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An OSM project to map the UK's National Cycle Network (NCN). Co-ordinated by Sustrans, the NCN links most parts of the UK with special traffic-free routes and quiet country lanes. It has its own numbering system, roughly analogous to the road network. Though the network is mapped on Sustrans' own site, this is derived from Ordnance Survey mapping. By using OSM to create our own "creative, productive, or unexpected" maps, we can promote use of this wonderful resource.

An international cycling map created from OSM data is available, provided by Andy Allan. The map rendering is still being improved, the data are updated every few days. It shows National Cycle Network cycle routes, other regional and local routes, and other cycling-specific features, such as:
  • dedicated cycle tracks and lanes
  • contours and hill colouring
  • bicycle parking
  • bike shops, toilets, drinking fountains, even pubs!
  • proposed bike routes (or numbering protocols), contrasted with the Lonvia map, below, which does not show proposed routes, but actual routes only


Waymarked Trails: Cycling by Sarah Hoffman is a layer superimposed over mapnik (Standard Map Layer) which shows marked cycle routes around the world. Updated minutely, it renders actual routes without the state=proposed tag. Therefore no proposed routes (or proposed numbering protocols) are displayed.

Mapping progress

Tagging information

See Cycle routes for information on tagging NCN routes.

There are many mileposts around the network, which can be tagged and are rendered on the cycle map. They come in one of four different types. Sustrans have provided a full list of mileposts and artwork and would like help in mapping them to their correct locations.

Tag Element Description
ncn_milepost=dudgeon node Dudgeon type milepost
ncn_milepost=mccoll node McColl type milepost
ncn_milepost=mills node Mills type milepost
ncn_milepost=rowe node Rowe type milepost