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Mauritius, Africa

latitude: -20.263, longitude: 57.563
Browse map of Mauritius 20°15′46.80″ S, 57°33′46.80″ E
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Mauritius is a country in Africa at latitude 20°15′46.80″ South, longitude 57°33′46.80″ East.


On Mauritius Island the basic road network has been traced with many details still missing. Most areas have a lot of room for improvements.

The Outer Islands lack local mapping activities but have basic features mapped.

Imagery Availability

In the past Bing/Yahoo imagery has been used to map most objects. In most places Bing imagery also comes with a considerable offset.

Recently released Maxar Premium Imagery seems to be the most recent in most places for now. Digital Globe Premium Imagery is similar.

Esri World Imagery (Clarity Beta) can provide a good secondary input layer with acceptable resolution but is not as recent.

Although not in abundance, there are some uploaded OSM GPS traces available to realign the imagery accordingly.

Outer Islands of Mauritius

Territorial Disputes: