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Scotland (Gaelic: Alba) is a nation in northwest Europe and one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom.

Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe

latitude: 57.88, longitude: -4.57
Browse map of Scotland 57°52′48.00″ N, 4°34′12.00″ W
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Scotland is a country in United Kingdom, Europe at latitude 57°52′48.00″ North, longitude 4°34′12.00″ West.

State of the Map Scotland 2015 happened in Edinburgh in October


Welcome to the Openstreetmap wiki project page for Scotland. This page collects some of the projects that are of interest to Scottish Mappers. We also list the projects where local groups have set up regular social meetings so you can have a chance to meet other mappers face to face.

You can follow Twitter user@OSMScotland on twitter for Scottish OSM news

For general discussion or to get in touch with the community, you can join the talk-scotland mailing list.

Social Meetings

In Scotland we have reasonably regular pub meetings. These are generally informal and relaxed, and tend to be in a pub, although there are also Missing Maps Project nights too. How regular they are depends on the local group. In Edinburgh, these are now happening monthly. Historically, there were meetings every 3 months in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and one other place, but this has not been happening recently due to lack of interest.

If you are setting up any regular monthly, quarterly or biannually meeting please add a note of them here.

Mapping Parties

  • Stirling on 23 August 2014. See the Stirling page for more details.
  • Mapping party in Dunbar Sat 23 March 2013


There was a workshop in Glasgow on Sat 23 Feb at MAKlab more details here Glasgow/Hack_Day_Feb_2013

See details of our last mapping workshop on Saturday 17 March 2012 here

More events soon, keep an eye on this page

State of the Map Scotland

OSM Scotland facts

Some facts about the Scottish OpenStreetMap as of October 2011:

  • Approximately, 1452 unique accounts have edited the map in Scotland
  • 97.9% of road names have been added when compared with the Ordnance Survey dataset (as of January 2014), with all council areas now >95% complete. Ref: ITO
  • 836 bike racks with the capacity to accommodate around 6682 bikes are on the map
  • 2540Km of cycle lanes and cycle paths have been mapped (only covers a select number of cycle way tags)

Ordnance Survey 7th Series

Some old Ordnance Survey maps of Britain are coming out of copyright, starting with Scotland. A project is running to scan and rectify these maps, then make them available to trace within Potlatch and JOSM.

For more information, see 7th Series.

Gaelic names

Many places in Scotland have Gaelic names - these are often shown on road signs in the West Highlands, and on street signs in some towns. Gaelic names can be tagged using name:gd=* (with name=* for the name in English). In places where Gaelic is the main language (eg the Western Isles), the Gaelic name can be tagged using name=*, with name:en=* for the English names.

The national advisory partnership for Gaelic names is Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba (Gaelic Place-Names of Scotland). They have produced place-name lists for several trunk roads and a number of areas of Scotland. These lists have been researched, and agreed with local authorities, so can be considered to be the definitive Gaelic forms of the names. Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba have been contacted, and confirmed the Gaelic forms of the names themselves are uncopyrightable, so are fine to use in OpenStreetMap.

An OSM rendering showing the Gaelic names, and a map in Garmin format, is available at OSM Alba.

See also: Multilingual names

Unitary Authorities

Also known as Council Areas, there are 32 unitary Authorities in Scotland. They were established on 1 April 1996. [1] They were established by the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994. [2]

Statutory List of Roads

After searching for "Statutory list of roads" the results are shown, please update if new information comes forward or links change

Council Streetnames Available Online Streetnames Available Offline Requesting Permission
Aberdeen City Possible
Aberdeenshire Copyright None
Angus None None
Argyll and Bute None None
Clackmannanshire Searchable
Dumfries and Galloway Available and here and here
Dundee City None Possible
East Ayrshire None Possible
East Dunbartonshire None Copyright
East Lothian District None None
East Renfrewshire Available
Edinburgh City Available
Falkirk Copyright
Fife Possible
Glasgow City Council Copyright
Highland Available Possible
Inverclyde None None
Midlothian Available
Moray None None
Na h-Eileanan Siar Partial Copyright
North Ayrshire None None
North Lanarkshire None None
Orkney Islands None Copyright
Perth and Kinross Available
Renfrewshire Copyright
Scottish Borders Available
Shetland Islands Possible
South Ayrshire None None
South Lanarkshire None Possible
Stirling Available
West Dunbartonshire None None
West Lothian None None

Lieutenancy areas of Scotland

Preserved counties are counties based on the historic counties of Scotland and used for lieutenancy. See also the English Wikipedia page about Lieutenancy areas of Scotland.

Lieutenancy county OSM relation Note
Argyll and Bute
Ayrshire and Arran
Caithness relation 374913
East Lothian
Orkney relation 375982
Perth and Kinross
Ross and Cromarty
Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale
Shetland relation 2235077
Stirling and Falkirk
The Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Relation not defined yet
West Lothian
Western Isles


The following tables shows our progress with mapping the cities in Scotland.

See also Category:Cities in Scotland

%age complete
Postal Area City Tracks Mapped Labelled Notes
AB Aberdeen
99.6% 99.6% Bing Aerial Imagery is available
DD Dundee
96.33% 96.33% Bing Aerial Imagery is available
EH Edinburgh
99.9% 99.9% Bing Aerial Imagery is available
G Glasgow
100.0% 100.0% Bing Aerial Imagery is available
IV Inverness
Bing Aerial Imagery is available
FK7-FK9 Stirling
99.27% 99.27% Bing Aerial Imagery is available

Towns and villages

The following tables shows our progress with mapping various towns and villages in Scotland.

See also Category:Towns in Scotland and Category:Villages in Scotland

Please add a town or village that you're interested in or tracking/mapping here. Try to keep the list ordered by Town Name. Where necessary create a sub page to try and keep this table quite succinct.

%age complete
Postal Area Town Name Tracks Mapped Labelled Notes
ML11 Abington, South Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100% Finished 02/03/2010
ML6 Airdrie
100% 100% 100% Finished 10/11/2010
ML9 Ashgill
100% 100% 100% Finished 18/06/2008.
G69 Bargeddie
100% 100% 100% Finished 13/08/2008.
ML4 Bellshill
100% 100% 100%
IV10 Black Isle
PH10 Blairgowrie
20% 20% 20%
ML6 Caldercrux, North Lanarkshire
100 100% 100% Finished 13/11/10
ML5 Coatbridge
Coatbridge 24022008.jpg
100% 100% 100% Finished 15/11/10
ML11 Crawford, South Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100% Finished 10/02/2009
TD12 Coldstream, Borders
100% 100% 100% Finished 22/05/2009
G67/G68 Cumbernauld
100% 100% 100%
DG1/2 Dumfries
TD11 Duns, Borders
5% 5% 5%
IV30 Elgin, Moray
20% 20% 20%
FK1-FK5 Falkirk
Falkirk 20090426.png
ML5 Glenboig
100% 100% 100% Finished 13/08/2008.
ML6 Glenmavis, North Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100%
ML3 Hamilton
100% 100% 100%
TD8 Jedburgh, Borders
5% 5% 5%
TD5 Kelso, Borders
10% 10% 10%
G66 Kirkintilloch
100% 100% 100%
ML11 Lanark
100% 100% 100%
ML9 Larkhall
100% 100% 100% Finished 19/01/2009
ML8 Law,South Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100% Finished 20/01/2009
G66 Lenzie
100% 100% 100%
EH54 Livingston
Livingston 20080218.png
15% 15%
ML1 Motherwell
100% 100% 100%
ML9 Netherburn, South Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100% Finished 19/01/2009
ML6 Plains, North Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100% .
ML9 Shawsburn, South Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100% Finished 18/06/2008.
ML7 Shotts, North Lanarkshire
100% 100% 100%
ML2 Wishaw
100% 100% 100%

Open Data

Quite a few open datasets have been released that could be compared to OSM data to see what we're missing.

Core Paths data. Community forum thread, map comparing OSM data to local authority data. See also designation=core_path

Listed buildings Listed buildings are on Wikidata, so an efficient way of linking them is through though this will only add wikidata=*, not other tags such as heritage=* or ref:GB:HS=*. See also Key:heritage#United_Kingdom.

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