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Aberdeen, Scotland

latitude: 57.14, longitude: -2.10
Browse map of Aberdeen 57°08′24.00″ N, 2°06′00.00″ W
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Aberdeen is a city in Scotland at latitude 57°08′24.00″ North, longitude 2°06′00.00″ West.

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Aberdeen is also the name of the Council Area that surrounds the city.


Yahoo! Aerial Imagery Coverage of Aberdeen

Social Meetings

Meetings are just getting off the ground - currently it's every couple of months. These are in 57North Hacklab. Suggestions and tweaks to the format are welcome.

Upcoming Meets are:

  • 19th March 2015
  • 18th June 2015
  • 17th September 2015
  • 17th December 2015

Official Links

Aberdeen City Council website