Isle of Wight

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Isle of Wight, South East England

latitude: 50.67795753479, longitude: -1.33209228515625
Browse map of Isle of Wight 50°40′40.65″ N, 1°19′55.53″ W
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Isle of Wight is a county in South East England at latitude 50°40′40.65″ North, longitude 1°19′55.53″ West.

The Isle of Wight relation 3336389 is an island off the south coast of England with unitary authority and ceremonial county status. It is a part of the South East England region.

First ever mapping party

The Isle of Wight was the location of the first OSM worskshop, Isle of Wight workshop 2006.

Mapping Status

We have mapped the Island extensively.

All surfaced roads are now believed to have been mapped based on ground survey.

Most footpaths and bridleways have been mapped using a combination of survey and tracing from NPE and OS Provisional/First_Edition maps. The Isle of Wight council released ROW data under the OGL in November 2016, and OSM has been updated from that. Some paths (particularly in west Wight) still (as of late 2016) remain unsurveyed, a survey is needed to confirm their exact route (the ways for these paths generally have a fixme tag).

Public Transport

Main article: Public transport on the Isle of Wight

The island's self-contained nature makes it easy to distinguish services that are relevant, and one example of this is public transport. As of November 2009, a concerted effort is being made to add all the public transport services on and to the island. The current status of this effort can be seen in these tables.

Walking Routes

There are a number of walking trails on the island. Though most of the footpaths / bridleways have probably been included in OSM through survey (or tracing from out of date Ordnance Survey maps), these paths have yet to be added to walking route relations.

Note that public right of way signs often have the ROW reference number on them, comprising one or two letters followed by some numbers. these should be noted in OSM using the prow_ref=*

Route Name Relation Estimate % of route
currently in the relation
Isle of Wight Coastal Path relation 1129666 all 112km complete
Bembridge Trail relation 1175417 complete
Nunwell Trail relation 1386973 99% complete last 500m near Ryde St Johns needs survey
Source to Sea relation 185496 95% complete is this the same as "River Yar Trail"?
Tennyson Trail relation 1152372 complete
Worsley Trail relation 1152371 complete

Cycle Routes

There are two signed cycle routes trails on the island.

Route Name Relation Estimate % of route
currently in the relation
More Details
Red Squirrel Trail relation 5472302 believed to be complete Red Squirrel Trail
Round the Island Route relation 2742 believed to be complete
Sunshine Trail relation 164794 >90% complete

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