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Edinburgh, Scotland

latitude: 55.95, longitude: -3.19
Browse map of Edinburgh 55°57′00.00″ N, 3°11′24.00″ W
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Edinburgh is a city in Scotland at latitude 55°57′00.00″ North, longitude 3°11′24.00″ West.

State of the Map Scotland 2015 happened in Edinburgh in October.

Edinburgh is also the name of the Council Area surrounding the city.


Welcome to the Edinburgh Openstreetmap Project Page. We are lucky in Edinburgh to have a very wide range of people of all ages and skill levels that are helping to create our map. Each of us have many different interests, cyclists, health professionals, historians or people that just would like to have a good detailed map of their area or just enjoy a good walk. On this page we will be highlighting the tools, resources and activities that will help you explore Edinburgh and make use of OpenStreetMap and its data.

Follow events on twitter at @OSMScotland


  • Edinburgh pub meetups are now taking place every month.
  • The big State of the Map Scotland 2015 conference took place in Edinburgh in October
  • Maklab in Glasgow has extended welcome to us to move our meeting in Glasgow CCA to their premises as they will be making 3d maps of Glasgow. In edinburgh we may like to have our meetings in the new Hacklab premisses.
  • Edinburgh Council is using our map here
  • There is a new buildings plugin which makes making buildings much easier see JOSM/Plugins/BuildingsTools includes video
  • Here are two examples of some excellent mapping around the country Birmingham and Elgin
  • We have been given permission to By RCHAMS to use their Canmore_ID for historic buildings. Example This Way leads to Uttershill Castle also see [1]
  • Make sure you check out Geohack for OSM for a selection of new maps including one that shows Wikipedia tags

Social Events

Local user group
Edinburgh Social Event Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
When: every month from 7:00 pm
Where: Guildford Arms (map)
Mailing list
mailing list – archive
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We have now decided to have a social meeting every month, usually on the third Tuesday of the month, from about 7 or 7:30pm until late. Every third month at the Guildford Arms, with other venues decided the month before. Everyone is welcome, including those from outside the Edinburgh area, to come and meet with us. We will try and have either a hi-vis vest and/or OSM related flyers/posters on the table. This is an opportunity to meet with others and hear about what's going on, learn new mapping techniques, and just generally discuss all things relating to maps, open data, GIS, etc.

Upcoming Meetings

After a long break due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we resumed social meetings in September, and plan to hold them every few months.

The next OpenStreetMap meet-ups from around 7:30pm are:

Future events tbc.

Other Social Meetings


Terminus Points for A8 and A90

The council describe the A90 in the Roads List as:[1]

A90: From west end of Princes Street to the Forth Road Bridge.Street

We believe that the signage matches this.

The A8 is more complex. Historically, it's eastern  terminus is at the East end of Princes Street where it meets the A1, A7 and A900; but since Princes Street and now Shandwick Place are restricted this can't be considered as part of the A8 route. Using the On-the-ground rule, there is no A8 signage starting in the East End of Princes Street. So the start of the A8 is shown as around Haymarket.

State of the Map Scotland

We organised conferences in the past, links to which can be found below. Nothing further planned at this stage, but stay tuned for further news.

Previous Events

Information, videos and media on the previous events can be found on these wiki pages:


So if there is anyone interested in giving a talk on a subject you are interested please post the information here

Bob Kerr gives a standard talk on Introduction to Openstreetmap and Humanitarian Mapping. Please do not change the links in this page as it will be used for further talks but please feel free to use it a s reference.

Talk delivered to National Trust Scotland. See the slides here and video here.

Cycling Scotland-Tutorial and Lesson Plan 2012

Wikipedia OpenData project page here

Previous Mapping Parties


All information about the Edinburgh meetups will also be posted to Talk GB mailing list and individually e-mailed to the people on the Users_in_Edinburgh page or you can contact Central America You can also watch this page for changes

Those that are interested in joining in with the meetings please add your name to the Users_in_Edinburgh page. To do this please add the tag."[[Category:Users_in_Edinburgh|YOUR USER ID HERE]]" to your user page. If you are unsure how to do this contact Central America

Once you have a login for the Openstreetmap wiki then you can go to the top of the page and click watch. This will give you automatic emails each time this page is changed.


  • OS_StreetView is a map layer which aids in tracing over an area before a survey is done, see Ordnance_Survey_Opendata#Editing_guidelines
  • A complete list of street names in Edinburgh has been release by the Council on August 2010. You can get the information here
  • Mapseg is a method for extracting the buildings, forest, or rivers from OS_OpendData_ StreetView Tiles. The programs work but should be treated with great care in places where a lot of mapping has been previously done
  • Keepright is a page dedicated to the small mapping errors that always crop up. Looking over this not only helps keep the map clean of these errors but helps us learn how to avoid errors in the future.
  • OSM Inspector Various information and checks on the map data.
  • The Edinburgh City Planning Department has a map based on the Ordnance Survey which they use to reference which most of the streets that are named. You can see the map here It goes into great detail. It seems to have a problem with Firefox however for Linux users it does work with Konquerer. This is copyright data and the ultimate authority of what streets are named is the Edinburgh Council (see above) so they should be called to verify the data.
  • Learning to edit this wiki or Wikipedia is a very useful skill. It well worth spending 20 minutes on this Tutorial
  • If you want to see an overview of who is doing which edits in your area have a look at OSM Mapper watch the videos here
  • The superb Map library in Edinburgh is well worth a visit Location To see a huge selection of their maps go here and type in Edinburgh into the search box
  • You can keep up to date by visiting the OSM_Blogs, there is also an RSS feed for this

Other Maps

The Openstreetmap community is not allowed to copy other maps due to copyright restrictions. You will also find that a lot of the satellite images are out of date and that our map is already more accurate. The maps below are only here to show what other groups are doing.

  • If you go to the wikipedia site for Edinburgh look for the part that says Coordinates 55° 56′ 58″ N, 3° 9′ 37″ W. Click on the link and you will get a list of maps for our area. You can do this for any location. See Edinburgh and maps
  • ELGIN Electronic Local Government Information Network ELGIN Edinburgh
  • The National Library of Scotland give us Edinburgh 1893
  • Comparative maps can be interesting, you will also notice that Google satelite images are out of date see here and here
  • Even more Other_maps

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts are a good way to get out and explore your neighborhood and collect some important data at the same time. You will find out more about your local area because looking for these items may take you to places that you have not been to before.

Edinburgh Festival Venues

It would be great to have all the Festival Venues in Edinburgh mapped. There is a Proposed features/Edinburgh Festivals to do this and all comments or changes are welcome.

In addition Culture Labs Scotland are putting together some data sets listing venues, which may be useful to help complete this.

Bus Stops, Naptan Data

The Naptan Data has recently been imported in for Edinburgh. This means that we should have all the bus stops available. It also means that the bus stops that we have already put in have been duplicated, so please choose the correct one and make sure the position of the Naptan node is correct. NOVAM-viewer is a tool for showing the bus stops that are in OSM. http://mappa-mercia.org/novam/

The data marks bus stops as "completely mapped", though the tactile paving=yes/no is not set. --Lulu-Ann 11:13, 22 October 2009 (UTC)

The tags on the Naptan nodes are as follows:

Edinburgh Bus Stop
  • highway:bus_stop
  • name:******
  • naptan:AtcoCode:**********
  • naptan:Bearing:*
  • naptan:CommonName: This is the name of the that is used on the timetables:don't change
  • naptan:Indicator: **********
  • naptan:Landmark:************
  • naptan:NaptanCode:********
  • naptan:PlusbusZoneRef:**********
  • naptan:Street:***********
  • naptan:verified
  • source: naptan_import

Please do not delete any on the tags marked as naptan as they will be used later. We need to change or add (photo on right isn't quite correct):

  • name: To the name displayed on the bus stop
  • route_ref: The numbers of all the busroute numbers eg 24;41
  • local_ref: (not shown in the picture) This is the letter or two that will normally have red background on a circle disk above the pole.
  • naptan:AtcoCode: (local_ref in the picture) This is the number that is displayed on the bus stop and usually differs slightly from the AtcoCode reference See [2] and [3] for more info
  • shelter: yes/no.
  • timetable_case: yes/no/empty
  • naptan:verified:yes (or preferably delete it.
  • source:survey

If we manage to verify the location of all the bus stops we will be able to make a transport route map for the city. There are some prototype openstreetmaps with realtime animations of where the trains are. We could do the same with the buses.

You can see Edinburgh Councils use of Naptan Data on mybustracker

Post Boxes

Edinburgh Post Box Reference

Through the Freedom of information Act you can see most of the post boxes in your area here. Unfortunately this information has not be transferred across to the map and the locations are not always accurate.

The OSM Post Box Progress in the 'EH' Postal Area tool shows that the Edinburgh area has a high match rate. This tool is better to use on OSM than Dracos.

Please add the reference numbers to the post boxes. You can find out more at post_box. Note. In Potlatch when you put in a new Post box it prompts you for a name, Please make sure you put the reference number in the ref=* tag.

Ancient Monuments

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) uses CANMAP (doesn't work with Safari) to list places of historical interest. Their information is copyright so we are not allowed to place this information directly onto our map. However, they are now accepting public photos to be included on their site. A large number of their locatons have not been photographed recently. This means that by finding these places and giving them photos, we are not only helping the national archive, the photos we take will be more accessible to the public. This is due to the licence they give to user generated content. By collaborating with them you will not only find out a lot more about these locations you will be letting them know we are here. You also have the options of putting the photos on Geograph, Webshots or Flickr.

This is an excellent chance for bit of exploring.

Their building is located here

Examples and Inspiration

In this section there are examples of mapping and derived maps within Edinburgh and outside for your interest and inspiration. Please remember that it is very important that we do not copy other maps data into our map.

Edinburgh Map Status

We will also be celebrating that Edinburgh for the moment is one of the top cities that has its names compatible with the OS Names (OS_Locator) database. From the ITO analysis

Rank Area Roads in OS Locator Roads missing from OSM Percentage Complete
1 City of Edinburgh 4,756 0 100

There still remains some side roads and details in areas that need to be covered. We also need greater detail of the footpaths in areas especially some parks, There are golf courses, school names or places of community interest. RCHAMS are interested in getting volunteers to search and photograph historic places in Edinburgh.

Our Map so far

Cycle routes in or near Edinburgh

National routes

Route Description Route (around Edinburgh) Relation
NR1 North Sea Cycle Route
(Dover to Shetland)
Dalkeith - Newcraighall - Innocent Railway - Meadows - George Street - Haymarket - Cycle Path - Barnton - Forth Road Bridge relation 9579
NR75 Forth to Clyde Leith - Water of Leith - Slatford - Balerno - Kirknewton relation 11025
NR754 (previously RR43) Edinburgh to Glasgow via canal towpaths Fountainbridge - Union Canal - Ratho relation 51479
NR76 Around the Forth, Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed relation 15852

Local routes

Ref Description Route Relation
RR Recommended Route avoiding City Bypass Musselburgh - Millerhill - Danderhall - Gilmerton - Mortonhall - Fairmilehead - Oxgangs - Colinton - Sighthill - Gyle relation 39086
H2EP Haymarket to Edinburgh Park Haymarket - Murrayfield - Carrick Knowe - Broomhall - Gyle - Edinburgh Park relation 48323
CEC1 Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park Burdiehouse - Liberton - Little France - Craigmillar
CEC2 The Braids Craiglockart - Morningside - The Inch - Peffermill - Duddingston - Northfield - Portobello / Dreghorn - Colinton - Braids / Pentlands - Swanston - Cominston - Oxgangs - Morningside / Buckstone - Braids - Liberton
CEC3 Blackford Hill to The Meadows Blackford Hill - Meadows / Meadows - Bruntsfield / Tollcross - Meadows - South Side - St Leonard's
CEC4 Craigmillar to Dalkeith Link Craigmillar - Little France - Danderhall - Moredun (- Dalkeith)
CEC5 Innocent Railway (Musselburgh -) Eastfield - Brunstane - Jewel - Duddingston - Holyrood Park - Old Town / Jewel - Fort Kinnaird / Brunstane - Newcraighall (- Queen Margaret University) relation 1418505
CEC6 Firth of Forth South Queensferry - Cramond - Silverknowes - Newhaven - Granton - Leith - Seafield - Portobello - Joppa (- Fisherrow - Musselburgh) relation 1429930
CEC7 - 21 to follow

There are also signed "Quiet Routes" (used to be called the "Family Network"), which appear to have their own numbering unrelated to the routes above. As of September 2016 routes which have been launched are listed on the Council's website here, with a number of planned and existing (but not always accurate?) routes added to the Council atlas. At least the following have been signposted (with numbers in variously coloured squares):

Ref Description Route Relation
6 City Centre to King's Buildings Southside/George Square - Meadows - Marchmont - Grange - Mayfield (joins "Quality Bike Corridor") relation 2690727
8 City Centre to Edinburgh Park Haymarket - Carrick Knowe - Saughton - Bankhead- Edinburgh Park relation 3678735
9 City Centre to The Gyle Murryfield - Corstorphine - Gyle relation 3593344
10 Leith to Portobello Leith - Leith Links - Seafield - Portobello - Joppa relation 2681600
11 Roseburn to Leith Follows NEPN - might only be signed between NCN1 at Craigleith and NCN75 Water of Leith Path relation 6048546
13 Trinity to Lower Granton Golden acre path - Trinity Path - McKelvie Parade relation 6048547
14 Trinity to Ocean Terminal Five Ways Junction - Hawthornvale Path - ??? TO BE SURVEYED relation 6048548
20 Restalrig to Craigleith Restalrig - Easter Road - Leith Walk - Warriston - Inverleith - Craigleith relation 3669789
61 City Centre to Rosslyn Chapel Craigmillar - Morden - Gilmerton Road (this section not yet signed as 63)

Gilmerton Road - Hyvot Loan - Gilmerton Dykes Road - Lasswade Road - Loanhead Railway

relation 4743249