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  • Date and time: 2023-02-20 16:00 UTC
  • Location: BigBlueButton
  • Topic: The State of the Presets: Recent Changes & Development Tips



Presets – what's new

  • new colour and date field types
  • enhanced directionalCombo field (formerly available in a limited form as the cycleway field type)
  • strings like preset labels or translatable tag values can be cross-referenced between presets and fields
  • icons can be used for combo field values
  • new icon set: Röntgen icons from the mapmachine project can be used for presets
  • source of presets data can be configured in local instances of iD

More details on the changelog of the schema-builder and id-tagging-schema repositories.

Tips & Tricks for Contributors to the id-tagging-schema

  • How to use directionalCombo field:
    • in addition to the key (which is used in the case where the tag value is the same for both directions), one must also specify the directional keys, and the labels for the two directions (e.g. left/right side, or forward/backward).
  • Cross referenced strings
    • this avoids duplication in translation efforts when there exist different versions of a preset (or field), like when there exists an additional legacy version of a preset, or regional versions of a preset, etc.
    • example:
    • works very similar to cross referenced fields between presets (example)
  • Shadow presets can be useful in cases where allowed, but discouraged geometry types of a preset should exist
    • example:natural=wood should mostly be used on areas, but a hidden point version should also exist to prevent false validator warnings from showing up
    • for these shadow presets, it makes sense to cross-reference the strings and fields from the main preset
  • Icons
    • see for a list of sources of icon sets
    • the Röntgen icon set is mirrored in the id repository, because these icons are somewhat hard to get from the original source (the map-machine project)
    • for fontawesome icons, only the "regular" icons can be used in iD. If the fontawesome website lists an icons as a "Pro Icon", it is unfortunately not available for the tagging presets
    • new icons are probably best proposed to the temaki project, as that one has the shortest release cycles
    • here's an example of how icons are specified for tag values in the crane:type field
  • addTags can be used to provide automatic validator warnings (incl. suggested fixes)
    • example: doctors/neurology specifies healthcare=doctor only as an addTags tag, in order to match also when that particular tag is missing: In such cases, iD will show a suggestion to add the missing (optional) tag
    • note that the addTags section needs to also repeat the base tags of a preset!

Q&A and General Feedback

some topics we talked about included:

  • Some guidance (e.g. in form of better documentation) could be useful for (new) developers who want to contribute to iD
  • RapiD recently released the beta of their version 2.0 which includes a totally rewritten map rendering stack based on WebGL technology – merging that into iD will be a hard tasks – it will be important to communicate any further steps (which ever they will be) once planing towards this has started

Next Meeting

  • March 24 – 16:00 UTC
  • topic (tbd)
    • idea: how can one best contribute to the iD ecosystem? e.g. non-code contributions, guidelines on what to focus on, etc.