Richmond, Virginia

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Richmond, Virginia, United States

latitude: 37.5360, longitude: -77.4516
Browse map of Richmond 37°32′09.60″ N, 77°27′05.76″ W
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Richmond is a city in Virginia, United States at latitude 37°32′09.60″ North, longitude 77°27′05.76″ West.

Local user group
Map RVA Flag of the United States.svg
When: bi-weekly
Where: variable (map)
Mailing list
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Connect with Local Mappers

There are few ways to connect to the OSM community in Richmond.

The Slack Channel #local-rva

Our channel on the OpenStreetMap US Slack workspace is a great place to connect on projects and share events.

MapRVA Meetup

We meet bi-weekly and announce via OSMCal and mastodon.

Our Website

Read more about our work at

GitHub Organization

We publish code repositories in our GitHub organization, MapRVA.

Editing Richmond on OpenStreetMap

Editing Guidelines

Main article: Richmond, Virginia/Tags

First of all, thank you for helping improve OSM in our city! Our community has an evolving set of guidelines to help keep tags consistent across Richmond. Please see our tagging page for detailed information, and please be in touch if you'd like to help develop these guidelines.

Data Sources

Beside global aerial imagery from e.g. Bing, here are some sources that are uniquely helpful in Richmond:

  • Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) orthoimagery is available courtesy of the state, and made available in the Background Settings menu of the iD editor.
    • VBMP imagery is updated on a rolling basis, one of three regions of Virginia gets updated each year. See the above link for more information.
  • Bing Streetside imagery is available throughout Richmond, usually from 2021 or newer. This imagery is available in iD under Map Data > Photo Overlays.

Tasking Manager projects in Richmond

OpenStreetMap US Task Manager tasks
Name of Task Date Launched Last Contribution Theme Mapped (%) Validated (%) Status
Mapping Pedestrian Infrastructure in RVA 2023-08-02 2024-04-12 mobility; pedestrian; disability 39 20 Active

MapRoulette challenges in Richmond

MapRoulette challenges
Name of Challenge Date Launched Last Contribution Theme Mapped (%) Validated (%) Status
Updating Cycling Infrastructure in RVA 2023-11-23 2024-02-11 mobility; cycling 77 0 Active

Other Projects

Adding Name Etymology

At the 2023-11-23 meeting of MapRVA, we started adding Etymology tags to features in&around Richmond.

Updating RPS Schools

Many RPS Schools have closed or been renamed since they were added to OSM. Probably a good candidate for a MapRoulette challenge

Update GRTC Bus Routes and Stops

An unknown number of GRTC routes and stops are out-of-date on OSM.

  • It is unclear if GTFS data from GRTC is OK to publish under the ODbL, but it probably isn't. They have not responded to a request for license clarification and we need to follow up.
  • It would be valuable to tag bus stops with more information about the amenities they provide. Many GRTC bus stops look like this and are difficult to access. This data may help us advocate for better bus stop infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

Tools to monitor mapping activity around RVA

Sidewalk Validation

This is a styled Overpass Ultra query to help quickly validate tasks for the Sidewalk mapping project

      type: geojson
    - type: line
      filter: [==, [get, footway], link]
        line-width: 4
         - case
         - [has, surface]
         - blue
         - red
    - type: line
      filter: [==, [get, footway], sidewalk]
        line-width: 4
         - case
         - [has, surface]
         - green
         - yellow
    - type: line
        - all
        - ["!=", [get, footway], link]
        - ["!=", [get, footway], sidewalk]
        line-width: 4
         - case
         - [has, surface]
         - teal
         - orange
    - type: line
      source: Tasks
        line-color: gray
        line-width: 2
    - type: symbol
      source: Tasks
        text-font: [Open Sans Regular]
        text-field: "{taskId}"
out geom;

Load query in Overpass Ultra Load query in Overpass Ultra