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In 2009 the OSMF launched a new mediawiki powered site at with the same OSM logo, and this wiki page was set up to get some ideas for a special foundation logo.

See Logos for current logos.

This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.

Competition? holding status

In fact this was originally presented as a logo design competition with the intention that a new logo would be selected by the board a few months later (in 2009) however there wasn't much of an attempt to describe any details rules or any design brief/parameters of this competition. Years later and this idea has stagnated, although the main project did in fact swap to a slightly altered Logo design, and the foundation website followed (with "foundation" written under it). Designs on this page were ignored at that time.

There doesn't seem to be an urgent need to introduce a new foundation logo right now. If the competition is to be re-opened, this would probably be organised by the Communication Working Group.

If you love designing logos, feel free to add new design "entries" to this page, but please note the above. Also note that art and design input is likely to be welcome in many other areas.


FIXME put the logo artist name here

More teh logos

Community style

Community Osmf Logo Proposal.png Community Osmf Logo Mk II.png Community Osmf Logo Mk 3.png Community Osmf Logo Mk 3a.png Community Osmf Logo Mk 4b.png

Community Osmf Logo Mk II small.png Community Osmf Logo Mk 3a small.png Community Osmf Logo Mk 4b small.png

Typographic style

Typographic Osmf Logo.png Typographic Osmf Logo Mk 2.png

Simple style

Simple Osmf Logo 1.png Simple Osmf Logo 2.png Simple Osmf Logo 3.png

Growth style

Osmf logo proposal growth.png Osmf logo proposal growth.png

Survey style

Theodolite Osmf Logo.png Theodolite Osmf logo small.png

Communist style

Che Osmf Logo.png

by Matt

OSM logo and possible variations according the background


Logos for Open Street Map Foundation

OSMF1.jpg Osm4.jpg Osm4.jpg

The middle and right-hand versions are my personal fav, representing multiple contributor's locations on a map. Each of the three location indicators are designed with the original OpenStreetMap logo colors (blue, green and orange/red).

Designed 100% vector for an easy resize. Logo can be provided in a range of standard formats.

by User:Kscahefer

Another Logo for OSMF

OSMF2.jpg Osm5.jpg Osm6.jpg

by User:Kscahefer

Aaaaand Another One.

Osmf3.jpg Osmf8.jpg

by User:Kscahefer

A few propositions

These are several starting propositions. If you like one, you may ask for modifications/adaptations (colors, sizes, fonts...)

Osmf sbe 1.png

Osmf 1b.png

Osmf sbe 2.png

Osmf sbe 3.png

Osmf 3b.png

Osmf sbe 4.png

Osmf 4b.png

Osmf sbe 5.png

Osmf sbe 6.png

Osmf sbe 7.png

Osmf sbe 8.png

Osmf sbe 8b.png

Osmf sbe 9.png

A little bit of fun :

Osmf sbe 10.png

Osmf sbe 11.png

Osmf sbe 12.png

Osmf sbe 13.png

by Tintao

And Now for Something Completely Different

Logo OSMF c00ba.png

by c00ba

Option 1

OSMF OpenStreetMap Foundation Logo.jpg

Option 2


Option 3


by Sophia M.

Option 1 Osmf logo Zuev 01.jpg

Option 2 Osmf logo Zuev 02.jpg Option 3 Osmf logo Zuev 03.jpg

by Constantine Zuev


OSM Popovych.png

by Sergey Popovych

OSMF kc 111709.png

by ksenia chernyavska

OSM Foundation Logo

OSM p01.png

by Pavel Baiborodin

OSM Foundation Logo

OSM p02.png

by Pavel Baiborodin

OSM Foundation Logo

OSM p05.png

by Pavel Baiborodin

OpenStreetMap Foundation logo

by OlivierCO

Memo : Free as free speech no free beer






Others ideas of forms. At the moment : No ideas to integrate it in a OSMF Logo Others forms.png

OSM Foundation Logo

by yagraph


SVG file here : Media:OpenStreetMap-yagraph-logo-1.svg (open with Inkscape)

OSM Foundation Logo

I] OSM1-8 thumb.png Sources .svg : Media:OSM1-8_1.svg

II] OSM1-9.png Sources .svg : Media:OSM1-9.svg

III] OSM1-10.png Sources .svg : Media:OSM1-10.svg

IV] OSM1-11.png Sources .svg : Media:OSM1-11.svg

GPS] OSM1-12.png Sources .svg : Media:OSM1-12.svg

by harrypopof

OpenStreetMap Foundation logo proposals

OSMF Rndmerle A.png

An overlapping road forming the "O" of OSM and the "F" of Foundation

OSMF Rndmerle B.png

The "F" of Foundation (representing a road) supporting the "O" of OSM (representing a traffic circle, or the World)

OSM Rndmerle A.png

A proposal for the OSM project only. "O", "S" and "M" letters forming a road and a traffic circle

Colors will be added if a porposal is selected. Forms and fonts can be tweaked.

Best regards.


by Rndmerle

OSM Foundation logo, Metacromatico



My attempt to capture the spirit of OSM

OSM Logo.png



OSM Logo World Green

Raster version 200, 80 and 40 pixel

Would this tell you or remind you of something?

Okay, it steals one element from another (very famous) community project. But, it's still very distinct. After all, there is some thing that connects us: "The Free WIKI world map", right?

Does it show the HUMAN aspect?

Of course, there is room for improvement. I drafted it this morning. Feedback? Too bold? Too WIKI? Zeptomoon 09:48, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

The colors and the slogan are open for discussion, of course!! The smaller globes are just to test how it looks at smaller scales.

If there will be some positive comments on the idea, I will try to make it scale better to smaller size and add some fancy dynamic features to the large version like line width variations along the latitudes/longitudes, shadow, reflections, etc. Zeptomoon 10:54, 19 May 2010 (UTC)


Logo design for OpenStreetmap submitted by Ben Hall on the forum

OSM Logo design Ben Hall.png