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When and Where

This mapping party is planned for 10th April at 9am. We will be covering Penicuik.

We will meet at the Somerfield Supermarket Car Park, then meet up again 2 hours later and decide on a place to eat. Please bring Cell phones, GPS units, Safety gear if Cycling. We will decide how to section the areas when we meet in the car park and find out who has turned up. There will be basic printed maps available. You will recognize Central America because he will be wearing an Orange Openstreetmap Jacket.


If you are new to OpenStreetMap then you can just turn up at the meeting place where you will get a full briefing. A notepad or camera is the only thing that you need to bring. Everyone is welcome.

If you're already an OpenStreetMap member, please add your name to the following list if you can attend:


  • Central America I Will be driving , The second seat in my car is already booked.


What to Bring

  • A GPS unit, if you have one.
  • A bicycle, if you have one.
  • A camera, dictaphone, or pencil/paper for recording street names, etc.
  • A laptop, if you want to upload your data and work on it at lunch.