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The Glasgow hack day on Sat 23 Feb 2013

Will take place on 23rd Feb in Glasgow Maklab. Maklab is in the The Lighthouse - Centre for Design and Architecture, just off Buchannan Street and 2mins from Central Station. Start time 10:00am (finish time tbc...) map

  • Maklab, 1st Floor, Lighthouse, Mitchell St, Glasgow, G1 3NU

Thanks to Bruce of Maklab for offering use of the venue. Please indicate your attendance below. Please add to the list of hack challenges and share your ideas.

Pictures and videos

Jellymap.png Osm2world to blender.png

Hack Challenges

  • 3D printer is available at Maklab - can we make a 3D map of Glasgow? Can we make a vodka jelly mould of Glasgow? Anyone with 3D printing and CAD experience - help would be most appreciated Hawkeyes
  • Collaborative 3D model of Glasgow based on OSM - upload buildings to openbuildingmodels? Develop ways for public, designers and planners to collaborate Hawkeyes
  • Mapping stalled spaces
  • OSM Globe - making gores for cutting and wrapping over a globe - Perl script here

Further reading:

Who is coming there?

Please add your name/username below

Hack Weekend?

An OpenStreetMap "hack weekend" is a meet-up where we bring along laptops to an office space and spend the weekend doing some technical work to improve OpenStreetMap. This may be development of the "core" components, the editors, or any other side projects and pet projects we fancy hacking on. OpenStreetMap has development tasks sprouting from it in all directions. There's work to do in almost any programming language, as well as tasks like documentation, and even some non-technical graphics design and translation tasks.

We mostly take a fairly unstructured free-form format. People turn up and start beavering away on something, or they turn up and see what they can help with. However we can also run more structured workshops if there is demand