ID/Community Chats/2023-12-13

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  • Date and time: 2023-12-13 16:00 UTC
  • Location: BigBlueButton
  • Topic: SotM-EU recap

Notes / Minutes


  • Reboot of monthly meetups
  • SotM-EU workshop recap
  • More transparency for releases, etc.
  • Recent imagery talks
  • General Discussions and Feedback


SotM-EU workshop recap

More transparency for releases, etc.

  • let's start a discussion on the iD github page for help with triaging issues
  • we should label more issues that are good for beginners
  • it should be clearer what roles for contributors exists and that door is open for everyone to help

Recent imagery talks

  • some talks are currently happening about potentially hosting of more imagery by the OSMF (see for example discussion on slack:
  • potentially, imagery sources might be hosted by OSMF in form of cloud optimized geotiff or pmtiles
  • these cloud-native formats have the slight downside in browsers in that the requests of tiles are not cached by browsers (at least currently) due to the way the tiles are fetched

General Discussions and Feedback

  • Crossing tagging: would benefit from a meetup with interested people

Next Meeting

  • Jan 24, 16:00 UTC