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Inspace Outside Entrance

Next Event

See State of the Map Scotland 2013 for next years event

Past Event

The State of the Map Scotland 2012 Unconference (SOTMS) was held in Edinburgh on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October 2012 10am-4pm on both days. It was a free event, where everyone was welcome. It was held at [ Inspace] [ (Location)] which is the building next to the Informatics Forum of Edinburgh University. The primary focus of our conference was to get volunteers to meet and discuss what they have done over the past year and for those new to OpenStreetMap to meet us. We also would like to use this opportunity to meet with academic, government or private business groups that are using OSM or freely available data to show us what they are working on. Each day the time slots were split into two sections. The between 10am and 1pm the half hour sessions are dedicated to the unconference for Openstreetmap volunteers from 2pm to 4pm half hour time slots can be booked by organisations that prefer to have more structure in their conference. The time slots will be shown on this page.

Each 30 minute slot can be used for anyone who wishes to make a presentation, discussion or hacking session.

On each day there was 3 set half hour sessions set aside for people new to Openstreetmap.

  • Introduction to and associated websites.
  • Introductions to Potlatch the Web based map editor
  • Introduction to JOSM the Stand alone Java based editor

These were held throughout the day depending on demand

At the end of each day did adjourn to the Pear Tree Pub and then go on for a meal. This was an optional social event.


WE ARE NOT SOLD OUT You do not need to book to come along to our event. The event is free and you can walk in at any time. The link to the eventright booking below says that we are sold out. We are not. So please come along

Booking is now open please see Eventbrite State of the Map Scotland 2012

Lanyrd event hashtag: #sotmscot

We will be able to accept walk-ins on the day though we may ask you for your name an organisations just so we can judge the numbers for next years conference


We are a group of international volunteers who are making a map of the world. We have approximately 800,000 people signed up to our website of whom 40,000 contribute data each week. Some people call us the Wikipedia of maps. Once we have the map data, we can present it (render) in different ways. Examples of our maps

We work internationally for example 600 volunteers created a map of Haiti after the earthquake see Haiti Video

We have worked with the World Bank, Red Cross, and UN.

We have had volunteer groups mapping slums in Nairobi

or Refugee camps

We have recently had our 8th birthday, we are well established and growing very fast


ITO see ITO_World wiki page. The Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Edina Central Scottish Forest Trust All Sponsors will have their logos on the pufferfish display in the main conference room. Please see video

Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
We currently have three areas where we would be grateful for some help. Any Sponsors will get their logo on the pufferfish display. On this page and hopefully the booking page for Eventbrite

  • Coffees and tea's throughout the day will be supplied by volunteers: We have a 20L water Urn and plastic cups. We will have basic tea, coffee sugar and milk - please bring biscuits
  • We will supply basic sandwiches for 40 people on both days This will cost us approximately £200 per day. Sandwiches will be supplied by Blue Sky Catering they also run the cafe.
  • On Saturday due to University Policy we need to hire a Servitor/doorman so we can get access to the Informatics forum.From 9:30-4:30 is 7hrs at £14 per hour is £100 for the day.
  • We have been offered £250 from ITO for food - Many Thanks.
  • We have been offered £150 from Edina for Speaker expenses - Many Thanks

We have now fulfilled all our sponsorship needs for this year - Thanks again

Spaces and Agenda

State of the Map Scotland is an Unconference. For those that are unfamiliar with the term it means that those who turn up organise themselves. However for the afternoons we have set booked sessions by larger groups and companies as they are more comfortable with this type of organisation, we have 8 bookable sessions each day. Any unbooked times will be used by our volunteers. We have four areas which can be used for talks and presentations, discussions of ideas, hacking or teaching.

Invited Speakers

These speakers have been invited but have not yet confirmed the times they would like to speak.

  • ITO World -Confirmed Speaker
  • National Library of Scotland - Confirmed Speaker
  • Edinburgh Council Open Data - Confirmed Speaker
  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society - Confirmed Speaker
  • Open Knowledge Foundation - Confirmed Speaker
  • Scottish Neigbourhood Statistics - confirmed Speaker
  • Sustrans - Confirmed Speaker on Saturday - will also attend on Friday
  • Spokes - Innertube - Confirmed speaker
  • Scottish Police Force: Data Maintenance Unit : Confirmed Speaker: Friday- Also bike identification event on Friday
  • Mercycorps - Invited to speak

  • Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments: Attending
  • International Rescue Corps: Unfortunately had to cancel due to a clashing training weekend - However they said they would like to participate in future conferences
  • ESRI Edinburgh - Invited to speak : No response for Afternoon talks but may attend
  • Third Force News - will publisize event
  • NIDOS - Has advertised our event
  • World Development Movement - will Attend
  • Microsoft - will attend
  • NHS - will attend
  • Marionville models Demonstration for lunch 20th - to be confirmed

We would especially like to hear from Veterinarian Mappers home or Overseas, Agricultural Development Workers home or overseas


Reception Area

A wall with post-it notes will help to organise who is speaking and where, what slide shows are showing in the gallery and any discussion groups in the cafe area. If you are a walk-in please sign in so we can make sure the numbers are ok for fire regulations etc.
For those that are interested in contacts if you have booked through Eventbrite and you want to we can put your card on a board where others can pin their cards.

Area 1: Main Presentation Area - Schedule

Main Presentation Area

Space for 60 Seats, Overhead projector, Pufferfish Sperical Projector

Time Main Presentation Area Slides, Resources, Video etc
9:00-9:30 Volunteers meet and setup
9:30-10:00 Registration/Mingle
10:00-10:30 State of the Map Scotland address - Chris Fleming video blog post with slides and description
10:30-11:00 Think Global, Map Local - Tim Foster slides and blog post covering similar topics here
11:00-11:30 Mapping Glasgow with a bike and an iPhone - Donald Noble How did you contribute; Your OSM Heat Map; ITO OSM/OS Locator name comparison; MotionX GPS app (iPhone/Android); PushPin POI editor for iPhone
11:30-12:00 Discovering and using geographic resources through Open Services at EDINA: Addy Pope
12:00-12:30 GIS/Digital Mapping within Scottish Policing - Gordon Tyler - Scottish Police Services Authority Strathclyde Police using OpenStreetMap base layer
12:30-13:00 Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team - Using OSM to Map Slums in Pune, India: A Case Study by Candela Sanchez-Rodilla Espeso
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Chris Fleet with National Library of Scotland is instrumental in allowing us to use out of copyright maps for tracing into Openstreetmap. Christopher is also co-author of Scotland: Mapping the Nation Book which features images from the National library of Scotland. These images will be shown in our gallery
14:30-15:00 Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics: Visualising data - Euan Smith
15:00-15:30 Ian Maxwell SPOKES Cycle maps - Edinburgh Innertube The Bike Station
15:30-16:00 Sally Kerr: Edinburgh City Council
    • Abstract: With the launch of the Scottish Digital Participation Group open data development has fresh motivation in Scotland. A number of Scottish Councils are working with open data already, and the current NESTA Make It Local Scotland project initiative is a lead innovator in supporting growth. The City of Edinburgh Council is working closely with a number of partners to develop its approach, with a key aim to deliver real value. The session will include:
    • 1. Open Data in Scotland - the context for Local Government and the challenges Councils face
    • 2. How the City of Edinburgh Council is approaching these challenges and developing projects using open data
    • 3. Video demo of how the Jadu API works with Weejot, the Jadu mobile application
    • 4.The NESTA 'Make It Local Scotland' initiative - how Edinburgh is using open data and code to deliver its project ||
9:00-9:30 Volunteers meet and setup
9:30-10:00 Registration/Mingle
10:00-10:30 Jargon buster for OpenStreetMap - Tim Foster slides
10:30-11:00 unconference
11:00-11:30 (unconference) Find Your OSM Niche - Gregory Marler
11:30-12:00 Commongood land - Bob Hamilton website
12:30-13:00 (unconference) State of the Map 2012 report - LastGrape/Gregory slides
13:00-14:00 Lunch Edinburgh Hacklab have been invited to demonstrate a number of their projects and to introduce themselves. Demo's of Quadcopters with cameras for surveying will be available.
14:00-14:30 Royal Scottish Geographical Society : Bruce Gittings will talk about the RSGS and also Gazetter for Scotland and Association for Geographic information.
14:30-15:00 Sustrans Introduction by Katherine Taylor
15:00-15:30 ITO World : Shaun McDonald talk :"All present and correct", where he will go through various maps that highlight the completeness of OpenStreetMap data. Blog post about the talk here UK OSM Coverage and Statistics and Shaun's storify twitter feed of the conference here and ITO World edits video on pufferfish spherical display
15:15-16:00 Naomi Lillie - Overview of the Open Knowledge Foundation
16:00 Close

Area 2: Gallery


Three projectors that can be used to present Digital slide shows and space for paper maps held up with white tack. Digital slide shows are made in Keynote or we will accept guest slide shows on Flickr. Add your images to our flickr group here
We have 3 slideshows from

  • National Library of Scotland: Showing many images from the National Map Library Of Scotland. These images are also featured in the book Scotland:Mapping the Nation authored by Chris Fleet,Charles Withers and Margaret Wilkes
  • ITO World, Transport Analysis and Visualisation
  • Steven Kay, Our local Visualisation Guru, Visualisations including OSM examples

We also have guest slideshows from RCHAMS Flickr Pictures

Area 3 :Presentation Area 2 - Schedule

Presentation Area 2

In the Informatics Forum building is a room with about 30-40 seats with and overhead projector.
Friday 19th

  • 10:00am Introduction to Openstreetmap :
  • 10:30am - 1:00pm Unconference

  • 1:00-3:00pm This area may be used by the Police Bike Identification Scheme if it is raining. If it is sunny they will be outside.

Saturday 20th

  • 10:00 am Introduction to Openstreetmap :
  • 10:30am - 1:00pm Unconference

  • 1:00-2:00pm Lunch : Sandwiches will be available in Cafe area

Area 4: Cafe: Lunch and Beverages


Cafe area for chatting and hacking, tables can be used to promote individual projects. Sandwiches will be provided for 40 people each day.

We have an Urn for hot water and will provide basic tea, coffee, cups etc. We have not budget so please bring your favourite teas and biscuits for everyone. The beverages will be in presentation area 2 at the back

Bike Registration

On Friday 19th 1pm-3pm Lothian Borders Police will be there for bike Identification and registration £5 they will be outside Inspace. If it is raining The police will be in presentation area 2 for the duration of their visit.

Gallery and Competition

Please bring examples of Paper maps/visualisation of map data to the conference, these will be displayed in Inspace and voted for by attendees on Saturday to receive prize

  • Winner receives a signed copy of Christopher Fleets book Scotland:Mapping the Nation
  • Additional Prizes small prizes may be given
  • Any young childrens entries get a biscuit

We may also be accepting digital images of maps or openstreetmap data visualisations for slide projection. If you do create digital images could you please put your name on each images so we know who to credit. Digital images may also be put up on Flickr with a CCA licence if you allow it. Add your images to our flickr group here

Paper maps can easily be made on normal printers please see


Pufferfish Display Challenge

In Inspace there is a large Pufferfish spherical projector. The Pufferfish can take pre-rendered spherical content or it can take any display feed and perform live spherisation. This wraps flat content around the sphere. the best resolution for the spherical content is 1050 diameter. The input is standard DVI and 5 cable BNC only.The projector is SXGA+ with a 1400x1050 resolution, so the best resolution for the spherical content is 1050 diameter.The centre of the screen is the top of the dome.

Folks at Pufferfish are willing to spend a little time familiarising the best way to make the best of their display. We are looking for programmers, visualizers and those that would like to use this display to contact Pufferfish is an Edinburgh Company and it's location is next to the Cycle Station in Causewayside here

Internet Access

Internet Access will be available for the duration of the conference from Edinburgh university for £1: all speakers will have free access. To be doubly safe we would request that some attendees bring their own mobile internet.


Edinburgh is a very tourist friendly city and there are many hotels of all price ranges. Inspace is a 15 minute walk from the train station. 20 minutes from the bus station.


For those that are interested in learning how to edit please see for beginners lessons.


  • print out big posters and prepare site
  • verify organise sandwiches
  • Jammy dodgers
  • print out internet accounts
  • create name lables
  • add lessons learnt - notes for next years conference


Please add your name here if you would be willing to help out on either of the two days Tasks Reception - People will be coming in at different times they will need to be shown the board with all the post-it notes for talks or connections Gallery - making sure that the slide shows are running smoothly and that paper maps are put up.

Other Posters and Logos

Scottish Logo SOTMS 2012 Poster Poster2 Pirate ITO

Large scale posters

Large scale posters were created using Inkscape which were then loaded into GIMP. GIMP is better at converting SVG to PNG files. Once a 2Mb png file is created I use posterazor to make large scale posters

Associated Groups hope that we will be able to build stronger ties to larger groups such as Universities, Libraries or NGO or government agencies.


Inspace 1 Crichton Street Edinburgh EH8 9AB


See @OSMScotland hashtag for conference: #sotmscot

Previous SOTMS

State of the Map Scotland 2011

In 2011 we had a total of 20 half hour sessions in 2012 we have 24 half hour sessions dedicated to mappers and 16 half hour sessions dedicated to external groups