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Stirling, Scotland

latitude: 56.12, longitude: -3.94
Browse map of Stirling 56°07′12.00″ N, 3°56′24.00″ W
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Stirling is a city in Scotland at latitude 56°07′12.00″ North, longitude 3°56′24.00″ West.

Stirling (Sruighlea in Gaelic) is a city in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Stirling is also the name of the surrounding Council Area.


Welcome to the Stirling Openstreetmap Project Page. We hope that you will join with us to explore and map our city and enjoy learning some of the tools that we have available. There numerous mappers in and around Stirling with a wealth of knowledge and from a variety backgrounds and ages. Mapping in the city ranges between roads, cycleways, natural features, communities amenities, sustainable infrastructure, historic monuments and almost anything else you can imagine. We arrange regular social gatherings to make it easier to learn about different techniques of mapping and of course have a pint or some tea as well.

Stirling is a city in Scotland, United Kingdom.

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Mapping Party

Thanks for joining us at the Stirling OpenStreetMap Mapping Party, we mapped the woods, orchards, parks, facilities and green spaces around the City of Stirling. Helping to create a free map, displaying the amazing natural assets of the city. We taught how to survey, edit and upload to OpenStreetMap website. Created a map to showcase this beautiful and historic city and help improve access and management in the future. This event was sponsored by thinkWhere.

ThinkWhere logo.jpg

How to Register:

The event was held at the thinkWhere office, Glendevon House, The Castle Business Park, Stirling, FK9 4TZ on Saturday, 23 August 2014 from 10.00 am – 4.30 pm. Registration is essential through [1] Eventbrite, as places are limited to 20.

Please bring a laptop, GPS handheld device, or GPS-enabled mobile phone, if you have one or more.


  • 10.00 Arrive & Teas / Coffees (provided)
  • 10.30 Welcome & Introduction / Aims of the day
  • 10.45 – 11.30 Technical Instruction (using GPS, Phones etc)
  • 11.30 – 1.00 Mapping Parties around town. We will divide up the city by geographical sector (‘cake slices’ in OSM-speak!) with themed parties within each sector eg orchards / allotments, recycling facilities, historic features, cycling facilities, etc.
  • 1.00 – 1.30 pm Lunch (bring a packed lunch)
  • 1.30 – 4.00 Instruction on how to upload your data to maps. There will also be an option for those who want to do more data collection in the field.
  • 4.00 - 4.15 pm Finishing up
  • 4.30 Depart

Social Events

Join us for a friendly social meet-up at the Allanwater Brewhouse pub, Queens Lane, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, FK9 4HP. This is an opportunity to meet with others, hear about what's going on and learn new mapping techniques or just generally chat and ask questions. We also welcome anyone from outside the Stirling area to come and meet with us. Among the general topics we will also be focusing on cycle mapping and orchards.

The next social meet up from 7pm at Allanwater Brewhouse will be (look out for the hiviz jacket and laptops!):

  • No planned meets currently
Local user group
Stirling Social Event Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
When: 3rd Tuesday every 3 month at 7:00pm
Where: Allanwater Brewhouse (map)
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  • Had cosy meetup in new venue at the Brewhouse in Bridge of Allan
  • Social meet-up in Stirling Tuesday 9 Apr 2013 7pm - Twenty Rocks Bar
  • Mapping party completed on Sat 3 March 2012, New Lanark
  • Successful State of the Map - Scotland 2012 Event, thanks to all those who attended, see details below!

Next Mapping Party

Check out details of our next mapping party: New Lanark, South Lanarkshire mapping party Saturday 3 March 2012

State Of The Map Scotland 2011 'unconference'

Thanks to all those who joined the Scottish OpenStreetMap community to talk, workshop and hack for this two day event. We were kindly hosted by the Electron Club at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. This was an 'unconference' event, where all delegates made suggestions for presentations or workshops and gave lightening talks throughout the day(s).

We attracted mappers, hackers, artists, cyclists, cartographers and academic organisations interested in the OpenStreetMap project. Approximately 40 people attended over two days.

The facilities included the Electron Club room with 14 spaces for laptops and a 70 seat cinema for presentations. There are also two open bar/cafe areas within the building and free wifi throughout.

More information, videos and media on the State Of The Map Scotland 2011 page


All information about the Stirling meetups will be posted to [Talk GB] mailing list and individually e-mailed to the people on the Users_in_Stirling page, you can also watch this page for changes

Those that are interested in joining in with the meetings please add your name to the Users_in_Stirling page. To do this please add the tag."[[Category:Users_in_Stirling|YOUR USER ID HERE]]" to your user page. If you are unsure how to do this contact Hawkeye

Once you have a login for the Openstreetmap wiki then you can go to the top of the page and click watch. This will give you automatic emails each time this page is changed.

There are other meetings in Scotland see Scotland#Social_Meetings


  • If you want to find out how far we have come and where we need to look at. Have a look at this map that shows which streets have no name. here
  • If you want to see an overview of who is doing which edits in your area have a look at OSM Mapper from ITO watch the videos here
  • Other useful links to maps Here
  • The superb Map library in Edinburgh is well worth a visit Location To see a huge selection of their maps go here and type in Glasgow into the search box
  • Keepright is a page dedicated to the small mapping errors that always crop up. Looking over this not only helps keep the map clean of these errors but helps us learn how to avoid errors in the future.
  • Learning to edit this wiki or Wikipedia is a very useful skill. It well worth spending 20 minutes on this Tutorial
  • Find missing street names from Opendata OS StreetView map with this OSM overlay [2]

Other Maps

The Openstreetmap community is not allowed to copy other maps due to copyright restrictions. You will also find that a lot of the satellite images are out of date and that our map is already more accurate . The maps below are only here to show what other groups are doing.

  • If you go to the wikipedia site for Glasgow look for the part that says Coordinates 55° 51′ 28.8″ N, 4° 15′ 32.4″ W. Click on the link and you will get a list of maps for our area. You can do this for any location. See Glasgow and maps
  • Comparative maps can be interesting, you will also notice that Google satelite images are out of date see here and here
  • Glasgow Council Interactive Maps here
  • Glasgow Street Naming is controlled by the council here
  • ELGIN Electronic Local Government Information Network ELGIN Glasgow
  • Google street view Taking information concerning Street names, Bus stop Locations etc is not allowed because it is derived data from copyright images
  • The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) uses CANMAP (doesn't work with Safari) to list places of historical interest. Their information is copyright so we are not allowed to place this information directly onto our map. However, they are now accepting public photos to be included on their site. A large number of their locatons have not been photographed recently. This means that by finding these places and giving them photos, we are not only helping the national archive, the photos we take will be more accessible to the public. This is due to the licence they give to user generated content. By collaborating with them you will not only find out a lot more about these locations you will be letting them know we are here. You also have the options of putting the photos on Geograph, Webshots or Flickr.This is an excellent chance for bit of exploring.Their building is located here

Examples and Inspiration

In this section there are examples of mapping and derived maps within Glasgow and outside for your interest and inspiration. Please remember that it is very important that we do not copy other maps data into our map.

  • The Best of OSM is a website that shows some of the best mapping in OSM, it is worth looking at the zoos and golf courses and maybe we can get parts of Glasgow in there.
  • On the main map page of OSM by clicking on the '+' sign on the top right hand corner you can get the map represented as Open Cycle Map or Osmarender
  • Openlayers show lots of examples on how data is used
  • Interested in seeing the map in different styles see Cloudmade
  • There is a specialised cycle routing engine using the OpenStreetMap data in Edinburgh called CycleStreets
  • Vector graphics in the future see cartagen
  • Scottish Openstreetmap in Gaelic here