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Falkirk, Scotland
latitude: 55.996, longitude: -3.787
Browse map of Falkirk 55°59′45.60″ N, 3°47′13.20″ W
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Falkirk is a town in Scotland at latitude 55°59′45.60″ North, longitude 3°47′13.20″ West. Falkirk is also the name of the Council Area that surrounds the eponymous town.


Welcome to the Falkirk project page. We hope that we can inspire walkers, cyclists, and motorists to combine their travelling with GPS devices to map around our area of Scotland. We have people of all ages and types who like the idea of exploring and making maps.

Social Events

The Falkirk group meets up twice a year, however we also have people that meetup with the Falkirk Linux User Group each month. You can see the details here

We are presently setting up the dates and the location for these meetings. please contact --Central America 14:47, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

There are other meetings in Scotland see Scotland#Social_Meetings


  • Keepright is a page dedicated to the small mapping errors that always crop up. Looking over this not only helps keep the map clean of these errors but helps us learn how to avoid errors in the future.
  • If you want to see an overview of who is doing which edits in your area have a look at OSM Mapper watch the videos here
  • Learning to edit this wiki or Wikipedia is a very useful skill. It well worth spending 20 minutes on this Tutorial
  • The superb Map library in Edinburgh is well worth a visit Location To see a huge selection of their maps go here and type in Falkirk into the search box
  • You can keep up to date by visiting the Opengeodata Blog, there is also an RSS feed for this

Other Maps

The Openstreetmap community is not allowed to copy other maps due to copyright restrictions. You will also find that a lot of the satellite images are out of date and that our map is already more accurate . The maps below are only here to show what other groups are doing.

  • If you go to the wikipedia site for Falkirk look for the part that says Coordinates 55° 59′ 56.4″ N, 3° 47′ 6″ W. Click on the link and you will get a list of maps for our area. You can do this for any location. See Falkirk and maps
  • ELGIN Electronic Local Government Information Network ELGIN Falkirk
  • Comparative maps can be interesting, you will also notice that Google satelite images are out of date see here and here

Examples and Inspiration

In this section there are examples of mapping and derived maps for your interest and inspiration. Please remember that it is very important that we do not copy other maps data into our map.

  • The Best of OSM is a website that shows some of the best mapping in OSM, maybe we can get bits of Falkirk in there.
  • On the main map page of OSM by clicking on the '+' sign on the top right hand corner you can get the map represented as Open Cycle Map or Osmarender
  • Interested in seeing the OSM map in different styles see Cloudmade
  • There is a specialised cycle routing engine using the OpenStreetMap data in Falkirk called CycleStreets
  • Vector graphics in the future see cartagen
  • Scottish Openstreetmap in Gaelic here
  • Openlayers show lots of examples on how data is used

Our Map so far