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Agaléga, Mauritius

latitude: -10.4213, longitude: 56.6373
Browse map of Agaléga 10°25′16.68″ S, 56°38′14.28″ E
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Agaléga is an archipelago in Mauritius at latitude 10°25′16.68″ South, longitude 56°38′14.28″ East.

Basic Information

There is limited information available for Agaléga Islands. With only about 325 inhabitants[1], the two islands are sparsely populated.

The archipelago has been the talk of negotiations between the Government of Mauritius and India concerning a handover of the two islands.[2]

Imagery Availability

Currently Maxar Premium has the latest imagery available and presents good resolution. Esri layers are out of date, as can be seen by recent construction sites.

Bing Aerial Imagery is, at this point in time, not usuable.

Current Status

India Development Project

While information about the project is limited, there have been reports about the construction of a jetty, a second airstrip and military facilities for the Indian army.[3] Nevertheless the exact details, the construction sites have been visible on aerial imagery now.

Jetty Construction


Airstrip Construction

The changes on the island could be more drastically than they may seem right now.[4]

Depending on the extent of the structures and availability of new imagery, the north area will need updates and improvements. Local activity is expected to be minimal at this point.

Further updates will be documented on this page.