also an issue. Data could live outside of presets. There are also some existing data sets for street signs out there.

Next Meeting

  • April 24, 16:00 UTC