ID/Community Chats/2023-03-24

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  • Date and time: 2023-02-24 16:00 UTC
  • Location: BigBlueButton
  • Topic: Towards Development Priorities for iD

Notes / Minutes

Topic Block

  • skipped

Q&A and General Feedback

  • iD's validator can sometimes produce poor quality results, when people blinbly click on suggested fixes: For example when buildings overlap and the suggested fix is just adding a layer=* tag to one of the buildings, the data quality is not improved. If anything, this makes it harder to detect/spot the errors by other mappers
  • iD's focus will remain to be an easy to use editor, which is especially important for beginner mappers. at the same time, it will be slowly enhanced to also fulfill the needs of more advanced mappers
  • a building tool is much requested by many in the community to make this common workflow less cumbersome

Next Meeting

  • April 2x – xx:00 UTC
  • topic (tbd)
    • topic idea: how can one best contribute to the iD ecosystem? e.g. non-code contributions, guidelines on what to focus on, etc.