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16th March 2010

We've spoken about aerial images from balloons: Some inspiration is available at and

Cycle & bus lanes in Edinburgh

I'm doing some analysis of the provision of cycle and bus lanes in various UK cities. I understand from other sources that there are quite a lot of cycle lanes and bus lanes in Edinburgh (and have used some of them myself), but they don't appear to be very thoroughly tagged in OpenStreetMap. Any chance that more of them could be tagged? --RichardMann 11:42, 22 January 2013 (UTC)

There's an ITO Map layer for highlighting bus lanes and cycle lanes. It even deals with the sides of the roads correctly. [1] Smsm1 12:56, 22 January 2013 (UTC)
Thanks, I'd missed the busway=lane+cycleway=share_busway. But there's a lot more missing than that.--RichardMann 15:42, 22 January 2013 (UTC)
Good timing! Cycling Scotland are running an OpenStreetMap workshop in Edinburgh on Fri 25 Jan 2013. I'll be helping out, teaching sustran volunteers, cycling professionals and amateurs etc to map Edinburgh's cycleways. I'll encourage more tagging of bus and cycle lanes as well as over tags for surface, width, segregated, lit, etc. Hopefully, you'll see an improvement over the next few weeks. Hawkeyes 19:16, 22 January 2013 (UTC)


Might it be useful to add, to this 'Edinburgh' page, a list of conventions (agreed or under discussion) which are being used for mapping within Edinburgh. There may only be few of these worth discussing - but I'm sure that these are important. For instance...

Building names vs street names (as on Leith Walk). Edinburgh buildings in some places follow a convention where the building has a name distinct from the road. Leith Walk is a good place to observe this. What most of us would call Leith Walk has buildings which have an address not mentioning Leith Walk (at least as I'd understand it). I can see this in three different places in Edinburgh where OSM is tagged very differently. At the colony houses off Dalry Road nr Haymarket the buildings are given the name (strictly correct, but not helpful for routing software perhaps). At Leith Walk the 'Place' names are put on the actual road (confusing for the rendered map given that we'd all call this Leith Walk, but helpful for routing). At Melville Place (a short bit of Queensferry Road) the name of the terrace was missing completely - I've added it here in two forms (perhaps overkill) - as a building name, and as an alt_name= . There is a problem at this location of naming the building as more than one building makes up 'Melville Place'.

I'm sure there are some other issues where conventions which have developed (even if only partially). Path vs footway anyone? A list would be good. Even a list of conventions that individual editors are using might be helpful. Rostranimin (talk) 17:01, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

--Yeah, its tricky this one. I think mappers should refer to the wiki tagging guides or post to the mailing list to get the latest thinking - rather than repeating stuff on the Edinburgh page. But stuff like Leith Walk, I think would be good to explain how its been done perhaps even adding a link to the Edinburgh page in the relevant ways as this is a bit of an exception or a really long 'note' tag describing why it looks like it does...

I know Central America Central America also has issues with various different approaches to addressing/building names etc. There is even a tag cloud made for Edinburgh to visualise the different tagging styles to help with this issue. But fixing this is difficult and is becoming more important as more and more are added. But I've decided to accept the diversity and hope it all comes out in the wash. Hawkeyes 19:28 18 Feb 2013

Meetings 2018?

Are there any meetings in 2018? The page lists only a couple of dates in early 2017... I did a bit of minor OSM editing around Edinburgh and might be interested in coming along and learning more (time permitting). Thanks Stephan Matthiesen (talk) 12:14, 26 April 2018 (UTC)

I have updated the page with some more dates, We typically meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the Guildford Arms (behind the apple store). It would be good to see you at one of these. --Drnoble (talk) 19:21, 29 April 2018 (UTC)