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Started using OpenCycleMap - Dec 2008

Based - Oxford, UK

Objective - To show Oxford's twin network of cycle routes - one a set of quiet routes for those who want or need to avoid the traffic, and the other for fast cyclists along the main roads into town, many of which have narrow cycle lanes or bus lanes

Mapnik for Dummies (Windows)

0) Join Mapnik Users mailing list (

1) Get yourself some data (export tab "OpenStreetMap XML Data"; not more than a screenful at z13 or get one of the extracts available at, such as

1a) If you haven't already got it, download, move it to c:\program files\bzip\, rename it as bunzip2.exe, then go to the bz2 file, left-click, right-click, properties, find where it says what it opens with, click on change, then browse, then select bunzip2.exe. Then when you double-click on bz2 files in explorer, they unzip.

2) Download PostgreSQL to your desktop. Go to and click on "Download the one click installer" Or take a shortcut to, and click on the windows button. This a 38MB job. Then you double-click on the file. I left Port as the default (5432) and made the locale English - UK. Didn't know what Stack Builder was so cancelled out. 2a) Download PostGIS (a block of extra features for PostgreSQL) at

3) Download to your desktop & right-click/extract-all to C:\Program Files\ (took six attempts to get the full 1.78MB)