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We will be having a Mapping Party on Saturday 3rd July 2010. The area we will map is The Edinburgh Zoo, Corstorphine Hill Nature Reserve and the surrounding area.

You can see the map here.

We will be meeting at 9:30am at the front of the main gate of the Zoo here

The morning will be spent mapping the Zoo and then we shall meet at Stripes the restaurant within the zoo at 12:30pm for lunch from there we can decide if more mapping is needed or move on to Costorphine Hill Nature Reserve.

Background Information

Edinburgh Zoo is the second most popular attraction in Edinburgh after Edinburgh Castle. It is also one of these places that mappers like to have done in their city. It is a complex area which will need some careful mapping to make it look really good. Although it will be very difficult to get all the animals, cafes, drinking fountains, heritage trees, educational facilities rendered it should be an fun day out. Corstorphine Hill Nature reserve has been designated as a Regionally Importnat Geological Site(RIGS) and contains many paths a tower, views, walled gardens and Edinburghs Nuclear Bunker. Nearby there are also two places where there have been new builds and there are a couple of Golf Courses.

The information that is presently on the OSM has been either surveyed earlier or all the information from OS_OpenData_StreetView has been added

A tourist map of Edinburgh Zoo can be found here Please print out this map because we will be using it as the basis for mapping he Zoo

The Edinburgh Zoo website is here

Friends of Corstorphine Hill website here includes some maps of the boundaries

Corstorphine Hill Geology here

Corstorphine Hill has a Permanent Orienteering course see here

Edinburgh Nuclear Bunker Details here

Mapping Party Cake

There are two areas that need resurvey they are marked on the map here, or here for the larger map (can take some time to load) . If you would like to add to this multipolygon the the relation number is 96404

Map Technical details

Both the Corstorphine Hill Nature reserve and the Zoo are made of Multipolygons. Corstorphine hill is made of Two Outer so that the name will be correct. The inners are there to create white space only. This will allow us to add greater detail to different areas. Examples are Clermiston tower where you can see a white band around the building, then a green band from park tag then the dark green from the wood tag.

Or in the Zoo around the Deer enclosure we have the light green Grass with a barrier of a fence followed by the white space on the inner multipolygon then the outer Zoo Multipolygon then the wood.

Doing the tagging this way makes it easier for the renders and gives us more detail

Mapnik is now rendering cave entrances see here