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Household waste in the United Kingdom is generally managed by local councils, paid for through Council Tax. This page summarises all ways in which household waste is disposed of (and modelled in OSM) in the UK.

Waste and Recycling is the subject of the OSMUK quarterly project 2021/Q4.

Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Household Waste Recycling Centre, Bousteads Grassing

A household waste recycling centre (HWRC) is a staffed place where residents can take household waste to be recycled, treated or disposed of. Each local authority area has a legal responsibility to provide this service to residents, and the service is usually provided in multiple sites across the local authority area. HWRCs might be known by different names in different areas, or by different people.

A 'resident' is defined as someone from a household that pays Council Tax to the authority that operates the HWRC.

A HWRC used to be colloquially known as 'the tip' or 'the dump'.

Our preference is mapping as an area, this can be refined later with a (separate) fence/wall line with gates. You may use a node if it really isn't obvious where the boundary is.

Local authorities sometimes have a number of waste management services located at the same site, e.g. a publicly accessible tip and a non-publicly accessible waste transfer station. From aerial photographs it is not always easy to identify the boundaries.

OSM defines this as: amenity=recycling + recycling_type=centre

TagInfo Overpass Turbo


The owner of a HWRC is usually the Local Authority that the site is located within. Owners have a legal responsibility to provide household recycling services to its residents.

OSM example: owner=Surrey County Council + ownership=municipal

Include an owner tag for it (and preferably more of the site's details) to appear on

Multiple Owners

Quite rare, but Smugglers Way Household Recycling & Waste Centre way 920878948 in London is managed by the Western Riverside Waste Authority which provides the HWRC service to 4 London boroughs (Source:

  • London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • London Borough of Lambeth
  • London Borough of Wandsworth


The operator of a HWRC is the organisation responsible for the day-to-day management of the site. This could be a private company (such as Veolia or SUEZ), the local authority that owns it, a different local authority, or a not-for-profit organisation.

OSM example: operator=Veolia + operator:type=private

OSM example: operator=SUEZ + operator:type=private

Accepted Waste

There is a long non-exhaustive list of values at Tag:amenity=recycling#Materials. The iD editor is good at providing previously used values, which makes it fairly easy to codify. Ones to watch for are:

Glass Bottles - recycling:glass_bottles=yes (1,100+) is used rather than just 'bottles' (almost zero). It also implies jars.

Glass - distinguish between glass (sheets of) vs bottles/jars (made of glass)

Green Waste - recycling:green_waste=yes is preferred to recycling:garden_waste=yes but 'garden_waste' isn't is just more commonly used.

Residual Waste - UK recycling centres often also accept domestic 'black bin bags' rubbish, which goes to landfill or incinerators. This would be 'residual waste' recycling:residual_waste=yes.

Scrap Metal - scrap metal (random chunks of) vs tins/cans (food receptacles made of metal)

example: Bucksburn Recycling Centre, Aberdeen

Term on Council website OSM tag
Bulky waste recycling:bulky_waste=yes
Car battery recycling:car_batteries=yes
Cardboard recycling:cardboard=yes
Carpet recycling:carpet=yes
Cooking oil recycling:cooking_oil=yes
Electrical items recycling:electrical_items=yes
Engine oil recycling:engine_oil=yes
Fluorescent tubes recycling:fluorescent_tubes=yes
Food and drink cans recycling:cans=yes
Fridge and freezers recycling:white_goods=yes
Garden waste (no soil, turf or food waste) recycling:green_waste=yes or recycling:garden_waste=yes
General bagged household waste / non-recyclable waste recycling:residual_waste=yes
Glass bottles and jars recycling:glass_bottles=yes (includes jars)
Household batteries recycling:batteries=yes
Lightbulbs recycling:light_bulbs=yes ....old-style? or low-power?
Paper recycling:paper=yes
Plastic bottles recycling:plastic_bottles=yes
Scrap metal recycling:scrap_metal=yes
Televisions recycling:tv_monitor=yes
Turf recycling:turf=yes
Wood recycling:wood=yes


Tom Passmore from Dsposal collected a list of HWRCs from various sources (EA, SEPA, etc.) which is reproduced in the table at the ned of this page. These have been added to Wikidata. An eventual aim is to combine OSM and Wikidata to generate output in the new standard. Councils would then have the starting template that they could add to and publish....which we might then consume to keep OSM up-to-date.

Bring Site (or Recycling Point)

Golf Drive Recycling Point, Brighton

A Bring Site is an unstaffed place where any member of the public can bring household waste to be recycled. It generally takes the form of a group of recycling bins in. The location may be on a pavement by shops or in a supermarket carpark. Sites like a supermarket carpark would not be owned or operated by the Local Authority.

OSM does not currently have a distinct concept for a Bring Site.

OSM defines this as: amenity=recycling + recycling_type=centre (i.e. the same as a HWRC) It may be mapped as a single amenity=recycling + recycling_type=container with multiple types of accepted items. It could be multiple containers.

TagInfo Overpass Turbo

Individual container

An individual container such as a clothes recycling bin is sometimes placed at a school, etc. These are not classed as a HWRC or a Bring Site. OSM defines this as: amenity=recycling + recycling_type=container

Small public recycling bin

Some Councils place small bins, sometimes with different sections for glass/paper, in publicly accessible locations.

Residents recycling bins

Some areas, such as Aberdeen, have shared recycling bins intended for use by a specific block of flats/houses

If you can take a photo of these, then please upload to OSMWiki and display here.

Waste Transfer Stations

A Waste Transfer Station is a location where waste is processed, sorted, etc. before the next step in its journey. This is frequently not open to the public. For example, it may be where the bin lorry takes your household waste, or could be a scrap metal merchants.

OSM defines this as: amenity=waste_transfer_station



OpenWasteMap is a prototype web site for citizens and Councils was created at Code The City 22. The site displays info from OSM and Wikidata. it enables a citizen to ask, "i live at x and want to recycle y, where could i take it?"

A citizen can provide updates to OSM. This currently posts a note.


List of HWRCs

The list of HWRCs have been taken from the the Environment Agency election public register (EA ePR) and Scotland’s waste sites and capacity data tool.

The "identifier" field in the table follows the hwrc-identifier logic as laid out in Open3R data standard for HWRCs.

tableId OSM identifier govIdentifier name country wikidata
1 way 590188051 hwrc-sct-ade-0020013 WML/N/0020013 Bridge of Don Recycling Centre Scotland Q102132154
2 way 488949555 hwrc-sct-ade-1115081 WML/L/1115081 Hazlehead Recycling Centre Scotland Q102132282
3 node 8173526813 hwrc-sct-ade-0020010 WML/N/0020010 Bucksburn Recycling Centre Scotland Q102132382
4 way 116883204 hwrc-sct-ade-0020014 WML/N/0020014 Tullos Recycling Centre Scotland Q102132643
5 hwrc-sct-abd-0020214 WML/N/0020214 Alford Recycling Centre Scotland
6 node 2300250889 WML/L/1018935 Banchory Recycling Centre Scotland Q106081188
7 way 878917216 hwrc-sct-abd-1155721 WML/L/1155721 Ellon Recycling Centre Scotland Q106081191
8 way 468144801 hwrc-sct-abd-1019103 WML/L/1019103 Fraserburgh Recycling Centre Scotland Q106081194
9 way 878868635 hwrc-sct-abd-0020025 WML/N/0020025 Huntly Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085636
10 way 286512700 hwrc-sct-abd-0020029 WML/N/0020029 Insch Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085637
11 way 878914414 hwrc-sct-abd-0020027 WML/N/0020027 Inverurie Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085638
12 way 878867808 hwrc-sct-abd-0220219 WML/E/0220219 Laurencekirk Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085639
13 way 100783605 hwrc-sct-abd-0020034 WML/N/0020034 Macduff Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085640
14 way 248336564 hwrc-sct-abd-0020039 WML/N/0020039 Peterhead Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085641
15 way 476694225 hwrc-sct-abd-1148211 WML/L/1148211 Portlethen Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085642
16 way 878867009 hwrc-sct-abd-0020038 WML/N/0020038 Portsoy Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085643
17 way 473816199 hwrc-sct-abd-0220298 WML/N/0220298 Stonehaven Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085644
18 way 878865764 hwrc-sct-abd-0020035 WML/N/0020035 Turriff Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085645
19 way 41958866 hwrc-sct-abd-0020212 WML/N/0020212 Westhill Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085646
20 way 642913103 hwrc-sct-ans-0020199 WML/E/0020199 Brechin recycling centre Scotland Q106085648
21 way 642912725 hwrc-sct-ans-0020042 WML/E/0020042 Kirriemuir recycling centre Scotland
22 way 642905595 hwrc-sct-ans-0020028 WML/E/0020028 Arbroath recycling centre Scotland
23 way 642913543 hwrc-sct-ans-0020029 WML/E/0020029 Carnoustie Recycling Centre Scotland
24 way 642910672 hwrc-sct-ans-0020030 WML/E/0020030 Forfar Recycling Centre Scotland
25 way 387927058 hwrc-sct-ans-0020031 WML/E/0020031 Monifieth Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085653
26 way 421684886 hwrc-sct-ans-0020032 WML/E/0020032 Montrose Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085654
27 way 661150535 hwrc-sct-agb-0022019 WML/W/0022019 Blackhill Recycling Centre Scotland
28 way 919730837 hwrc-sct-agb-0020184 WML/W/0020184 Bogleha Recycling Centre Scotland
29 way 899923417 hwrc-sct-agb-0020048 WML/W/0020048 Bonaveh LFS, Isle of Colonsay Scotland Q106085684
30 hwrc-sct-agb-0020046 WML/W/0020046 Cliad Closed LFS, Isle of Coll Scotland Q106085685
31 hwrc-sct-agb-1025163 PPC/A/1025163 Gartbreck Landfill Site, Bowmore, Islay Scotland Q106085686
32 hwrc-sct-agb-1022141 PPC/A/1022141 Glengorm Landfill Site, Glengorm Rd, Tobermor Scotland Q106085687
33 hwrc-sct-agb-1008888 PPC/A/1008888 Gott Bay LFS, Isle of Tiree, Argyll Scotland Q106085688
34 hwrc-sct-agb-0020041 WML/W/0020041 Larkhall Landfill Site, Isle of Bute Scotland Q106085689
35 hwrc-sct-agb-1004281 PPC/A/1004281 Lingerton Landfill Site Scotland Q106085690
36 hwrc-sct-agb-0020043 WML/W/0020043 Moleigh L/F Site, Ariogan, By Oban, Argyll Scotland Q106085691
37 hwrc-sct-agb-0020042 WML/W/0020042 The Roading TS/CASite, Campeltown, Argyll Scotland Q106085692
38 way 61158782 hwrc-sct-edh-0020117 WML/E/0020117 Craigmillar Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland
39 way 32401847 hwrc-sct-edh-1019777 WML/L/1019777 Seafield Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland
40 way 33128330 hwrc-sct-edh-1019778 WML/L/1019778 Sighthill Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland
41 way 92496916 hwrc-sct-clk-0020022 WML/E/0020022 Forthbank Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085696
42 way 919741694 hwrc-sct-dgy-1000155 PPC/A/1000155 Dalbeattie Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland
43 way 919745295 hwrc-sct-dgy-0020012 WML/W/0020012 Beattock Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland
44 way 920878378 hwrc-sct-dgy-0020025 WML/W/0020025 Blacks Plantation CAS, Stranraer Scotland Q106085699
45 way 883760320 hwrc-sct-dgy-0020010 WML/W/0020010 Annan Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085700
46 hwrc-sct-dgy-1040275 WML/L/1040275 Gatelawbridge Civic Amenity & Recycling Centr Scotland Q106085701
47 node 8818514218 hwrc-sct-dgy-0020015 WML/W/0020015 Lincluden Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085702
48 way 952735595 hwrc-sct-dgy-0020014 WML/W/0020014 Lochar Moss Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085703
49 way 661905270 hwrc-sct-dgy-0020011 WML/W/0020011 Lockerbie Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085704
50 way 952739515 hwrc-sct-dgy-1118000 WML/L/1118000 Newton Stewart Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085705
51 way 350445501 hwrc-sct-dgy-1040274 WML/L/1040274 Sanquhar Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085706
52 way 952733402 hwrc-sct-dgy-0220301 WML/W/0220301 Castle Douglas Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085707
53 node 9140584133 hwrc-sct-dgy-1118007 WML/L/1118007 Stranraer Zero Waste Park, Stranraer Scotland Q106085708
54 hwrc-sct-dnd-0020006 WML/E/0020006 Dundee CC, Baldovie Recycl Ctr CA/TS, Dundee Scotland Q106085709
55 hwrc-sct-dnd-0020082 WML/E/0020082 Dundee CC, Marchbanks CA,Harefield Rd, Dundee Scotland Q106085710
56 hwrc-sct-dnd-0020078 WML/E/0020078 Dundee CC, Riverside CA, Wright Ave, Dundee Scotland Q106085711
57 hwrc-sct-dnd-0020019 PPC/W/0020019 Barr Environ, Garlaff L/F, Skares Rd, Cumnock Scotland Q106085712
58 hwrc-sct-eay-0020050 WML/W/0020050 Civic Amenity Site,Western Rd Depot, Kil Scotland Q106085713
59 hwrc-sct-eay-0022037 WML/W/0022037 Mavis Valley Recycling Site,Balmuildy Rd Scotland Q106085714
60 hwrc-sct-edu-0220130 WML/E/0220130 Dunbar Recycling Facility (CA Site), Dunbar Scotland Q106085715
61 hwrc-sct-eln-1018759 WML/L/1018759 Kingwegar Recycling Centre & WTS,Wallyford Scotland Q106085716
62 hwrc-sct-eln-0220278 WML/E/0220278 Macmerry CA Site, Macmerry, East Lothian Scotland Q106085717
63 hwrc-sct-eln-0020085 WML/E/0020085 North Berwick CA Site, Heugh Road Scotland Q106085718
64 hwrc-sct-eln-1024856 WML/L/1024856 Barrhead Household Waste Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085719
65 hwrc-sct-erw-1004275 PPC/A/1004275 Bennadrove L/F Site, Marybank, Isle of Lewis Scotland Q106085720
66 hwrc-sct-els-1098203 WML/L/1098203 Garrygall Recycling Centre, Isle of Barra Scotland Q106085721
67 hwrc-sct-els-0220279 WML/N/0220279 Habost Quarry CA Site, Habost, Ness, Lewis Scotland Q106085722
68 hwrc-sct-els-1058222 WML/L/1058222 NHT Urgha Site, Adj to CNES Depot, Harris Scotland Q106085724
69 hwrc-sct-els-0050029 WML/N/0050029 Rueval L/F Site, Market Stance, Benbecula Scotland Q106085725
70 hwrc-sct-els-0220227 WML/N/0220227 WIC Creed Business Park TP, Isle of Iewis Scotland Q106085726
71 way 883269045 hwrc-sct-els-0220304 WML/E/0220304 Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre, Bo'ness Scotland Q106085727
72 way 883269046 hwrc-sct-fal-0020112 WML/E/0020112 Roughmute WTS, Bogton Road, Bonnybridge Scotland Q106085728
73 way 458589250 hwrc-sct-fal-1018846 WML/L/1018846 Cowdenbeath CA Site Extn,Cuddyhouse Rd Scotland Q106085729
74 hwrc-sct-fif-1020576 WML/L/1020576 Dalgety Bay Recycling Centre, Ridgeway Scotland Q106085730
75 way 584749199 hwrc-sct-fif-0020070 WML/E/0020070 Fife Council, Cupar CA, Cupar Scotland Q106085731
76 hwrc-sct-fif-0020095 WML/E/0020095 Fife Council, Glenrothes CA, Cable Rd Scotland Q106085732
77 hwrc-sct-fif-0020090 WML/E/0020090 Fife Council, Lochgelly TP & CA, Lochgelly Scotland Q106085733
78 hwrc-sct-fif-0020083 PPC/E/0020083 Fife Council, Lochhead L/F, By Wellwood, Fife Scotland Q106085734
79 hwrc-sct-fif-0020085 PPC/E/0020085 Fife Council, Lower Melville Woods, Fife Scotland Q106085735
80 hwrc-sct-fif-0020143 WML/E/0020143 Fife Council, Pittenweem CA, Pittenweem Scotland Q106085736
81 hwrc-sct-fif-1018848 WML/L/1018848 Kirkcaldy CA Recycling Centre, Denburn Rd Scotland Q106085737
82 hwrc-sct-fif-1079298 WML/L/1079298 Methil Recycling Centre, Steelworks Brae, Met Scotland Q106085738
83 hwrc-sct-fif-0220325 WML/E/0220325 St Andrews Recycling Centre CA,Largo Rd Scotland Q106085740
84 hwrc-sct-fif-0020036 WML/W/0020036 Dawsholm Transfer Station & Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085741
85 hwrc-sct-glg-0020038 WML/W/0020038 Easter Queenslie TS and RC Scotland Q106085742
86 hwrc-sct-glg-0020108 WML/W/0020108 Govan Transfer Station Scotland Q106085743
87 hwrc-sct-glg-0020037 WML/W/0020037 Polmadie Recycling Centre, Glasgow Scotland Q106085776
88 hwrc-sct-glg-0020087 WML/N/0020087 Achnagonalin Civic Amenity Site Scotland Q106085777
89 hwrc-sct-hld-0220204 WML/N/0220204 Fort William RC, Ben Nevis Ind Est Scotland Q106085779
90 hwrc-sct-hld-0050280 WML/N/0050280 HC Achuvoldrach RC & TS ,Midtown, Tongue Scotland Q106085781
91 hwrc-sct-hld-0050075 WML/N/0050075 HC Alness RC,CAS, UNITS 5A & 7, Alness Scotland Q106085784
92 hwrc-sct-hld-0220203 WML/N/0220203 HC Dingwall RC, 6C Strathview, Dingwall Scotland Q106085785
93 hwrc-sct-hld-0050056 WML/N/0050056 HC Durness Recycling Center CA Site, Durness Scotland Q106085786
94 hwrc-sct-hld-0220280 WML/N/0220280 HC Kilchoan TS, Lighthouse Rd, Kilchoan Scotland Q106085787
95 hwrc-sct-hld-0220206 WML/N/0220206 HC Nairn RC,Park Quarry, Nairn Scotland Q106085788
96 hwrc-sct-hld-0050037 WML/N/0050037 HC RC & TS, Gairloch, Wester Ross Scotland Q106085789
97 hwrc-sct-hld-0050046 WML/N/0050046 HC RC & TS, Lairg Station, Sutherland Scotland Q106085790
98 hwrc-sct-hld-0050050 WML/N/0050050 HC RC & TS, Strathain, Ullapool,Ross-shire Scotland Q106085791
99 hwrc-sct-hld-0050042 WML/N/0050042 HC RC & TS,Ardachu CAS, Brora, Sutherland Scotland Q106085792
100 hwrc-sct-hld-0050045 WML/N/0050045 HC RC Bonar Bridge CAS, Bonar Bridge Scotland Q106085793
101 hwrc-sct-hld-0220187 WML/N/0220187 HC RC, Henderson Drive, Inverness Scotland Q106085795
102 hwrc-sct-hld-0050382 WML/N/0050382 HC Tain CA site, Tain Scotland Q106085796
103 hwrc-sct-hld-0220221 WML/N/0220221 HC Thurso Recycling Centre CASite,Janetstown Scotland Q106085797
104 hwrc-sct-hld-0050118 WML/N/0050118 HC Torbreck TS, Lochinver, Sutherland Scotland Q106085798
105 hwrc-sct-hld-0220176 WML/N/0220176 HC Wick CASite, Airport Ind Estate, Wick Scotland Q106085799
106 hwrc-sct-hld-1004251 PPC/A/1004251 Highland Coun,Granish L/F,Aviemore,Inverness Scotland Q106085800
107 hwrc-sct-hld-1000148 PPC/A/1000148 Highland Council,Seater L/F,Bower,Caithness Scotland Q106085806
108 hwrc-sct-hld-0050036 WML/N/0050036 Longman Landfill Site, Inverness Scotland Q106085808
109 hwrc-sct-hld-0050051 WML/N/0050051 Portree L/S,Dunvegan Rd,Portree,Isle of Skye Scotland Q106085813
110 hwrc-sct-hld-0220202 WML/N/0220202 Recycling Centre TS, Market Lane, Kingussie Scotland Q106085817
111 hwrc-sct-hld-0220274 WML/W/0220274 Gourock Civic Amenity Site,Kirn Dr,Gourock Scotland Q106085818
112 hwrc-sct-ivc-0022016 WML/W/0022016 Pottery Street Transfer & C/A Site, Greenock Scotland Q106085819
113 hwrc-sct-ivc-0020044 WML/E/0020044 Newtongrange Transfer Station, Newtongrange Scotland Q106085820
114 hwrc-sct-mln-0020046 WML/E/0020046 Penicuik CA Site, Bellman's Road, Penicuik Scotland Q106085821
115 hwrc-sct-mln-1023218 WML/L/1023218 Stobhill Community Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085822
116 hwrc-sct-mln-0020180 WML/N/0020180 Balloch Rd Civic Amenity Site, Keith Scotland Q106085824
117 hwrc-sct-mry-0050073 WML/N/0050073 Forres CA/TS, Waterford Road, Forres Scotland Q106085825
118 hwrc-sct-mry-0020113 WML/N/0020113 Gollachy CA/TS, Buckie Scotland Q106085826
119 hwrc-sct-mry-0020116 WML/N/0020116 Moycroft Civic Amenity & TS, Elgin Scotland Q106085827
120 hwrc-sct-mry-0020028 PPC/N/0020028 Nether Dallachy Landfill Site, Spey Bay Scotland Q106085828
121 hwrc-sct-mry-0220309 WML/N/0220309 Recycling Centre/TS, Chanonry Road Sth,Elgin Scotland Q106085829
122 hwrc-sct-mry-0020051 WML/W/0020051 Bartonholm Civic Amenity Site, Irvine Scotland Q106085830
123 hwrc-sct-nay-0220272 WML/W/0220272 Brodick Waste TS, Market Road, Isle of Arran Scotland Q106085831
124 hwrc-sct-nay-0020054 WML/W/0020054 Haylie Brae Civic Amenity Site, Largs Scotland Q106085832
125 hwrc-sct-nay-1084290 WML/L/1084290 Paddockholm Rd Civic Amenity Site, Kilbirnie Scotland Q106085834
126 hwrc-sct-nay-1087670 WML/L/1087670 Airdrie Civic Amenity Site Scotland Q106085835
127 hwrc-sct-nlk-0220271 WML/W/0220271 N Lanark Cncl,Netherdale Rd CA, Wishaw Scotland Q106085836
128 hwrc-sct-nlk-0220270 WML/W/0220270 N Lanark Cncl,Stobcross St CA,Coatbridge Scotland Q106085837
129 hwrc-sct-nlk-1087671 WML/L/1087671 Reema Road Recycling Centre, Bellshill Scotland Q106085838
130 hwrc-sct-nlk-1099403 WML/L/1099403 Shotts Civic Amenity Site, Shotts Scotland Q106085840
131 hwrc-sct-nlk-0220239 WML/E/0220239 Wardpark CA Site, Wardpark Court, Cumbernauld Scotland Q106085841
132 hwrc-sct-nlk-1022006 WML/L/1022006 Hatston Recycling Centre, Kirkwall, Orkney Scotland Q106085842
133 hwrc-sct-ork-0050019 WML/N/0050019 OIC Bossack, CA & WTS, Tankerness Scotland Q106085843
134 hwrc-sct-ork-0220193 WML/N/0220193 OIC Cursiter CASite,Cursiter Quarry, Orkney Scotland Q106085844
135 hwrc-sct-ork-0050021 WML/N/0050021 OIC St Margarets Hope CA site, Orkne Scotland Q106085845
136 node 3584473372 hwrc-sct-ork-0050022 WML/N/0050022 OIC Stromness CA Site, Garston Ind Est,Orkney Scotland Q106085846
137 hwrc-sct-ork-1030917 WML/L/1030917 Blairgowrie Civic Amenity Site & Transfer Stn Scotland Q106085847
138 way 170484681 hwrc-sct-pkn-1025103 WML/L/1025103 Clashburn Close, Bridgend Ind Est, Kinross Scotland Q106085848
139 hwrc-sct-pkn-1082282 WML/L/1082282 Friarton Waste Transfer Station, Perth Scotland Q106085849
140 hwrc-sct-pkn-0020059 WML/E/0020059 North Forr Landfill Site, Crieff Scotland Q106085850
141 hwrc-sct-pkn-1106110 WML/L/1106110 North Perth Recycling Centre, Perth Scotland Q106085851
142 hwrc-sct-pkn-0020141 WML/E/0020141 Perth & Kinross Council, Auchterarder CA Scotland Q106085852
143 hwrc-sct-pkn-0020049 WML/E/0020049 Perth&Kinross Ccl,Aberfeldy CA,Breadalbane T Scotland Q106085853
144 hwrc-sct-pkn-0020048 WML/E/0020048 Perth&Kinross Council,Lower Gauls CA,Bankfoot Scotland Q106085855
145 hwrc-sct-pkn-1063124 WML/L/1063124 Pitlochry Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085856
146 hwrc-sct-pkn-1019412 WML/L/1019412 Erskine Household Waste & Recycling Centre, B Scotland Q106085857
147 hwrc-sct-rfw-1019411 WML/L/1019411 Linwood Household Waste & Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085858
148 hwrc-sct-rfw-0020087 WML/W/0020087 Miller Street Civic Amenity Site, Johnstone Scotland Q106085859
149 hwrc-sct-rfw-1019410 WML/L/1019410 Renfrew Household Waste & Recycling Centre, H Scotland Q106085860
150 hwrc-sct-rfw-0020086 WML/W/0020086 Underwood Road Civic Amenity Site, Paisley Scotland Q106085861
151 node 374334914 hwrc-sct-rfw-0220302 WML/E/0220302 Duns Community Recycling Centre, Duns Scotland Q106085862
152 node 98859320 hwrc-sct-scb-1081399 WML/L/1081399 Eshiels WTS & Community Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085878
153 way 206597892 hwrc-sct-scb-0220299 WML/E/0220299 Eyemouth Community Recycling Point, Eyemouth Scotland Q106085879
154 node 458894001 hwrc-sct-scb-0220215 WML/E/0220215 Galashiels Waste TS and Com Recycling Point Scotland Q106085881
155 way 929103666 hwrc-sct-scb-0220177 WML/E/0220177 Hawick Waste TS and Com Recycling Scotland Q106085882
156 way 135861559 hwrc-sct-scb-1121693 WML/L/1121693 Kelso Community Recycling Centre, Kelso Scotland Q106085883
157 way 930246088 hwrc-sct-scb-0020108 WML/E/0020108 Riverside CA Site, Selkirk Scotland Q106085884
158 way 920131747 hwrc-sct-scb-0050027 PPC/N/0050027 Gremista Landfill, Lerwick, Shetland Scotland Q106085885
159 hwrc-sct-zet-0020150 WML/W/0020150 Girvan Civic Amenity Site Scotland Q106085886
160 hwrc-sct-say-0020065 WML/W/0020065 Seton Street Civic Amenity Site, Maybole Scotland Q106085887
161 hwrc-sct-say-0220273 WML/W/0220273 Troon Community Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085888
162 hwrc-sct-say-0020067 WML/W/0020067 Walker Road Civic Amenity/Transfer Stn, Ayr Scotland Q106085889
163 hwrc-sct-say-0022041 WML/W/0022041 CA & Recycling Centre, East Avenue, Blantyre Scotland Q106085891
164 way 319719906 hwrc-sct-slk-0000145 WML/W/0000145 Castlehill Transfer Station & CA, Carluke Scotland Q106085892
165 hwrc-sct-slk-0020030 WML/W/0020030 East Kilbride CA&Recycling Ctr, Peel Park, EK Scotland Q106085893
166 hwrc-sct-slk-0020101 WML/W/0020101 Enviroscot CA/Recyc Ctr,Strutherhill,Larkhall Scotland Q106085894
167 hwrc-sct-slk-0022026 WML/W/0022026 Rutherglen Recyc/CA Site,Cambuslng Rd,Eastfld Scotland Q106085895
168 hwrc-sct-slk-0020031 WML/W/0020031 Strathaven CA/Recyc Ctr,Hamilton Rd Ind Est Scotland Q106085897
169 hwrc-sct-slk-0220285 WML/E/0220285 Polmaise WMF, Fallin, Stirling Scotland Q106085898
170 way 154932322 hwrc-sct-stg-0020089 WML/W/0020089 Balfron Civic Amenity Site Scotland Q106085899
171 hwrc-sct-stg-0120010 WML/E/0120010 Callander Civic Amenity, Lagrannoch Depot Scotland Q106085900
172 hwrc-sct-stg-0220033 WML/E/0220033 Stirling Council,Compostg Fac,Lwr Polmaise LF Scotland Q106085901
173 hwrc-sct-stg-0020026 WML/W/0020026 Dalmoak Waste Transfer Station, Dumbarton Scotland Q106085902
174 hwrc-sct-wdu-0020027 WML/W/0020027 The Recycling Centre, Old Kilpatrick Scotland Q106085904
175 hwrc-sct-wdu-0020176 WML/E/0020176 Addiewell Bing, West Calder Scotland Q106085905
176 way 461106138 hwrc-sct-wln-0020019 WML/E/0020019 Blackburn CA Site, East Mains St, Blackburn Scotland Q106085906
177 way 586025902 hwrc-sct-wln-0020020 WML/E/0020020 Broxburn CA Site, Greendykes Road, Broxburn Scotland Q106085907
178 way 358360108 hwrc-sct-wln-0020018 WML/E/0020018 Linlithgow CA Site, Braehead Road, Linlithgow Scotland Q106085909
179 way 291775775 hwrc-sct-wln-1022437 WML/L/1022437 Oakbank Community Recycling Centre Scotland Q106085910
180 way 461110488 hwrc-sct-wln-0220103 WML/E/0220103 Whitburn CA Site, Burnhouse Ind Est Scotland Q106085911
181 hwrc-sct-wln-1159377 WML/L/1159377 Whitehill Resource Management Facility Scotland Q106085913
182 way 684602458 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907hj GB3907HJ/T001 Salford Road Recycling Centre England Q106093233
183 way 919748961 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907th GB3907TH/T001 Hurstwood Court Recycling Centre England Q106093234
184 node 4997405503 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907kb GB3907KB/T001 Every Street Recycling Centre England Q106093235/Q105777635
185 way 286937382 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907uf GB3907UF/T001 Cemetery Road Recycling Centre England Q106093236
186 way 308960870 hwrc-eng-gmca-hb3001hw HB3001HW/T001 Longley Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093237
187 way 23648793 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907xn GB3907XN/T001 Sandfold Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093238
188 way 553782356 hwrc-eng-gmca-hb3001gv HB3001GV/T001 Reliance Street Recycling Centre England Q106093239
189 way 924954174 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907ls GB3907LS/T001 Arkwright Street Recycling Centre England Q106093240
190 way 876167046 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907ml GB3907ML/T001 Chichester Street Recycling Centre England Q106093241
191 node 1862476648 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908cr GB3908CR/T001 Spring Vale Recycling Centre England Q106093242
192 way 624695587 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908fj GB3908FJ/T001 Lumns Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093243
193 way 878792363 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908gq GB3908GQ/T001 Boysnope Wharf Recycling Centre England Q106093244
194 way 364322303 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907cw GB3907CW/T001 Cobden Street Recycling Centre England Q106093245
195 way 837585220 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908hp GB3908HP/T001 Adswood Road Recycling Centre England Q106093246
196 way 296149502 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907fd GB3907FD/T001 Bredbury Parkway Recycling Centre England Q106093247
197 node 639185226 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908kl GB3908KL/T001 Rose Hill Recycling Centre England Q106093248
198 node 2400436368 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3907st GB3907ST/T001 Bayley Street Recycling Centre England Q106093249
199 node 2093675686 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908lm GB3908LM/T001 Ash Road Recycling Centre England Q106093252
200 way 138211653 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908mu GB3908MU/T001 Woodhouse Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093253
201 way 288125858 hwrc-eng-gmca-gb3908tc GB3908TC/T001 Chester Road Recycling Centre England Q106093254
202 node 2688310371 hwrc-eng-dev-ep3396hr EP3396HR/A001 Anvil Corner Recycling Centre England Q106093255
203 node 1491338874 hwrc-eng-dev-jp3391hn JP3391HN/V004 Ashley Recycling Centre England Q106093256
204 way 222029280 hwrc-eng-dev-bp3097hc BP3097HC/A001 Bideford Recycling Centre England Q106093257
205 way 205949159 hwrc-eng-dev-jp3691hd JP3691HD/A001 Brunel Road Recycling Centre England Q106093258
206 way 900434591 hwrc-eng-dev-eb3738rg EB3738RG/T001 Crowndale Recycling Centre England Q106093259
207 way 919772322 hwrc-eng-dev-jb3107lz JB3107LZ/T001 Deep Moor Recycling Centre England Q106093261
208 node 251885669 hwrc-eng-dev-eb373dr EB3739DR/T001 Exton Road Recycling Centre England Q106093262
209 way 532976567 hwrc-eng-dev-cb3309me CB3309ME/A001 Ivybridge Recycling Centre England Q106093263
210 node 308232199 hwrc-eng-dev-hp3491hn HP3491HN/V002 Killacleave Recycling Centre England Q106093264
211 way 605201664 hwrc-eng-dev-pp3591hp PP3591HP/V003 Knowle Hill Recycling Centre England Q106093265
212 way 745686255 hwrc-eng-dev-hp3991hp HP3991HP/V002 Maclins Quarry Recycling Centre England Q106093266
213 node 269916149 hwrc-eng-dev-jp3991hs JP3991HS/V002 Okehampton Recycling Centres England Q106093267
214 way 215485205 hwrc-eng-dev-ap3796ed AP3796ED/A001 Pinbrook Road Recycling Centre England Q106093269
215 way 30185596 hwrc-eng-dev-eb3739rt EB3739RT/V002 Punchbowl Recycling Centre England Q106093270
216 way 30103609 hwrc-eng-dev-eb3739av EB3739AV/T001 Seven Brethren Recycling Centre England Q106093271
217 way 440162608 hwrc-eng-dev-kb3136ry KB3136RY/A001 Sidmouth Recycling Centre England Q106093272
218 node 798060313 hwrc-eng-dev-ep3991hy EP3991HY/V002 Sutton Barton Recycling Centre England Q106093273
219 way 919778975 hwrc-eng-dev-jp3491hv JP3491HV/V002 Torr Quarry Recycling Centre England Q106093276
220 way 200348674 hwrc-eng-dev-jp3091hk JP3091HK/V002 Totnes Recycling Centre England Q106093278
221 hwrc-eng-som-fp3990fa FP3990FA/V002 Bridgwater (Saltlands) Recycling Centre England Q106093279
222 Castle Cary (Dimmer) Recycling Centre England Q106093280
223 way 773574001 Chard Recycling Centre England Q106093281
224 Cheddar Recycling Centre England Q106093282
225 Crewkerne Community Recycling Centre England Q106093284
226 Dulverton Community Recycling Centre England Q106093285
227 Frome Recycling Centre England Q106093286
228 Highbridge Recycling Centre England Q106093289
229 Minehead Recycling Centre England Q106093290
230 Somerton Recycling Centre England Q106093291
231 Street Recycling Centre England Q106093292
232 Taunton (Priorswood) Recycling Centre England Q106093293
233 Wellington (Poole) Recycling Centre England Q106093294
234 Wells (Dulcote) Recycling Centre England Q106093295
235 Williton Recycling Centre England Q106093296
236 Yeovil Recycling Centre England Q106093298
237 hwrc-eng-dor-ap3897hl AP3897HL/A001 Dorchester Recycling Centre (Louds Mill) England Q106093299
238 way 1006725931 hwrc-eng-wil-kp3093ff KP3093FF/V003 Amesbury Recycling Centre England Q106093300
239 way 905527453 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3505mn FB3505MN/T001 Devizes Recycling Centre England Q106093302
240 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3505ty FB3505TY/T001 Everleigh Recycling Centre England Q106093303
241 node 302833017 hwrc-eng-wil-bb3330af BB3330AF/V005 Lower Compton Recycling Centre England Q106093304
242 way 833682933 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3506gh FB3506GH/T001 Marlborough Recycling Centre England Q106093305
243 way 168517964 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3505xb FB3505XB/T001 Melksham Recycling Centre England Q106093307
244 way 1006731210 hwrc-eng-wil-yp3199en YP3199EN/V003 Purton Recycling Centre England Q106093308
245 way 79436560 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3505uj FB3505UJ/T001 Salisbury Recycling Centre England Q106093309
246 way 665999581 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3506cx FB3506CX/T001 Stanton St Quintin Recycling Centre England Q106093310
247 way 1006760196 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3506ft FB3506FT/T001 Trowbridge Recycling Centre England Q106093311
248 way 1000819105 hwrc-eng-wil-fb3506hf FB3506HF/T001 Warminster Recycling Centre England Q106093312
249 node 1091603377 hwrc-eng-ham-db3900mh DB3900MH/V002 New Alresford Recycling Centre England Q106093313
250 way 386012839 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901kh DB3901KH/T001 Southampton Recycling Centre England Q106093314
251 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901sa DB3901SA/T001 Fair Oak Recycling Centre England Q106093315
252 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901ud DB3901UD/T001 Gosport Recycling Centre England Q106093316
253 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901tr DB3901TR/V002 Farnborough Recycling Centre England Q106093317
254 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902gk DB3902GK/T001 Havant Recycling Centre England Q106093318
255 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902xb DB3902XB/T001 Segensworth Recycling Centre England Q106093319
256 hwrc-eng-ham-db3900ua DB3900UA/V002 Alton Recycling Centre England Q106093320
257 node 472074171 hwrc-eng-ham-db3903ft DB3903FT/V003 Waterlooville Recycling Centre England Q106093321
258 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901cs DB3901CS/T001 Basingstoke Recycling Centre England Q106093322
259 node 369740349 hwrc-eng-ham-db3903hf DB3903HF/V002 Winchester Recycling Centre England Q106093323
260 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902uj DB3902UJ/V002 Petersfield Recycling Centre England Q106093324
261 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901gx DB3901GX/T001 Bordon Recycling Centre England Q106093326
262 way 23134558 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902mn DB3902MN/T001 Marchwood Recycling Centre England Q106093327
263 node 426957040 hwrc-eng-ham-db3900kk DB3900KK/T001 Aldershot Recycling Centre England Q106093328
264 hwrc-eng-ham-db3903cx DB3903CX/T001 Somerley Recycling Centre England Q106093330
265 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902ht DB3902HT/T001 Hedge End Recycling Centre England Q106093331
266 node 993859986 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902sd DB3902SD/T001 Netley Recycling Centre England Q106093332
267 way 53369939 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901fu DB3901FU/T001 Bishops Waltham Recycling Centre England Q106093334
268 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902lz DB3902LZ/T001 Hayling Island Recycling Centre England Q106093335
269 way 922621538 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902cm DB3902CM/V003 Hartley Wintney Recycling Centre England Q106093336
270 hwrc-eng-ham-db3003ux DB3003UX/V002 Eastleigh Recycling Centre England Q106093337
271 hwrc-eng-ham-db3902ty DB3902TY/T001 Portsmouth Recycling Centre England Q106093338
272 way 237508370 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901mc DB3901MC/T001 Efford Recycling Centre England Q106093339
273 hwrc-eng-ham-db3901hg DB3901HG/T001 Casbrook Recycling Centre England Q106093340
274 way 178454621 hwrc-eng-ham-db3900xy DB3900XY/T001 Andover Recycling Centre England Q106093341
275 Billingshurst Recycling Centre England Q106093342
276 way 477116494 hwrc-eng-wsx-dp3894hp DP3894HP/V003 Bognor Regis Recycling Centre England Q106093344
277 Crawley Recycling Centre England Q106093346
278 Horsham Recycling Centre England Q106093347
279 East Grinstead Recycling Centre England Q106093348
280 Littlehampton Recycling Centre England Q106093349
281 Midhurst Recycling Centre England Q106093350
282 Shoreham Recycling Centre England Q106093352
283 Westhampnett Recycling Centre England Q106093353
284 Worthing Recycling Centre England Q106093354
285 Bagshot Recycling Centre England Q106093355
286 Camberley Recycling Centre England Q106093356
287 way 408737217 Caterham Recycling Centre England Q106093357
288 way 41873248 Cranleigh Recycling Centre England Q106093358
289 Dorking Recycling Centre England Q106093359
290 Earlswood Recycling Centre England Q106093360
291 Epsom Recycling Centre England Q106093361
292 Farnham Recycling Centre England Q106093364
293 Guildford Recycling Centre England Q106093365
294 Leatherhead Recycling Centre England Q106093366
295 Lyne (Chertsey) Recycling Centre England Q106093367
296 Shepperton Recycling Centre England Q106093368
297 Warlingham Recycling Centre England Q106093369
298 Witley Recycling Centre England Q106093370
299 way 270206652 Woking Recycling Centre England Q106093371
300 Newtown Road Recycling Centre England Q106093372
301 Padworth Recycling Centre England Q106093373
302 hwrc-UK-bkm-fb3332rc FB3332RC/V002 Amersham Household Recycling Centre England
303 way 237583273 Aston Clinton Recycling Centre England Q106093374
304 Aylesbury Recycling Centre England Q106093376
305 way 920720678 Beaconsfield Recycling Centre England Q106093377
306 way 598413482 Bledlow Ridge Recycling Centre England Q106093378
307 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203ut CB3203UT/V003 Berkhampstead Recycling Centre England Q106093379
308 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203xc CB3203XC/V003 Bishop's Stortford Recycling Centre England Q106093380
309 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3202mq CB3202MQ/V003 Buntingford Recycling Centre England Q106093381
310 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3202ug CB3202UG/V003 Cole Green Recycling Centre England Q106093382
311 way 198528256 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203zn CB3203ZN/V003 Elstree Recycling Centre England Q106093383
312 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3202xh CB3202XH/V003 Harpenden Recycling Centre England Q106093384
313 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203ce CB3203CE/V003 Hemel Hempstead Recycling Centre England Q106093385
314 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203fa CB3203FA/V003 Hoddesdon Recycling Centre England Q106093386
315 way 4001161 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3202gw CB3202GW/V003 Letchworth Recycling Centre England Q106093387
316 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3202xh CB3202XH/V003 Potters Bar Recycling Centre England Q106093388
317 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203hd CB3203HD/V003 Rickmansworth Recycling Centre England Q106093389
318 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3202fv CB3202FV/V002 Royston Recycling Centre England Q106093390
319 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203kq CB3203KQ/V003 St Albans Recycling Centre England Q106093391
320 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203lp CB3203LP/V002 Stevenage Recycling Centre England Q106093392
321 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203mb CB3203MB/V003 Turnford Recycling Centre England Q106093393
322 hwrc-eng-hrt-cb3203tk CB3203TK/V003 Ware Recycling Centre England Q106093394
323 hwrc-eng-hrt-db3207gm DB3207GM/V002 Waterdale (Garston) Recycling Centre England Q106093395
324 Leeming Bar Recycling Centre England Q106093396
325 node 1687642895 hwrc-eng-cma-hp3593zn HP3593ZN/T002 Ambleside Recycling Centre England Q106093397
326 way 587858736 hwrc-eng-cma-dp3790la DP3790LA/V003 Barrow in Furness Recycling Centre England Q106093398
327 way 949468861 hwrc-eng-cma-cp3897sv CP3897SV/A001 Brampton Recycling Centre England Q106093399
328 way 952709145 hwrc-eng-cma-cp3693zf CP3693ZF/V002 Carlisle Recycling Centre England Q106093400
329 way 952712362 hwrc-eng-cma-hp3493zc HP3493ZC/V002 Frizington Recycling Centre England Q106093401
330 way 952715269 hwrc-eng-cma-hp3993zj HP3993ZJ/T003 Grange-over-Sands Recycling Centre England Q106093403
331 node 618370947 hwrc-eng-cma-hp3093zm HP3093ZM/V002 Kendal Recycling Centre England Q106093404
332 way 492135651 hwrc-eng-cma-vp3993zc VP3993ZC/V002 Kirkby Stephen Recycling Centre England Q106093405
333 node 2382709167 hwrc-eng-cma-hp3293zk HP3293ZK/V002 Maryport Recycling Centre England Q106093406
334 way 332730342 hwrc-eng-cma-vp3593zm VP3593ZM/T003 Millom Recycling Centre England Q106093407
335 node 1657363443 hwrc-eng-cma-qp3093zz QP3093ZZ/A001 Penrith Recycling Centre England Q106093408
336 way 177949874 hwrc-eng-cma-vp3193zd VP3193ZD/T002 Ulverston Recycling Centre England Q106093411
337 way 519367565 hwrc-eng-cma-rp3693zs RP3693ZS/V002 Wigton Recycling Centre England Q106093412
338 way 952721620 hwrc-eng-cma-hp3893zd HP3893ZD/V003 Workington Recycling Centre England Q106093413
339 way 945754143 hwrc-eng-nbl-pp3594zp PP3594ZP/V002 Allendale Recycling Centre England Q106093414
340 node 1400773500 hwrc-eng-nbl-pp3694zs PP3694ZS/V004 Alnwick Recycling Centre England Q106093415
341 way 63672658 hwrc-eng-nbl-hp3598el HP3598EL/V002 Bebside Recycling Centre England Q106093416
342 way 345959984 hwrc-eng-nbl-tp3594zm TP3594ZM/V004 Berwick Recycling Centre England Q106093417
343 node 350659708 hwrc-eng-nbl-pp3494zj PP3494ZJ/V002 Haltwhistle Recycling Centre England Q106093418
344 node 2621482490 hwrc-eng-nbl-cp3397zz CP3397ZZ/V007 Hexham Recycling Centre England Q106093419
345 way 137159947 hwrc-eng-nbl-bp3690sy BP3690SY/V008 Kirkley West Thorn Recycling Centre England Q106093422
346 way 858629908 hwrc-eng-nbl-dp3897lh DP3897LH/V005 Morpeth Recycling Centre England Q106093423
347 way 31875053 hwrc-eng-nbl-tp3894zh TP3894ZH/V003 North Seaton Recycling Centre England Q106093424
348 way 301503327 hwrc-eng-nbl-kp3497zq KP3497ZQ/V003 North Sunderland Recycling Centre England Q106093425
349 way 175348760 hwrc-eng-nbl-hp3898et HP3898ET/V002 Prudhoe Recycling Centre England Q106093426
350 way 240120734 hwrc-eng-nbl-tp3997za TP3997ZA/V003 Wooler Recycling Centre England Q106093427
351 node 510416189 hwrc-eng-net-sp3193nu SP3193NU/V003 Brunswick Recycling Centre England Q106093429
352 way 220154277 hwrc-eng-net-jp3197zv JP3197ZV/V003 Byker Recycling Centre England Q106093430
353 way 62226189 hwrc-eng-net-pp3294za PP3294ZA/A001 Walbottle Recycling Centre England Q106093432
354 node 317055608 hwrc-eng-nty-dp3398zv DP3398ZV/V005 Wallsend Road England Q106093433
355 hwrc-eng-sty-fb3909hb FB3909HB/T001 Middlefields Recycling Village England Q106093435
356 hwrc-eng-gat-bb3607gh BB3607GH/T001 Campground Recycling Centre England Q106094513
357 way 388929676 hwrc-eng-gat-xp3093nk XP3093NK/V002 Cowen Road Recycling Centre England Q106094514
358 hwrc-eng-snd-rp3197zp RP3197ZP/V003 Beach Street Recycling Centre England Q106093436
359 way 508803125 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3830af PB3830AF/V002 Annfield Plain Recycling Centre England Q106093438
360 node 293215167 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3831rx PB3831RX/T001 Coxhoe Recycling Centre England Q106093439
361 way 314724477 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3831az PB3831AZ/T001 Heighington Recycling Centre England Q106093442
362 way 515686619 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3830rm PB3830RM/T001 Hett Hills Recycling Centre England Q106093443
363 way 258098868 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3833aw PB3833AW/V002 Horden Recycling Centre England Q106093446
364 way 499068351 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3735rc PB3735RC/T001 Potterhouse Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093447
365 way 945741740 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3734rh PB3734RH/T001 Middleton-in-Teesdale Recycling Centre England Q106093448
366 node 1716115678 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3739rd PB3739RD/V002 Romanway Recycling Centre England Q106093449
367 node 2514398842 hwrc-eng-dur-fb3900kh FB3900KH/A001 Stainton Grove Recycling Centre England Q106093450
368 node 1957296552 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3739rd PB3739RD/V002 Seaham Recycling Centre England Q106093451
369 node 439937916 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3832rk PB3832RK/T001 Thornley Recycling Centre England Q106093452
370 way 513492391 hwrc-eng-dur-pb3737rv PB3737RV/V002 Tudhoe Recycling Centre England Q106093453
371 node 287038358 hwrc-eng-dby-yp3392fu YP3392FU/T002 Ashbourne Recycling Centre England Q106093454
372 way 920976049 hwrc-eng-dby-hp3395ew HP3395EW/A001 Bolsover Recycling Centre England Q106093456
373 way 920978557 hwrc-eng-dby-jp3291fh JP3291FH/T004 Bretby Recycling Centre England Q106093457
374 way 156413059 hwrc-eng-dby-zp3194zs ZP3194ZS/V004 Chesterfield Recycling Centre England Q106093458
375 way 365662349 hwrc-eng-dby-gp3090sn GP3090SN/T001 Glossop Recycling Centre England Q106093459
376 way 68275340 hwrc-eng-dby-yp3793cc YP3793CC/T004 Ilkeston Recycling Centre England Q106093460
377 way 119610983 hwrc-eng-dby-fp3390cl FP3390CL/V002 Loscoe Recycling Centre England Q106093461
378 way 232421626 hwrc-eng-dby-ep3197sm EP3197SM/A001 Northwood Darley Dale Recycling Centre England Q106093462
379 way 921012758 hwrc-eng-dby-jp3590cf JP3590CF/V004 Waterswallows Recycling Centre England Q106093463
380 way 258265769 DP3994SZ/V003 Armthorpe Recycling Centre England Q106094515
381 way 921685627 DP3998LN/V002 Balby Recycling Centre England Q106094516
382 way 921685628 DP3995SE/V002 Carcroft Recycling Centre England Q106094517
383 way 304505546 DP3997SR/V002 Conisbrough Recycling Centre England Q106094519
384 way 306666583 DP3997LC/V002 Hatfield Recycling Centre England Q106094520
385 way 921685626 DP3995LK/V002 Rossington Recycling Centre England Q106094521
386 way 112516699 hwrc-eng-rot-dp3998sy DP3998SY/V002 Greasbrough Recycling Centre England Q106093464
387 way 154886307 hwrc-eng-rot-dp3999sq DP3999SQ/V002 Bramley Recycling Centre England Q106093465
388 way 921666381 hwrc-eng-rot-ep3091lg EP3091LG/V002 Rawmarsh Recycling Centre England Q106093466
389 way 302414534 hwrc-eng-rot-ep3090sc EP3090SC/V002 North Anston Recycling Centre England Q106093467
390 way 380958702 hwrc-eng-shf-pp3198zp PP3198ZP/V005 Greaves Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093468
391 way 35682060 hwrc-eng-shf-pp3698zh PP3698ZH/V005 Longley Avenue West Recycling Centre England Q106093469
392 way 283495782 hwrc-eng-shf-pp3298zs PP3298ZS/V005 Deepcar Recycling Centre England Q106093470
393 way 137423797 hwrc-eng-shf-pp3898zn PP3898ZN/V005 Beighton Road Recycling Centre England Q106093471
394 way 99961365 hwrc-eng-shf-pp3498zx PP3498ZX/V005 Blackstock Road Recycling Centre England Q106093472
395 way 761977210 hwrc-eng-bns-dp3992ls DP3992LS/V002 Smithies Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093473
396 way 298203793 hwrc-eng-bns-dp3990su DP3990SU/V002 Nicholas Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093474
397 way 27445657 hwrc-eng-bns-dp3992st DP3992ST/V002 Penistone (Springvale) Recycling Centre England Q106093476
398 way 231761296 hwrc-eng-bns-dp3993lm DP3993LM/V003 West Street Recycling Centre England Q106093477
399 hwrc-eng-wgn-nb3730ag NB3730AG/V002 Kirkless Recycling Centre England Q106094523
400 hwrc-eng-wgn-db3500hy DB3500HY/T001 Slag Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094524
401 hwrc-eng-wgn-db3500kp DB3500KP/T001 Chanters Industrial Estate Recycling Centre England Q106094525
402 hwrc-eng-bbd-bb3033rm BB3033RM/V002 George Street West Recycling Centre England Q106093478
403 hwrc-eng-bbd-bb3033dn BB3033DN/V002 Darwen Spring Vale Road Recycling Centre England Q106093479
404 EP3692EN/V003 Town Centre Recycling Centre England Q106094526
405 EP3599SV/T001 Newton-le-Willows Recycling Centre England Q106094527
406 EP3692SM/T001 Rainhill Recycling Centre England Q106094528
407 hwrc-eng-wrt-ep3296cc EP3296CC/V003 Gatewarth Recycling Centre England Q106093481
408 hwrc-eng-wrt-ep3296cc EP3296CC/V003 Woolston Recycling Centre England Q106093482
409 hwrc-eng-wrt-ep3196ch EP3196CH/V006 Stockton Heath Recycling Centre England Q106093483
410 hwrc-eng-bpl-gp3292le GP3292LE/T001 Blackpool Recycling Centre England Q106094529
411 node 966029411 hwrc-eng-sft-ep3691ec EP3691EC/V002 South Sefton Recycling Centre England Q106094530
412 node 4440902391 hwrc-eng-sft-ep3693sx EP3693SX/T001 Sefton Meadows Recycling Centre England Q106094531
413 way 41794853 hwrc-eng-sft-ep3694vf EP3694VF/T001 Southport Recycling Centre England Q106094532
414 way 460181203 hwrc-eng-sft-ep3693mp EP3693MP/T001 Formby Recycling Centre England Q106094533
415 DB3833DK/A001 Huyton Recycling Centre England Q106094534
416 Kirkby Recycling Centre England Q106093933
417 EP3690SP/T001 Otterspool Recycling Centre England Q106094538
418 DB3107LG/A001 Old Swan Recycling Centre England Q106094539
419 way 236548454 hwrc-eng-sft-ep369vt EP3693VT/V002 Bidston Recycling Centre England Q106094540
420 EP3695LL/T001 Clatterbridge Recycling Centre England Q106094541
421 EP3695VZ/T001 West Kirby Recycling Centre England Q106094542
422 way 437030112 hwrc-eng-hal-ep3693vt EP3693VT/V002 Runcorn Recycling Centre England
423 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3508tl FB3508TL/T001 Altham (Whinney Hill) Recycling Centre England Q106093485
424 way 580909581 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509fe FB3509FE/T001 Barnoldswick Recycling Centre England Q106093486
425 way 739513327 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3600hb FB3600HB/T001 Burnley Recycling Centre England Q106093487
426 way 302580753 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509ly FB3509LY/V002 Burscough Recycling Centre England Q106093489
427 way 154746549 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3600fq FB3600FQ/T001 Carnforth Recycling Centre England Q106093490
428 way 571641047 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3600fq FB3600FQ/T001 Chorley Recycling Centre England Q106093491
429 way 739535452 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509gv FB3509GV/T001 Clitheroe Recycling Centre England Q106093492
430 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3905cc FB3905CC/T001 Farington Recycling Centre England Q106093493
431 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3600cd FB3600CD/T001 Fleetwood Recycling Centre England Q106093495
432 hwrc-eng-lan-cb3403za CB3403ZA/A001 Garstang Community Recycling Centre and Re-use Centre England Q106093497
433 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3508xg FB3508XG/T001 Haslingden (Duckworth Clough) Recycling Centre England Q106093498
434 way 124116311 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509xt FB3509XT/T001 Lancaster Recycling Centre England Q106093499
435 relation 575026 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509hw FB3509HW/T001 Longridge Recycling Centre England Q106093500
436 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509ux FB3509UX/T001 Lytham Recycling Centre England Q106093501
437 hwrc-eng-lan-fp3600gp FP3600GP/T001 Preston Recycling Centre England Q106093502
438 hwrc-eng-lan-fb3509tu FB3509TU/T001 Skelmersdale Recycling Centre England Q106093503
439 hwrc-eng-dal-ap3699vw AP3699VW/T001 Darlington Recycling Centre England Q106093505
440 way 699073574 hwrc-eng-stt-jb3503ty JB3503TY/T001 Haverton Hill Recycling Centre England Q106093506
441 hwrc-eng-hpl-hp3496za HP3496ZA/A001 Hartlepool Recycling Centre England Q106093507
442 hwrc-eng-rcc-hp3196zc HP3196ZC/V004 Dunsdale Recycling Centre England Q106093508
443 way 842484068 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907ut EB3907UT/T001 Burniston Recycling Centre England Q106093509
444 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906mq EB3906MQ/T001 Catterick Bridge Recycling Centre England Q106093510
445 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907tk EB3907TK/T001 Harrogate Recycling Centre England Q106093511
446 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907sg EB3907SG/T001 Leeming Bar Recycling Centre England Q106093396
447 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906lj EB3906LJ/T001 Leyburn Recycling Centre England Q106093513
448 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906ky EB3906KY/T001 Malton and Norton Recycling Centre England Q106093514
449 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906ha EB3906HA/T001 Northallerton Recycling Centre England Q106093515
450 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907mb EB3907MB/T001 Ripon Recycling Centre England Q106093516
451 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907lp EB3907LP/T001 Seamer Carr Recycling Centre England Q106093517
452 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907kq EB3907KQ/T001 Selby Recycling Centre England Q106093518
453 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907hd EB3907HD/T001 Settle Recycling Centre England Q106093519
454 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907gr EB3907GR/T001 Sowerby Recycling Centre England Q106093520
455 hwrc-eng-nyk-pp3990zp PP3990ZP/V002 Skipton Recycling Centre England Q106093522
456 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906su EB3906SU/T001 Stokesley Recycling Centre England Q106093523
457 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906tx EB3906TX/T001 Tadcaster Recycling Centre England Q106093524
458 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907fa EB3907FA/T001 Tholthorpe Recycling Centre England Q106093525
459 hwrc-eng-nyk-fp3090zd FP3090ZD/V002 Thornton-le-Dale Recycling Centre England Q106093526
460 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3907ce EB3907CE/T001 West Harrogate Recycling Centre England Q106093527
461 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906xh EB3906XH/V002 Whitby Recycling Centre England Q106093528
462 hwrc-eng-nyk-eb3906ug EB3906UG/T001 Wombleton Recycling Centre England Q106093529
463 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3099zt YP3099ZT/A001 Airmyn Recycling Centre England Q106093530
464 way 377983618 hwrc-eng-ery-rp3292zv RP3292ZV/V002 Beverley Recycling Centre England Q106093531
465 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3199zf YP3199ZF/A001 Carnaby Recycling Centre England Q106093532
466 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3899zb YP3899ZB/V004 Driffield Recycling Centre England Q106093533
467 hwrc-eng-ery-bp3695zn BP3695ZN/A001 Hessle Recycling Centre England Q106093534
468 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3399ze YP3399ZE/V002 Hornsea Recycling Centre England Q106093535
469 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3499zw YP3499ZW/V002 Market Weighton Recycling Centre England Q106093536
470 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3599zr YP3599ZR/A001 Pocklington Recycling Centre England Q106093538
471 hwrc-eng-ery-bp3195zm BP3195ZM/A001 Preston Recycling Centre (Staithes Road) England Q106095195
472 hwrc-eng-ery-yp3699zy YP3699ZY/A001 Withernsea Recycling Centre England Q106093540
473 hwrc-eng-yor-ap3596zz AP3596ZZ/A001 Hazel Court Recycling Centre England Q106094543
474 hwrc-eng-yor-mp3596zb MP3596ZB/A001 Towthorpe/Strensall Recycling Centre England Q106094544
475 hwrc-eng-lds-qp3094ze QP3094ZE/V003 Kirkstall Recycling Centre England Q106093541
476 hwrc-eng-lds-qp3994zt QP3994ZT/V004 Meanwood Recycling Centre England Q106093542
477 way 582384287 hwrc-eng-lds-jp3492zc JP3492ZC/V004 Middleton Recycling Centre England Q106093544
478 hwrc-eng-lds-jp3092zm JP3092ZM/V004 Ellar Ghyll Recycling Centre England Q106093545
479 hwrc-eng-lds-jp3292zk JP3292ZK/V004 Pudsey Recycling Centre England Q106093546
480 hwrc-eng-lds-jp3194zh JP3194ZH/V003 Seacroft Recycling Centre England Q106093548
481 hwrc-eng-lds-jp3792za JP3792ZA/V004 Wetherby Recycling Centre England Q106093550
482 way 313187426 hwrc-eng-lds-jp3992zj JP3992ZJ/V004 Yeadon Recycling Centre England Q106093551
483 way 892715415 hwrc-eng-khl-bp3896zd BP3896ZD/V003 Sutton Fields Recycling Centre England Q106093553
484 way 945391042 hwrc-eng-khl-rp3292zv RP3292ZV/V002 Wiltshire Road Recycling Centre England Q106093555
485 way 153214778 hwrc-eng-khl-np3592za NP3592ZA/V002 Burma Drive Recycling Centre England Q106093557
486 way 668892893 hwrc-eng-wkf-ab3308ur AB3308UR/V002 Glasshoughton Recycling Centre England Q106094545
487 way 695816777 hwrc-eng-wkf-vp3535cl VP3535CL/V005 South Kirkby Recycling Centre England Q106094546
488 way 902911521 hwrc-eng-wkf-eb3230ac EB3230AC/V003 Wakefield Recycling Centre England Q106094547
489 hwrc-eng-hef-xp3995fj XP3995FJ/V004 Bromyard Recycling Centre England Q106093559
490 hwrc-eng-con-hp3296hd HP3296HD/V006 Bodmin Recycling Centre England Q106093561
491 way 751012325 hwrc-eng-con-hp3496hp HP3496HP/V006 Bude Recycling Centre England Q106093563
492 way 154931985 hwrc-eng-con-tp3896hd TP3896HD/V005 Connon Bridge Recycling Centre England Q106093567
493 way 855930750 hwrc-eng-con-fp3697se FP3697SE/V004 Falmouth and Penryn Recycling Centre England Q106093569
494 hwrc-eng-con-tp3796ha TP3796HA/V006 Helston Recycling Centre England Q106093571
495 hwrc-eng-con-gp3895lt GP3895LT/V002 Launceston Recycling Centre England Q106093573
496 hwrc-eng-con-gb3201lp GB3201LP/A001 Newquay Recycling Centre England Q106093575
497 hwrc-eng-con-bb3737at BB3737AT/V002 Dudnance Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093579
498 hwrc-eng-con-yp3692hz YP3692HZ/V005 Saltash Recycling Centre England Q106093581
499 hwrc-eng-con-fp3096hn FP3096HN/V006 St Austell Recycling Centre England Q106093584
500 way 372127830 hwrc-eng-con-hp3896hk HP3896HK/V006 United Mines Recycling Centre England Q106093585
501 hwrc-eng-con-sp3196hu SP3196HU/V002 St Erth Recycling Centre England Q106093587
502 hwrc-eng-con-gb3201lp GB3201LP/A001 Truro Recycling Centre England Q106093589
503 hwrc-eng-brd-kp3599zu KP3599ZU/A001 Bowling Back Lane Recycling Centre England Q106093591
504 hwrc-eng-brd-kp3199zy KP3199ZY/V006 Dealburn Back Recycling Centre England Q106093595
505 hwrc-eng-brd-kp3899zf KP3899ZF/V002 Dowley Gap Recycling Centre England Q106093598
506 hwrc-eng-brd-dp3096sq DP3096SQ/V001 Ford Hill Recycling Centre England Q106093600
507 hwrc-eng-brd-ap3496zf AP3496ZF/A001 Golden Butts Recycling Centre England Q106093602
508 hwrc-eng-brd-kp3299zq KP3299ZQ/A001 Keighley Recycling Centre England Q106093606
509 hwrc-eng-brd-sp3796zf SP3796ZF/V002 Midland Road Recycling Centre England Q106093608
510 hwrc-eng-brd-kp3399zb KP3399ZB/A001 Sugden End Road Recycling Centre England Q106093612
511 way 421860199 Brighouse Recycling Centre England Q106093615
??? way 921780115 Elland Recycling Centre England
512 way 921627899 hwrc-eng-cld-ap3493mv AP3493MV/V003 Halifax Recycling Centre England Q106093618
513 way 907306330 hwrc-eng-cld-ap3493sj AP3493SJ/V004 Sowerby Bridge Recycling Centre England Q106093622
514 way 741761548 hwrc-eng-cld-ap3493le AP3493LE/V003 Todmorden Recycling Centre England Q106093623
515 way 700569146 hwrc-eng-kir-hp3894zj HP3894ZJ/V005 Emerald Street Recycling Centre England Q106094548
516 way 661735447 hwrc-eng-kir-wp3692zu WP3692ZU/V004 Bent Ley Road Recycling Centre England Q106094549
517 way 293839678 hwrc-eng-kir-fp3795zd FP3795ZD/V006 Bromley Farm Recycling Centre England Q106094550
518 way 298112425 hwrc-eng-kir-qp3494zq QP3494ZQ/V005 Weaving Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094551
519 way 921622134 hwrc-eng-kir-cp3595zz CP3595ZZ/V003 Nab Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094552
520 way 873230327 hwrc-eng-chw-up3594ft UP3594FT/T001 Chester Recycling Centre England Q106093625
521 hwrc-eng-chw-vp3094cy VP3094CY/T002 Ellesmere Port Recycling Centre England Q106093626
522 hwrc-eng-chw-ep3898cm EP3898CM/T002 Frodsham Recycling Centre England Q106093627
523 hwrc-eng-chw-up3994fw UP3994FW/T001 Neston Recycling Centre England Q106093629
524 hwrc-eng-chw-ep3598cj EP3598CJ/T002 Tattenhall Recycling Centre England Q106093631
525 hwrc-eng-chw-jp3094ct JP3094CT/T002 Northwich Recycling Centre England Q106093632
526 hwrc-eng-chw-ep3695ed EP3695ED/T002 Winsford Recycling Centre England Q106093635
527 hwrc-eng-shr-xp3795ce XP3795CE/V004 Shrewsbury Recycling Centre England Q106093637
528 hwrc-eng-shr-dp3299ls DP3299LS/A001 Oswestry Recycling Centre England Q106093641
529 hwrc-eng-shr-dp3594fv DP3594FV/T002 Whitchurch Recycling Centre England Q106093643
530 way 189122348 hwrc-eng-shr-up3195cp UP3195CP/V002 Craven Arms Recycling Centre England Q106093646
531 way 612020337 hwrc-eng-shr-tp3399vx TP3399VX/A001 Bridgnorth Recycling Centre England Q106093649
532 hwrc-eng-sts-kb3732rb KB3732RB/V002 Baddesley Ensor Recycling Centre England Q106093652
533 way 921824079 hwrc-eng-hef-xp3095fm XP3095FM/V003 Hereford Recycling Centre England Q106093653
534 hwrc-eng-hef-fp3499va FP3499VA/A001 Kington Recycling Centre England Q106093655
535 hwrc-eng-hef-sp3698cn SP3698CN/V004 Ledbury Recycling Centre England Q106093656
536 hwrc-eng-hef-fp3895fs FP3895FS/V003 Leominster Recycling Centre England Q106093658
537 hwrc-eng-hef-xp3695fv XP3695FV/V004 Ross-on-Wye Recycling Centre England Q106093660
538 hwrc-eng-gls-eb3308cu EB3308CU/T001 Fosse Cross Recycling Centre England Q106093663
539 hwrc-eng-gls-eb3307fx EB3307FX/T001 Pyke Quarry Recycling Centre England Q106093665
540 hwrc-eng-gls-eb3307cl EB3307CL/T001 Oak Quarry Recycling Centre England Q106093668
541 hwrc-eng-gls-eb3307kf EB3307KF/T001 Hempsted Recycling Centre England Q106093671
542 hwrc-eng-gls-eb3307gg EB3307GG/T001 Wingmoor Farm Recycling Centre England Q106093673
543 hwrc-eng-esx-sp3898hq SP3898HQ/V004 Crowborough Recycling Centre England Q106093676
544 hwrc-eng-esx-xp3294hk XP3294HK/V004 Eastbourne Recycling Centre England Q106093678
545 hwrc-eng-esx-xp3694hv XP3694HV/V007 Hailsham Recycling Centre England Q106093681
546 way 521315995 hwrc-eng-esx-hb3737ae HB3737AE/A001 Hastings Recycling Centre England Q106093682
547 hwrc-eng-esx-mp3794hg MP3794HG/V002 Heathfield Recycling Centre England Q106093684
548 way 618610781 hwrc-eng-esx-zp3894hj ZP3894HJ/V004 Lewes Recycling Centre England Q106093686
549 hwrc-eng-esx-dp3993sf DP3993SF/V Maresfield Recycling Centre England Q106093688
550 hwrc-eng-esx-up3694hz UP3694HZ/V003 Mountfield Recycling Centre England Q106093690
551 hwrc-eng-esx-np3690vc NP3690VC/A001 Newhaven Recycling Centre England Q106093693
552 hwrc-eng-esx-xp3194hx XP3194HX/V006 Seaford Recycling Centre England Q106093695
553 way 97873362 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303xn CB3303XN/T001 Ashford Recycling Centre England Q106093698
554 hwrc-eng-ken-fb3506up FB3506UP/T001 Capstone Recycling Centre England Q106093700
555 hwrc-eng-ken-tp3998hs TP3998HS/V002 Dartford Recycling Centre England Q106093702
556 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303th CB3303TH/T001 Dover Recycling Centre England Q106093705
557 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3304hp CB3304HP/T001 Folkestone Recycling Centre England Q106093708
558 way 177661341 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303zv CB3303ZV/T001 Herne Bay Recycling Centre England Q106093711
559 way 118436715 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303ml CB3303ML/T001 Margate Recycling Centre England Q106093714
560 hwrc-eng-ken-kp3798hz KP3798HZ/V002 Pepperhill Recycling Centre England Q106093717
561 node 4107927014 hwrc-eng-ken-bb3509xu BB3509XU/T001 Sevenoaks Recycling Centre England Q106093720
562 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3304lm CB3304LM/V002 Sittingbourne Recycling Centre England Q106093724
563 hwrc-eng-ken-bb3505hu BB3505HU/V002 Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre England Q106093727
564 way 863158381 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3304fj CB3304FJ/T001 Canterbury Recycling Centre England Q106093729
565 hwrc-eng-ken-fb3506xl FB3506XL/T001 Cuxton Recycling Centre England Q106093733
566 way 919839163 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303ls CB3303LS/T001 Deal Recycling Centre England Q106093734
567 way 509639326 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3304kl CB3304KL/T001 Faversham Recycling Centre England Q106093736
568 way 990442244 hwrc-eng-ken-fb3506tq FB3506TQ/T001 Hoath Way Recycling Centre England Q106093740
569 way 406187448 hwrc-eng-ken-ap3490sv AP3490SV/V003 Maidstone Recycling Centre England Q106093742
570 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303uf CB3303UF/T001 New Romney Recycling Centre England Q106093744
571 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3304gq CB3304GQ/T001 Richborough Recycling Centre England Q106093746
572 hwrc-eng-ken-cb3303xn CB3303XN/T001 Sheerness Recycling Centre England Q106093748
573 hwrc-eng-ken-ap3998hg AP3998HG/V002 Swanley Recycling Centre England Q106093752
574 node 929340625 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703fs AB3703FS/T001 Braintree Recycling Centre England Q106093753
575 way 147249667 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703hm AB3703HM/V002 Brentwood Recycling Centre England Q106093755
576 way 161682069 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702mg AB3702MG/V002 Burnham-on-Crouch Recycling Centre England Q106093757
577 way 107546328 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702sz AB3702SZ/V002 Canvey Recycling Centre England Q106093761
578 way 349309159 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702tn AB3702TN/V002 Chelmsford Recycling Centre England Q106093762
579 way 962190126 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703kg AB3703KG/V002 Chigwell Recycling Centre England Q106093765
580 node 6749498542 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3701sf AB3701SF/V002 Clacton Recycling Centre England Q106093768
581 way 32792239 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3701tc AB3701TC/V002 Colchester Recycling Centre England Q106093770
582 way 223803025 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3701uz AB3701UZ/V002 Dovercourt Recycling Centre England Q106093772
583 way 962212179 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703lk AB3703LK/V002 Harlow Recycling Centre England Q106093774
584 way 33713422 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3701xv AB3701XV/V002 Kirby le Soken Recycling Centre England Q106093775
585 node 6749498545 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702cy AB3702CY/T001 Lawford Recycling Centre England Q106093777
586 way 102589260 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702fp AB3702FP/V002 Maldon Recycling Centre England Q106093780
587 way 25900798 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702ue AB3702UE/V002 Mountnessing Recycling Centre England Q106093782
588 way 798737667 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702gb AB3702GB/T001 Pitsea Recycling Centre England Q106093784
589 way 104493182 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702hs AB3702HS/V002 Rayleigh Recycling Centre England Q106093786
590 way 962219454 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703gl AB3703GL/V002 Saffron Recycling Centre England Q106093788
591 node 1026358561 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702ku AB3702KU/V002 South Woodham Ferrers Recycling Centre England Q106093790
592 way 584534688 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703mt AB3703MT/V002 Waltham Abbey Recycling Centre England Q106093792
593 way 34550239 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3702xa AB3702XA/T001 West Mersea Recycling Centre England Q106093794
594 way 407888523 hwrc-eng-ess-ab3703cq AB3703CQ/T001 Witham Recycling Centre England Q106093797
595 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3590vp DP3590VP/V004 Felixstowe Recycling Centre England Q106093798
596 hwrc-eng-sfk-fb3100xg FB3100XG/A001 Bury St Edmunds Recycling Centre England Q106093800
597 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3596er DP3596ER/V003 Foxhall Recycling Centre England Q106093802
598 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3593vx DP3593VX/V004 Hadleigh Recycling Centre England Q106093805
599 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3499vv DP3499VV/V004 Haverhill Recycling Centre England Q106093807
600 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3592ef DP3592EF/V004 Ipswich Recycling Centre England Q106093809
601 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3490vj DP3490VJ/V005 Leiston Recycling Centre England Q106093812
602 hwrc-eng-sfk-mp3596zb MP3596ZB/A001 Lowestoft Recycling Centre England Q106093814
603 way 781789919 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3399vn DP3399VN/V005 Mildenhall Recycling Centre England Q106093817
604 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3496ew DP3496EW/V004 Stowmarket Recycling Centre England Q106093819
605 hwrc-eng-sfk-dp3498vn DP3498VN/V004 Sudbury Recycling Centre England Q106093821
606 way 459202684 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801mt CB3801MT/V002 Ashill Recycling Centre England Q106093824
607 way 459202683 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3802fm CB3802FM/T001 Bergh Apton Recycling Centre England Q106093825
608 way 207476727 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801se CB3801SE/T001 Caister Main Recycling Centre England Q106093827
609 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801tv CB3801TV/T001 Dereham Recycling Centre England Q106093830
610 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3802cb CB3802CB/V002 Docking Recycling Centre England Q106093832
611 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3802hx CB3802HX/V002 Heacham Recycling Centre England Q106093834
612 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3802kt CB3802KT/V002 Hempton Recycling Centre England Q106093836
613 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3802mf CB3802MF/T001 Ketteringham Recycling Centre England Q106093838
614 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3802lh CB3802LH/T001 King's Lynn Recycling Centre England Q106093841
615 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3800fp CB3800FP/V002 Mayton Wood Recycling Centre England Q106093843
616 hwrc-eng-nfk-yp3499nu YP3499NU/A001 Mile Cross Recycling Centre England Q106093844
617 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3800ku CB3800KU/T001 Morningthorpe Recycling Centre England Q106093845
618 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3800lx CB3800LX/V002 Sheringham Recycling Centre England Q106093846
619 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3800mg CB3800MG/T001 Snetterton Recycling Centre England Q106093848
620 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3800ue CB3800UE/V003 Strumpshaw Recycling Centre England Q106093849
621 way 183011492 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3800xa CB3800XA/T001 Thetford Recycling Centre England Q106093850
622 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801cq CB3801CQ/V002 Wells-next-the-Sea Recycling Centre England Q106093851
623 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801fs CB3801FS/V002 Wereham Recycling Centre England Q106093853
624 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801gl CB3801GL/V002 Worstead Recycling Centre England Q106093854
625 way 148390286 hwrc-eng-nfk-cb3801hm CB3801HM/T001 Wymondham Recycling Centre England Q106093856
626 hwrc-eng-lin-fb3706he FB3706HE/A001 Boston Recycling Centre England Q106093857
627 hwrc-eng-lin-db3705kn DB3705KN/A001 Bourne Recycling Centre England Q106093858
628 node 7276454162 hwrc-eng-lin-cb3501ls CB3501LS/A001 Gainsborough Recycling Centre England Q106093859
629 hwrc-eng-lin-gp3298nu GP3298NU/T002 Grantham Recycling Centre England Q106093860
630 hwrc-eng-lin-xp3198nd XP3198ND/A001 Kirkby on Bain Recycling Centre England Q106093862
631 hwrc-eng-lin-gp3998nr GP3998NR/T002 Lincoln Recycling Centre England Q106093863
632 hwrc-eng-lin-fp3795eq FP3795EQ/A001 Louth Recycling Centre England Q106093864
633 hwrc-eng-lin-kp3199vw KP3199VW/A001 Market Rasen Recycling Centre England Q106093865
634 hwrc-eng-lin-gp3898nw GP3898NW/T002 Skegness Recycling Centre England Q106093866
635 hwrc-eng-lin-bb3408ht BB3408HT/A001 Sleaford Recycling Centre England Q106093867
636 hwrc-eng-lin-gp3498nt GP3498NT/T002 Spalding Recycling Centre England Q106093868
637 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3735rg KB3735RG/T001 Barnetby Recycling Centre England Q106093870
638 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3734ru KB3734RU/T001 Goxhill Recycling Centre England Q106093871
639 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3737aa KB3737AA/T001 Belton Recycling Centre England Q106093872
640 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3737rf KB3737RF/T001 Scunthorpe Recycling Centre England Q106093874
641 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3736rt KB3736RT/T001 Winterton Recycling Centre England Q106093875
642 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3736av KB3736AV/T001 Kirton in Lindsey Recycling Centre England Q106093876
643 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3735an KB3735AN/T001 Broughton Recycling Centre England Q106093878
644 hwrc-eng-nln-kb3734ac KB3734AC/T001 Barton Recycling Centre England Q106093879
645 hwrc-eng-sgc-qp3690fq QP3690FQ/V004 Little Stoke Recycling Centre England Q106093880
646 hwrc-eng-sgc-qp3990fu QP3990FU/V004 Mangotsfield Recycling Centre England Q106093881
647 hwrc-eng-sgc-bp3490fm BP3490FM/V002 Thornbury Recycling Centre England Q106093883
648 way 636303826 hwrc-eng-sgc-ap3290sc AP3290SC/V004 Yate Recycling Centre England Q106093884
649 way 511120759 hwrc-eng-bst-eb3703lc EB3703LC/T001 Avonmouth Recycling Centre England Q106093885
650 hwrc-eng-bst-eb3702ta EB3702TA/T001 St Philips Recycling Centre England Q106093886
651 way 39645357 hwrc-eng-bas-qp3590fy QP3590FY/T002 Bath Recycling Centre England
652 hwrc-eng-bas-qp3290fe QP3290FE/V004 Keynsham Recycling Centre England Q106093888
653 hwrc-eng-bas-qp3090ff QP3090FF/V006 Midsomer Norton Recycling Centre England Q106093890
654 hwrc-eng-nsm-eb3905my EB3905MY/V002 Portishead Recycling Centre England Q106093891
655 hwrc-eng-nsm-eb3905fn EB3905FN/T001 Weston-super-Mare Recycling Centre England Q106093893
656 hwrc-eng-nsm-eb3905ge EB3905GE/T001 Backwell Recycling Centre England Q106093894
657 node 4170572580 hwrc-eng-ply-db3904ff DB3904FF/T001 Chelson Meadow Recycling Centre England Q106093895
658 way 177854817 hwrc-eng-tob-jb3407ch JB3407CH/T001 Torbay Recycling Centre England Q106093896
659 way 451904616 hwrc-eng-dor-cb3405hm CB3405HM/A001 Bridport Recycling Centre England Q106093897
660 hwrc-eng-dor-zp3092eq ZP3092EQ/A001 Swanage Recycling Centre England Q106093898
661 way 246596709 hwrc-eng-dor-ap3197hz AP3197HZ/A001 Shaftesbury Recycling Centre England Q106093899
662 hwrc-eng-dor-ap3597hy AP3597HY/A001 Wimborne Recycling Centre England Q106093900
663 hwrc-eng-dor-bp3596lp BP3596LP/T001 Blandford Recycling Centre England Q106093901
664 way 966554179 hwrc-eng-dor-fp3093fx FP3093FX/A001 Portland Household Recycling Centre England Q106095087
665 hwrc-eng-dor-up3993fe UP3993FE/A001 Wareham Recycling Centre England Q106093903
666 hwrc-eng-dor-xp3493fk XP3493FK/A001 Weymouth Recycling Centre (Lodmoor) England Q106093904
667 hwrc-eng-dor-bp3597ls BP3597LS/T001 Sherborne Recycling Centre England Q106093905
668 hwrc-eng-bpc-ap3997hu AP3997HU/V004 Millhams Recycling Centre England Q106093907
669 hwrc-eng-bpc-up3093fy UP3093FY/V007 Nuffield Recycling Centre England Q106093908
670 way 454680188 hwrc-eng-bpc-xp3793fn XP3793FN/A002 Wilverley Road Recycling Centre England Q106093909
671 node 286869168 hwrc-eng-iow-db3400hr DB3400HR/V Lynnbottom Recycling Centre England Q106093911
672 hwrc-eng-iow-db3301lq DB3301LQ/V Afton Marsh Recycling Centre England Q106093912
674 hwrc-eng-por-db3902ty DB3902TY/T001 Paulsgrove Recycling Centre England Q106093914
675 way tools-no hwrc-eng-bnh-np3995hn NP3995HN/V006 Hove Recycling Centre England Q106093915
676 way 182261268 hwrc-eng-bnh-zp3794hd ZP3794HD/V006 Brighton Recycling Centre England Q106093916
677 hwrc-eng-oxf-ep3791sm EP3791SM/T001 Alkerton Recycling Centre England Q106093918
678 relation 10918333 hwrc-eng-oxf-fb3507us FB3507US/T001 Ardley Fields Recycling Centre England Q106093919
679 hwrc-eng-oxf-lp3795eu LP3795EU/V003 Dix Pit Recycling Centre England Q106093920
680 hwrc-eng-oxf-dp3796lx DP3796LX/V007 Drayton Recycling Centre England Q106093921
681 hwrc-eng-oxf-ep3992sh EP3992SH/V002 Oakley Wood Recycling Centre England Q106093922
682 hwrc-eng-oxf-zp3099ez ZP3099EZ/T011 Redbridge Recycling Centre England Q106093923
683 hwrc-eng-oxf-dp3796sz DP3796SZ/V007 Stanford Vale Recycling Centre England Q106093924
684 way 16555929 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3792el PP3792EL/V003 Beeston Recycling Centre England Q106093925
685 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3790vv PP3790VV/V002 Bilsthorpe Recycling Centre England Q106093927
686 way 387949947 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3791eb PP3791EB/T001 Calverton Recycling Centre England Q106093928
687 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3591ey PP3591EY/V002 Giltbrook Recycling Centre England Q106093929
688 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3593va PP3593VA/V002 Hucknall Recycling Centre England Q106093931
689 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3595vj PP3595VJ/V002 Kirkby Recycling Centre England Q106093933
690 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3793vj PP3793VJ/V002 Mansfield Recycling Centre England Q106093935
691 hwrc-eng-ntt-fp3896sw FP3896SW/A001 Newark Recycling Centre England Q106093937
692 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3596eg PP3596EG/T001 Retford Recycling Centre England Q106093939
693 hwrc-eng-ntt-sp3293cd SP3293CD/T004 Warsop Recycling Centre England Q106093942
694 hwrc-eng-ntt-pp3590vc PP3590VC/T001 West Bridgford Recycling Centre England Q106093944
695 hwrc-eng-ntt-qp3190ch QP3190CH/V002 Worksop Recycling Centre England Q106093945
696 way 823980751 hwrc-eng-che-pp3594cb PP3594CB/T002 Alsager Recycling Centre England Q106093947
697 hwrc-eng-che-tp3996cw TP3996CW/V002 Bollington Recycling Centre England Q106093948
698 way 651556678 hwrc-eng-che-xp3396ct XP3396CT/V002 Congleton Recycling Centre England Q106093951
699 hwrc-eng-che-qp3998ca QP3998CA/T002 Crewe Recycling Centre England Q106093953
700 hwrc-eng-che-up3896cv UP3896CV/T001 Knutsford Recycling Centre England Q106093956
701 hwrc-eng-che-kp3992cp KP3992CP/V002 Macclesfield Recycling Centre England Q106093958
702 hwrc-eng-che-ep3396cn EP3396CN/V002 Middlewich Recycling Centre England Q106093961
703 hwrc-eng-che-bp3996cq BP3996CQ/T001 Poynton Recycling Centre England Q106093963
704 hwrc-eng-lec-gp3891fr GP3891FR/V003 Barwell Recycling Centre England Q106093965
705 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3206cm JB3206CM/T001 Biddulph Recycling Centre England Q106093967
706 way 547542727 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205xq JB3205XQ/T001 Bilbrook Recycling Centre England Q106093969
707 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205ud JB3205UD/T001 Burntwood Recycling Centre England Q106093970
708 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205mc JB3205MC/T001 Cannock Recycling Centre England Q106093973
709 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205kh JB3205KH/T001 Cheadle Recycling Centre England Q106093974
710 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205cs JB3205CS/T001 Leek Recycling Centre England Q106093975
711 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205tr JB3205TR/T001 Lichfield Recycling Centre England Q106093976
712 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205gx JB3205GX/T001 Newcastle Recycling Centre England Q106093977
713 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205hg JB3205HG/T001 Rugeley Recycling Centre England Q106093979
714 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3206fg JB3206FG/T001 Stafford Recycling Centre England Q106093981
715 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3206kc JB3206KC/T001 Stone Recycling Centre Aston England Q106093982
716 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3206gk JB3206GK/T001 Uttoxeter Recycling Centre England Q106093983
717 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3206ht JB3206HT/T001 Wombourne Recycling Centre England Q106093985
718 hwrc-eng-sts-jb3205lf JB3205LF/T001 Burton Recycling Centre England Q106093988
719 hwrc-eng-wor-bp3599cy BP3599CY/V003 Bromsgrove Recycling Centre England Q106093991
720 hwrc-eng-wor-sp3899cd SP3899CD/V002 Droitwich Spa Recycling Centre England Q106093993
721 hwrc-eng-wor-lp3199cq LP3199CQ/V002 Kidderminster Recycling Centre England Q106093995
722 hwrc-eng-wor-mp3298cp MP3298CP/V002 Malvern Recycling Centre England Q106093997
723 way 222297337 hwrc-eng-wor-sp3598cc SP3598CC/V008 Pershore Recycling Centre England Q106093999
724 hwrc-eng-wor-sp3798cv SP3798CV/V004 Redditch Recycling Centre England Q106094001
725 hwrc-eng-wor-lp3299cb LP3299CB/V003 Stourport-on-Severn Recycling Centre England Q106094004
726 hwrc-eng-wor-cb3700xv CB3700XV/A001 Tenbury Wells Recycling Centre England Q106094007
727 hwrc-eng-wor-pp3598ct PP3598CT/V003 Upton-upon-Severn Recycling Centre England Q106094009
728 hwrc-eng-wor-np3799cz NP3799CZ/V002 Bilford Road Recycling Centre England Q106094010
729 hwrc-eng-wor-bp3199cz BP3199CZ/V003 Hallow Road Recycling Centre England Q106094012
730 way 67417206 hwrc-eng-cam-bb3700tf BB3700TF/V002 Alconbury Recycling Centre England Q106094015
731 way 48837807 hwrc-eng-cam-bb3700mm BB3700MM/V002 Bluntisham Recycling Centre England Q106094017
732 way 235217058 hwrc-eng-cam-cb3008mg CB3008MG/V002 March Recycling Centre England Q106094019
733 way 365610362 hwrc-eng-cam-bb3700ll BB3700LL/V003 Milton Recycling Centre England Q106094020
734 hwrc-eng-cam-bb3700hq BB3700HQ/V002 St Neots Recycling Centre England Q106094023
735 way 22001452 hwrc-eng-cam-bb3700ks BB3700KS/V002 Thriplow Recycling Centre England Q106094025
736 way 403875031 hwrc-eng-cam-cb3008tn CB3008TN/V002 Whittlesey Recycling Centre England Q106094029
737 way 572494836 hwrc-eng-cam-cb3008ue CB3008UE/V002 Wisbech Recycling Centre England Q106094032
738 way 205979175 hwrc-eng-cam-cb3008xa CB3008XA/V002 Witchford Recycling Centre England Q106094033
739 hwrc-eng-lce-bb3908xf BB3908XF/V002 Gypsum Close Recycling Centre England Q106094034
740 hwrc-eng-lce-dp3393cg DP3393CG/V006 Freemen's Common Recycling Centre England Q106094036
741 hwrc-eng-der-fp3998sq FP3998SQ/T001 Raynesway Recycling Centre England Q106094038
742 hwrc-eng-lec-yp3093cj YP3093CJ/V003 Bottesford Recycling Centre England Q106094040
743 hwrc-eng-lec-cp3898nz CP3898NZ/V002 Kibworth Recycling Centre England Q106094041
744 hwrc-eng-lec-tp3893ct TP3893CT/V003 Lount Recycling Centre England Q106094043
745 hwrc-eng-lec-cp3098ny CP3098NY/V002 Market Harborough Recycling Centre England Q106094045
746 hwrc-eng-lec-cp3993ca CP3993CA/V003 Melton Mowbray Recycling Centre England Q106094047
747 hwrc-eng-lec-gp3099lb GP3099LB/A001 Mountsorrel Recycling Centre England Q106094049
748 hwrc-eng-lec-dp3093cb DP3093CB/S005 Whetstone Recycling Centre England Q106094050
749 hwrc-eng-lec-ap3395ck AP3395CK/V002 Lutterworth Recycling Centre England Q106094052
750 hwrc-eng-lec-vp3790cl VP3790CL/V002 Loughborough Recycling Centre England Q106094053
751 hwrc-eng-lec-cp3593ch CP3593CH/V003 Somerby Recycling Centre England Q106094055
752 way 182568019 hwrc-eng-lec-cp3393cx CP3393CX/V004 Coalville Recycling Centre England Q106094056
753 hwrc-eng-lec-yp3990ch YP3990CH/A001 Oadby Recycling Centre England Q106094057
754 hwrc-eng-lec-fp3793cw FP3793CW/V003 Shepshed Recycling Centre England Q106094058
755 way 922723918 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3993lg GP3993LG/V Brixworth Recycling Centre England Q106094059
756 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3995vy GP3995VY/V Corby Recycling Centre England Q106094060
757 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3995sa GP3995SA/T001 Daventry Recycling Centre England Q106094061
758 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3994vr GP3994VR/V Ecton Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094062
759 hwrc-eng-nth-mp3596zb MP3596ZB/A001 Sixfields Recycling Centre England Q106094063
760 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3994sv GP3994SV/V Rushden Recycling Centre England Q106094064
761 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3191lf GP3191LF/V Kettering Recycling Centre England Q106094065
762 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3996lz GP3996LZ/V Towcester Recycling Centre England Q106094066
763 hwrc-eng-nth-gp3993vw GP3993VW/V Wellingborough Recycling Centre England Q106094067
764 way 227235862 hwrc-eng-war-mp3498cm MP3498CM/V003 Burton Farm Recycling Centre England Q106094068
765 way 232545705 hwrc-eng-war-ab3339am AB3339AM/V002 Cherry Orchard Recycling Centre England Q106094069
766 hwrc-eng-war-dp3695cw DP3695CW/V006 Hunters Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094070
767 hwrc-eng-war-pb3933rc PB3933RC/A001 Judkins Recycling Centre England Q106094071
768 relation 5755120 hwrc-eng-war-kb3732rb KB3732RB/V002 Lower House Farm Recycling Centre England Q106094072
769 hwrc-eng-war-ab3432av AB3432AV/T001 Princes Drive Recycling Centre England Q106094073
770 hwrc-eng-war-ab3430ru AB3430RU/V002 Shipston Recycling Centre England Q106094074
771 hwrc-eng-war-ab3430de AB3430DE/V004 Stockton Recycling Centre England Q106094076
772 hwrc-eng-war-ab3430ac AB3430AC/T001 Wellesbourne Recycling Centre England Q106094077
773 node 1422573179 hwrc-eng-bir-kp3291ff KP3291FF/V002 Castle Bromwich Recycling Centre England Q106094078
774 way 106565353 hwrc-eng-bir-kp3591fw KP3591FW/V007 Lifford Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094079
775 way 53818431 hwrc-eng-bir-kp3891fq KP3891FQ/V003 Holford Drive Recycling Centre England Q106094081
776 way 931962459 hwrc-eng-bir-dp3590sy DP3590SY/V001 Norris Way Recycling Centre England Q106094082
777 way 913495802 hwrc-eng-bir-kp3491fe KP3491FE/V003 James Road Recycling Centre England Q106094083
778 hwrc-eng-wll-bb3202mj BB3202MJ/V002 Fryers Road Recycling Centre England Q106094084
779 hwrc-eng-wll-bb3203zz BB3203ZZ/V002 Merchants Way Recycling Centre England Q106094085
780 hwrc-eng-wlv-gb3602cb GB3602CB/T001 Anchor Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094555
781 hwrc-eng-wlv-gb3601xd GB3601XD/T001 Shaw Road Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094556
782 way 202392838 hwrc-eng-dud-jb3332aq JB3332AQ/T001 Stourbridge Recycling Centre England Q106094087
783 hwrc-eng-saw-tp3699vc TP3699VC/T001 Sandwell Recycling Centre England Q106094088
784 hwrc-eng-sol-cp3592lw CP3592LW/V Bickenhill Recycling Centre England Q106094089
785 hwrc-eng-cov-sp3298cx SP3298CX/V003 Bar Road Recycling Centre England Q106094090
787 hwrc-eng-bdf-hb3738rh HB3738RH/T001 Barkers Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094092
788 way 920996501 hwrc-eng-mik-lp3091eg LP3091EG/T001 Bleak Hall Recycling Centre England Q106094093
789 way 441744523 hwrc-eng-mik-lp3092et LP3092ET/T001 New Bradwell Recycling Centre England Q106094095
790 way 376539761 hwrc-eng-mik-lp3093vm LP3093VM/T001 Newport Pagnell Recycling Centre England Q106094097
791 hwrc-eng-cbf-cb3809fa CB3809FA/V002 Ampthill Recycling Centre England Q106094098
792 hwrc-eng-cbf-cb3809gr CB3809GR/V Biggleswade Recycling Centre England Q106094099
793 hwrc-eng-cbf-fb3806cc FB3806CC/V Thorn Turn Recycling Centre England Q106094100
794 hwrc-eng-cbf-cb3809hd CB3809HD/V Leighton Buzzard Recycling Centre England Q106094101
795 hwrc-eng-lut-xp3597ns XP3597NS/V004 Eaton Green Road Recycling Centre England Q106094103
796 hwrc-eng-lut-np3297nh NP3297NH/V002 Progress Way Recycling Centre England Q106094104
797 hwrc-eng-rut-fp3298nm FP3298NM/A001 Cottesmore Recycling Centre England Q106094105
798 hwrc-eng-rut-fp3698nc FP3698NC/A001 North Luffenham Recycling Centre England Q106094106
799 node 7170704689 hwrc-eng-pte-gb3301xn GB3301XN/A001 Fengate Recycling Centre England Q106094107
800 hwrc-eng-nel-qp3595ne QP3595NE/V004 Grimsby Recycling Centre England Q106094108
801 hwrc-eng-nel-pp3192np PP3192NP/V004 Immingham Recycling Centre England Q106094109
802 relation 12214932 hwrc-eng-ste-yp3291fb YP3291FB/A001 Burslem Recycling Centre England Q106094111
803 hwrc-eng-ste-up3291fy UP3291FY/V002 Hanford Recycling Centre England Q106094112
804 way 222137224 hwrc-eng-swd-kp3191ek KP3191EK/V004 Swindon Recycling Centre England Q106094113
805 hwrc-eng-ngm-pp3990cb PP3990CB/V004 Lenton Recycling Centre England Q106094114
806 hwrc-eng-tfw-cb3902uy CB3902UY/V002 Hortonwood Recycling Centre England Q106094557
807 hwrc-eng-tfw-eb3306lh EB3306LH/V002 Halesfield Recycling Centre England Q106094558
809 FP3594SG/V004 Longshot Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094559
810 BP3298EE/V003 Smallmead Recycling Centre England Q106094560
811 hwrc-eng-wnm-hb3901hf HB3901HF/T001 Stafferton Way Recycling Centre England Q106094561
812 hwrc-eng-slg-fb3606sp FB3606SP/V002 Chalvey Recycling Centre England Q106094115
813 hwrc-eng-slg-fb3335ab FB3335AB/V003 Burnham Recycling Centre England Q106094117
814 hwrc-eng-slg-fb3336rd FB3336RD/V002 Langley Recycling Centre England Q106094118
815 hwrc-eng-sos-db3402sh DB3402SH/T001 Stock Road Recycling Centre England Q106094119
816 hwrc-eng-sos-db3402uc DB3402UC/T001 Leigh Marshes Recycling Centre England Q106094120
817 hwrc-eng-thr-cp3299nl CP3299NL/A001 Linford Recycling Centre England Q106094121
818 JB3231RC/V003 King's Road Recycling Centre England
819 JB3432AB/V003 South Access Road Recycling Centre England Q106094563
820 PP3493EQ/A001 Gateway Road Recycling Centre England Q106094564
821 way 31928679 GB3003ZN/T001 Jenkins Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094565
822 FB3605LE/V002 Tower Hamlets Recycling Centre England Q106094566
823 DB3302UH/V003 Summers Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094568
824 GB3230DW/V003 Regis Road Recycling Centre England Q106094570
825 way 598804143 CB3209XP/V003 Barrowell Green Recycling Centre England Q106094571
826 BB3100MV/V002 Western Road Recycling Centre England Q106094572
827 HB3132RH/V003 Hornsey Street Recycling Centre England Q106094573
829 GB3003MB/T001 Frizlands Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094575
830 GB3003LP/T001 Gerpins Lane Recycling Centre England Q106094576
831 way 25643893 GB3003UT/T001 Chigwell Road Recycling Centre England Q106094577
832 hwrc-eng-bex-bp3294hh BP3294HH/V003 Foots Cray Recycling Centre England Q106094122
833 hwrc-eng-bex-bp3494hn BP3494HN/V003 Thames Road Recycling Centre England Q106094123
834 node 8795834207 hwrc-eng-gre-dp3390el DP3390EL/V004 Greenwich Recycling Centre England Q106094124
835 way 356115544 hwrc-eng-bry-mp3390ec MP3390EC/V010 Churchfields Road Recycling Centre England Q106094125
836 way 971252668 hwrc-eng-bry-mp3090ex MP3090EX/V010 Waldo Road Recycling Centre England Q106094126
837 way 287232416 VP3996NX/V004 Harefield Recycling Centre England Q106094578
838 way 8084608 hwrc-eng-hns-tp3397na TP3397NA/A001 Space Waye Recycling Centre England Q106094127
839 closed 26-Nov-21 EP3996NZ/A001 Acton Recycling Centre England Q106094579
840 node 32546337 EP3596NU/A001 Greenford Recycling Centre England Q106094580
841 hwrc-wal-crf-vp3295eu VP3295EU Bessemer Close Household And Commercial Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106094949
842 hwrc-wal-crf-ep3995fl EP3995FL Lamby Way Depot Wales Q106094950
843 has closed hwrc-wal-vgl-jb3535rs JB3535RS Court Road Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094951
844 way 221350160 hwrc-wal-vgl-up3395vq UP3395VQ Atlantic H W R C Wales Q106094952
845 hwrc-wal-rct-zp3495ez ZP3495EZ Treforest Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094953
846 hwrc-wal-cay-lp3895fk LP3895FK Trehir Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094954
847 hwrc-wal-cay-wp3490vw WP3490VW Full Moon Waste Transfer Station Wales Q106094956
848 hwrc-wal-rct-wb3793hf WB3793HF Llantrisant Community Recycling Centre Wales Q106094958
849 hwrc-wal-cay-wp3391ep WP3391EP Penmaen Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094959
850 hwrc-wal-cay-ep3795fq EP3795FQ Penallta Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094960
851 hwrc-wal-rct-wp3195fu WP3195FU Dinas Community Recycling Centre Wales Q106094961
852 hwrc-wal-cay-rp3395fm RP3395FM Aberbargoed Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094962
853 hwrc-wal-vgl-cp3798fl CP3798FL Gluepot Road Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094963
854 hwrc-wal-tof-lb3290hk LB3290HK New Inn Waste Transfer Station Wales Q106094964
855 hwrc-wal-mty-zb3197tj ZB3197TJ Aberfan Household Waste And Recycling Centre Wales Q106094965
856 hwrc-wal-rct-pp3095fd PP3095FD Gelli C A Site Wales Q106094966
857 hwrc-wal-rct-rp3995fv RP3995FV Ferndale Community Recycling Centre Wales Q106094967
858 hwrc-wal-bge-fp3894sz FP3894SZ Brynmenyn Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094968
859 hwrc-wal-mon-wp3599fy WP3599FY Five Lanes Transfer Station And H W R C Wales Q106094969
860 hwrc-wal-mon-dp3999fh DP3999FH Maryport Street / Usk C A Site Wales Q106094970
861 hwrc-wal-rct-qp3799fr QP3799FR Treorchy Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094971
862 hwrc-wal-cay-qp3899fy QP3899FY Lawn Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094972
863 node 7929278157 hwrc-wal-bge-fp3893vn FP3893VN Tythegston Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094973
864 hwrc-wal-mty-zb3797th ZB3797TH Dowlais Household Waste and Recycling Centre Wales Q106094974
865 hwrc-wal-bgw-rp3895fn RP3895FN New Vale Wales Q106094975
866 hwrc-wal-bge-fp3894lx FP3894LX Heol Ty Gwyn Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094976
867 hwrc-wal-ntl-fb3539dv FB3539DV Cymmer Household Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106094977
868 hwrc-wal-swa-hb3997td HB3997TD Garngoch Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094978
869 hwrc-wal-mon-dp3099fv DP3099FV Mitchell Troy Household Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106094979
870 hwrc-wal-ntl-fb3539az FB3539AZ Briton Ferry Household Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106094980
871 hwrc-wal-pow-tb3190hn TB3190HN Brecon Recycling Centre Wales Q106094981
872 hwrc-wal-swa-qb3032rw QB3032RW Swansea Baling Plant Wales Q106094982
873 way 129215677 hwrc-wal-swa-hb3097ts HB3097TS Penlan Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094983
874 way 122538966 hwrc-wal-swa-hb3397tk HB3397TK Clyne Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094984
875 hwrc-wal-cmn-dp3091sz DP3091SZ Wernddu Civic Amenity And Transfer Station Wales Q106094985
876 way 156274034 hwrc-wal-cmn-zp3698fp ZP3698FP Trostre Civic Amenity / Transfer Station Wales Q106094986
877 hwrc-wal-pow-lp3395fj LP3395FJ The Graig Yffaldau Waste Transfer Wales Q106094987
878 hwrc-wal-cgn-jp3798fh JP3798FH Penrhos Depot Hazardous Waste Transfer Station Wales Q106094988
879 way 841500635 hwrc-wal-cmn-cp3292em CP3292EM Whitland Recycling Centre & Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094989
880 hwrc-wal-cgn-xb3397tp XB3397TP Rhydeinon Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094990
881 node 5471154384 hwrc-wal-pem-nb3193hn NB3193HN Crane Cross Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre Wales Q106094991
882 node 5470739841 hwrc-wal-pem-fp3298fd FP3298FD Hermon Civic Amenity and recycling centre Wales Q106094992
883 hwrc-wal-pow-wp3395ek WP3395EK Vastre Wales Q106094993
884 hwrc-wal-pow-up3895cn UP3895CN G F Potter, Household Waste Recycling Site Wales Q106094994
885 hwrc-wal-cgn-qp3198fu QP3198FU Rheidol Recycling Park Wales Q106094996
886 hwrc-wal-cgn-tb3497tj TB3497TJ Glan Yr Afon Waste Transfer Station Wales Q106094997
887 hwrc-wal-cgn-xb3097ta XB3097TA Cilmaenllwyd Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106094998
888 node 5471192420 hwrc-wal-pem-bp3791la BP3791LA Waterloo Recycling Centre Wales Q106095000
889 hwrc-wal-pem-qp3098fl QP3098FL Withyhedge Material Recycling Facility Wales Q106095001
890 node 5470068587 hwrc-wal-pem-fp3798fx FP3798FX Winsel Civic Amenity & Recycling Site Wales Q106095003
891 hwrc-wal-pow-bp3090st BP3090ST Potters Yard Wales Q106095004
892 node 5471091749 hwrc-wal-pem-fp3198fa FP3198FA Manorowen Civic Amenity and recycling centre Wales Q106095005
893 node 5471177001 hwrc-wal-pem-fp3698fm FP3698FM St Davids Civic Amenity and recyciling centre Wales Q106095006
894 hwrc-wal-gwn-yp3794ev YP3794EV Gwynedd Council Wales Q106095007
895 hwrc-wal-gwn-pp3392fd PP3392FD Bala Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095008
896 hwrc-wal-wrx-np3095ew NP3095EW Plas Madoc Household Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106095009
897 hwrc-wal-gwn-pp3294fj PP3294FJ Ffridd Rasus Waste Management Facility Wales Q106095010
898 hwrc-wal-wrx-dp3294fh DP3294FH Bryn Lane Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095012
899 hwrc-wal-wrx-np3395eq NP3395EQ Brymbo Household Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106095013
900 node 7824387421 hwrc-wal-gwn-eb3836ac EB3836AC Recycling Centre At Blaenau Ffestiniog Wales Q106095014
901 way 740525803 hwrc-wal-gwn-pp3492fj PP3492FJ Pwllheli Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095015
902 hwrc-wal-gwn-pp3594fm PP3594FM Rhwngyddwyryd Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095016
903 hwrc-wal-den-bp3691et BP3691ET Ruthin Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095017
904 hwrc-wal-fln-bp3294vp BP3294VP Mold Recycling Park Wales Q106095018
905 hwrc-wal-fln-bp3291eb BP3291EB Globe Way Recycling Park Wales Q106095019
906 hwrc-wal-den-bp3694vk BP3694VK Denbigh Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095021
907 hwrc-wal-fln-xb3597tm XB3597TM Sandycroft Recycling Park Wales Q106095022
908 hwrc-wal-fln-bp3295vs BP3295VS Queensferry Recycling Park Wales Q106095024
909 hwrc-wal-fln-bp3299vh BP3299VH Dock Road Recycling Park Wales Q106095025
910 hwrc-wal-fln-ab3997cd AB3997CD Oakenholt Household Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106095026
911 hwrc-wal-fln-bp3297ez BP3297EZ Flint Recycling Park Wales Q106095027
912 way 282645317 hwrc-wal-gwn-qp3994fz QP3994FZ Caergylchu Waste Management Facility Wales Q106095028
913 hwrc-wal-fln-bp3298vk BP3298VK Greenfield Recycling Park Wales Q106095029
914 hwrc-wal-cwy-mb3097tg MB3097TG Abergele Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095030
915 hwrc-wal-gwn-qp3794ft QP3794FT Llandygai Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095031
916 hwrc-wal-den-hp3394vk HP3394VK Rhyl Recycling Park Wales Q106095032
917 hwrc-wal-cwy-mb3397tz MB3397TZ Mochdre Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095033
918 way 920693629 hwrc-wal-agy-jb3132rc JB3132RC Penhesgyn House Waste Recycling Centre Wales Q106095034
919 way 920696949 hwrc-wal-agy-rp3694fk RP3694FK Gwalchmai Civic Amenity Site Wales Q106095035
920 way 344507908 hwrc-nir-ann-0107ln0923 WML 01/07LN/09/23 Newpark Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
921 hwrc-nir-ann-0108ln08109 WML 01/08LN/08/109 Craigmore Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
922 hwrc-nir-ann-0109ln0868 WML 01/09LN/08/68 Crumlin Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
923 hwrc-nir-and-0209ln0860 WML 02/09LN/08/60 Millisle Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
924 hwrc-nir-and-0210ln08106 WML 02/10LN/08/106 Donaghadee Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
925 hwrc-nir-and-0211ln0861 WML 02/11LN/08/61 Kircubbin Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
926 hwrc-nir-and-0212ln0863 WML 02/12LN/08/63 Portaferry Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
927 hwrc-nir-and-0213ln0862 WML 02/13LN/08/62 Ballygowan Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
928 hwrc-nir-and-0218ln0864 WML 02/18LN/08/64 Newtownards Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
929 hwrc-nir-and-0238ln1327 WML 02/38LN/13/27 Comber Waste Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
930 hwrc-nir-abc-0320ln1644 WML 03/20LN/16/44 Keady Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
931 hwrc-nir-abc-0321ln0825 WML 03/21LN/08/25 Station Road Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
932 hwrc-nir-abc-0322ln0826 WML 03/22LN/08/26 Markethill Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
933 hwrc-nir-abc-0323ln0828 WML 03/23LN/08/28 Tandragee Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
934 hwrc-nir-ann-0437ln1315 WML 04/37LN/13/15 Ballymena Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
935 hwrc-nir-ann-0501ln0855 WML 05/01LN/08/55 Knock Road Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
936 hwrc-nir-ann-0502ln0915 WML 05/02LN/09/15/V2 Crosstagherty Civic Amenity Site & Waste Transfer Facility Northern Ireland
937 hwrc-nir-and-0609ln0998 WML 06/09LN/09/98/V2 Dromore Community Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
938 hwrc-nir-and-0610ln0820 WML 06/10LN/08/20/V2 Rathfriland Community Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
939 hwrc-nir-and-0613ln0818 WML 06/13LN/08/18/V2 Scarva Road Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
940 way 392089635 hwrc-nir-ann-0701ln1147 WML 07/01LN/11/47 Blackstaff Way Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
941 way 392089632 hwrc-nir-ann-0702ln1146 WML 07/02LN/11/46 Alexandra Park Avenue Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
942 way 344494932 hwrc-nir-and-0703ln1145 WML 07/03LN/11/45 Palmerston Road Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
943 hwrc-nir-ann-0728ln0630 WML 07/28LN/06/30 Springfield Avenue Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
944 hwrc-nir-ann-0729ln0739 WML 07/29LN/07/39 Agnes Street Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
945 hwrc-nir-and-0731ln0725 WML 07/31LN/07/25 Ormeau Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
946 hwrc-nir-ann-0810ln0872 WML 08/10LN/08/72 Sullatober Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
947 hwrc-nir-and-0918ln09106 WML 09/18LN/09/106 Carryduff Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
948 hwrc-nir-ccg-1003ln08105 WML 10/03LN/08/105 Kilrea Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
949 hwrc-nir-ccg-1004ln08101 WML 10/04LN/08/101 Garvagh Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
950 hwrc-nir-ccg-1005ln08103 WML 10/05LN/08/103 The Depot Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
951 hwrc-nir-ccg-1006ln08102 WML 10/06LN/08/102 Portstewart Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
952 hwrc-nir-ccg-1008ln08104 WML 10/08LN/08/104 Castlerock Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
953 hwrc-nir-ann-1011ln0870 WML 10/11LN/08/70 Portrush Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
954 hwrc-nir-ccg-1110ln0614 WML 11/10LN/06/14/A Moneymore Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
955 hwrc-nir-abc-1218ln1643 WML 12/18LN/16/43 Fairgreen Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
956 hwrc-nir-abc-1219ln0950 WML 12/19LN/09/50 New Line Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
957 hwrc-nir-ccg-1325ln0954 WML 13/25LN/09/54 Glendermott Road Civic Amenity Centre Northern Ireland
958 hwrc-nir-ccg-1328ln0835 WML 13/28LN/08/35 Eglinton Civic Amenity Centre Northern Ireland
959 hwrc-nir-ccg-1336ln0821 WML 13/36LN/08/21/M Strathfoyle Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
960 hwrc-nir-ccg-1343ln0832 WML 13/43LN/08/32 Park Village Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
961 way 688585106 hwrc-nir-ccg-1367ln1227 WML 13/67LN/12/27 Claudy Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
962 way 808478969 hwrc-nir-and-1416ln1749 WML 14/16LN/17/49 Bann Road Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
963 way 986927154 hwrc-nir-and-1439ln1751 WML 14/39LN/17/51 Ballykine Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
964 hwrc-nir-mul-1510ln0937 WML 15/10LN/09/37 Coalisland Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
965 hwrc-nir-mul-1512ln0983 WML 15/12LN/09/83 Tullyvar Civic Amenity Site & Waste Transfer Station Northern Ireland
966 hwrc-nir-mul-1513ln0939 WML 15/13LN/09/39 Fivemiletown Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
967 hwrc-nir-fmo-1604ln0942 WML 16/04LN/09/42 Belleek Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
968 hwrc-nir-fmo-1610ln0918 WML 16/10LN/09/18 Kinawley Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
969 hwrc-nir-fmo-1614ln0971 WML 16/14LN/09/71 Garrison Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
970 hwrc-nir-fmo-1615ln0919 WML 16/15LN/09/19 Irvinestown Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
971 hwrc-nir-fmo-1617ln0958 WML 16/17LN/09/58 Lisbellaw Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
972 hwrc-nir-fmo-1619ln0956 WML 16/19LN/09/56 Newtownbutler Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
973 hwrc-nir-fmo-1620ln0959 WML 16/20LN/09/59 Rosslea Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
974 hwrc-nir-fmo-1622ln0917 WML 16/22LN/09/17 Tempo Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
975 hwrc-nir-fmo-1634ln0816 WML 16/34LN/08/16/M Drummee Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
976 hwrc-nir-fmo-1652ln1217 WML 16/52LN/12/17 Lisnaskea Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
977 hwrc-nir-fmo-1655ln1514 WML 16/55LN/15/14 Kesh Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
978 hwrc-nir-ann-1746ln1125 WML 17/46LN/11/25 Island Magee Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
979 hwrc-nir-ccg-1801ln0905 WML 18/01LN/09/05 Limavady Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
980 hwrc-nir-ccg-1812ln1215 WML 18/12LN/12/15 Dungiven Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
981 hwrc-nir-ann-1933ln0734 WML 19/33LN/07/34/V2 Derriaghy Household waste recycling centre Northern Ireland
982 node 1377201572 hwrc-nir-and-1938ln0949 WML 19/38LN/09/49 Drumlough Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
983 hwrc-nir-ccg-2005ln0963 WML 20/05LN/09/63/M Maghera Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
984 hwrc-nir-ccg-2006ln0964 WML 20/06LN/09/64/M Castledawson Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
985 hwrc-nir-ccg-2007ln0962 WML 20/07LN/09/62/M Draperstown Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
986 hwrc-nir-ccg-2008ln0961 WML 20/08LN/09/61/M Magherafelt Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
987 hwrc-nir-ccg-2036ln1410 WML 20/36LN/14/10 Ballymacombs Civic Amenity site Northern Ireland
988 hwrc-nir-ann-2101ln1017 WML 21/01LN/10/17/M Carneatly Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
989 hwrc-nir-and-2214ln0994 WML 22/14LN/09/94/V2 Hilltown Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
990 hwrc-nir-abc-2215ln0993 WML 22/15LN/09/93/V2 Newtownhamilton Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
991 way 54411746 hwrc-nir-and-2216ln0990 WML 22/16LN/09/90/V2 Newry Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
992 hwrc-nir-and-2217ln0992 WML 22/17LN/09/92/V2 Warrenpoint Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
993 hwrc-nir-and-2219ln0989 WML 22/19LN/09/89/V2 Kilkeel Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
994 way 683246571 hwrc-nir-abc-2220ln0991 WML 22/20LN/09/91/V2 Camlough Civic Amenity site Northern Ireland
995 hwrc-nir-abc-2257ln1237 WML 22/57LN/12/37 Crossmaglen Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
996 hwrc-nir-ann-2308ln1314 WML 23/08LN/13/14 Bruslee Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
997 way 666106996 hwrc-nir-ann-2339ln1516 WML 23/39LN/15/16 O'Neill Road Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
998 hwrc-nir-and-2401ln0912 WML 24/01LN/09/12 Holywood Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
999 hwrc-nir-and-2406ln0729 WML 24/06LN/07/29 Balloo Household Waste Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1000 hwrc-nir-mul-2505ln0940 WML 25/05LN/09/40 Dromore Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
1001 relation 6377574 hwrc-nir-mul-2520ln0839 WML 25/20LN/08/39 Carrickmore Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1002 hwrc-nir-mul-2538ln1429 WML 25/38LN/14/29 Fintona Household Waste Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1003 hwrc-nir-mul-2609ln0742 WML 26/09LN/07/42 Killen Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1004 hwrc-nir-mul-2614ln08118 WML 26/14LN/08/118 Plumbridge Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
1005 hwrc-nir-mul-2615ln08117 WML 26/15LN/08/117 Donemana Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
1006 hwrc-nir-mul-2616ln0944 WML 26/16LN/09/44 Newtownstewart Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
1007 hwrc-nir-mul-2629ln1428 WML 26/29LN/14/28 Strahans Road Household Waste Recycling Centre & WTS Northern Ireland
1008 hwrc-nir-ann-3103ln09105 WML 31/03LN/09/105 Cregagh Road Civic Amenity Site Northern Ireland
1009 hwrc-nir-ccg-3308ln1623 WML 33/08LN/16/23 Pennyburn Household Waste Recycling and Reuse Centre Northern Ireland
1010 hwrc-nir-mul-3416ln2103 WML 34/16LN/21/03 Gortrush Recycling Centre & Transfer Station Northern Ireland
1011 hwrc-nir-ann-3614ln0957 WML 36/14LN/09/57/V2 Redlands Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1012 hwrc-nir-ann-3615ln0722 WML 36/15LN/07/22/V2 Glenarm Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1013 hwrc-nir-mul-3705ln1645 WML 37/05LN/16/45 Cookstown Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1014 hwrc-nir-mul-3717ln1818 WML 37/17LN/18/18 Drumcoo Civic Amenity Site & Transfer Station Northern Ireland
1015 way 987328035 hwrc-nir-and-3821ln1915 WML 38/21LN/19/15 Downpatrick Household Recycling Centre Northern Ireland
1016 way 159451187 Eastern Civic Amenity Site Isle of Man Q106106885
1017 way 945735290 Frosterley HWRC England

Id 673, 786, 828 removed because of duplicate