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State of the Map Scotland 2015 took place in Edinburgh over five days from Wednesday 30th Sept to Sunday 4th Oct

Thanks for coming!

State of the Map Scotland was a conference centred around the 'Wikipedia of Maps' - OpenStreetMap[1] - With over 2 million subscribers and rapidly expanding , we are now large enough to gain a lot of attention from larger International Development groups such as the United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organisation, Red Cross, USaid.

We invited members of the International Development Community to meet with us. We very much appreciate your work and we hope that you will be interested in ours.

Video: some video (unedited so far)
Twitter hashtag: Twitter hashtag#sotms15
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Our five day conference had several audiences follow the links to find out more about what happened (feel free to edit with links to slides/photos)

Wed 30th Sept Day 1: Openstreetmap International Development Fair
Thur 1st Oct Day 2: International Development Lectures
Fri 2nd Oct Day 3: Developers Day
Sat 3rd Oct Day 4: Community Day
Sun 4th Oct Day 5: Workshops
Getting Crafty with Map.Makars
For new mappers - Missing Maps

List of Our Sponsors

Big thank you to all our sponsors! Each of our days was sponsored by different groups but all of them are on the map

Day 1 International Development Fair

Logo Website Thank you for the Donation of
Scotland logo 2012.png Hire Hall, Feed Stall holders, Publicity

Day 2 International Development Lectures

Logo Website Thank you for the Donation of
GDA-logo-1024x246.jpg Edinburgh University Global Development Academy Funding, Room Hire, Refreshments and Orgnaisation

Day 3 Developer and Community Day

Logo Website Thank you for the Donation of
Skyscanner RGB cirrus.png
Mapbox logo 2013.svg
Logo ebiz w2250.png
Dirigo Logo Final Android 398x399px.png
EB Dirigo
Pidgin Perfect logo.png
Pidgin Perfect
University of Edinburgh School of Informatics logo.jpg
Edinburgh University School of Informatics Room


Map Makars

Logo Website Thank you for the Donation of
Mapbox logo 2013.svg
Mapbox Food and refreshments
Edinburgh College of Art.png
Edinburgh College of Art Multiple pieces of Equipment and Room

Missing Maps

Logo Website Thank you for the Donation of
Skyscanner RGB cirrus.png
Skyscanner Space for event
Missing Maps Pizza

Special Thanks

We would also like to thank the 6500 volunteers who created 13,000,000 points or lines in Nepal, which is the equivalent of 11,900 days (32 years) of mapping in the first 20 days after the first quake. Details here

Other Previous Openstreetmap Conferences

State of the Map US At the United Nations Building, New York

Humanitarian Open Streetmap Team Summit American Red Cross Headquarters, Washington

Code of Conduct

Conference Code of Conduct

  1. The OpenStreetMap Foundation is a UK-registered not-for-profit organization that supports the OpenStreetMap Project