Fairfax County, Virginia

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Fairfax County, Virginia

latitude: 38.840845, longitude: -77.249565
Browse map of Fairfax County 38°50′27.04″ N, 77°14′58.43″ W
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Fairfax County is a County in Virginia at latitude 38°50′27.04″ North, longitude 77°14′58.43″ West.


Fairfax County is the largest municipality in Virginia, with a population of over 1 million. There are a number of active mappers in the county, however there is a great deal of work to be done.

Thomas Conry, the manager of the Fairfax County GIS and Mapping Branch discusses Gov 2.0 on SpatialRoundTable.com. While he doesn't mention OpenStreetMap, some of his comments are encouraging in terms of opening access. Hopefully we'll see more geodata available from the county.

Potential for Collaboration

  • Fairfax County has a Trails and Sidewalks Committee, which among other responsibilities creates and provides a map of trails in the county.
    • July 2014 - A message was sent by user:geobrando to the County GIS department using their web form. A follow-up email was sent several weeks later directly to a staff member that in addition inquired about County building footprint and address data for use in OSM. Neither have yet to receive a response.
    • Early 2011 - An email to several members by user:Joshdoe did not receive any reply.
  • Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB) is a group promoting bicycling in the county. An email was sent May 3, 2011 to inquire about awareness of OSM. (Update: User:Joshdoe gave a presentation on OSM to the group at their August 17, 2011 meeting. Slides of the presentation can be viewed here on Slideshare.net.)


Here are some ongoing and potential projects in Fairfax County. If you are interested, please post to the talk page. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to add them here.

  • Burke Centre - there is a project underway to create a comprehensive map of Burke Centre (though it is only a one-man project, for now!)
  • Trails
  • Bus stops and routes - The county performed an inventory of all bus stops, nearly 5,000 ([1]). See Fairfax Connector for more information on this data.
  • Hydrography - merging NHD/county data of ponds, lakes, streams, etc.
  • Roads - verify geometry and attributes of all county roads (see Virginia for a potential project to work on interstate and state roads). Also add route relations for all Virginia secondary highways along tertiary roads or higher in the county using the tag network=US:VA:secondary.
  • Parks - the Fairfax County Park Authority operates a number of parks, and an import is in progress
  • RECenters - there are nine recreation and fitness centers in the county, which could be thoroughly mapped, including fields, pools, etc.
  • Zip codes - import the zip code multipolygons from the county, ensuring they share a border with the county and other appropriate multipolygons
  • Building Imports - import buildings from the VGIN building footprints to add details and improve navigation with OSM.
  • Other ideas - please add your idea here!



For more orthophotography, see the page for Virginia.

USGS HRO 2002 Virginia, between 0.5ft and 2ft resolution. Link contains all layers marked Color_Feb_2002. copy link, suitable for JOSM

USGS HRO 2008 Northern Virginia 0.5m (doesn't include all of Fairfax County): link suitable for JOSM

County GIS

The Fairfax County GIS & Mapping Services Branch offers both public domain and licensed GIS data. There are around forty public domain Shapefiles provided, accessible here. Not included in the list is such layers as building footprints and tax parcels.

See some of the subpages listed under the Projects section for more information about some of these layers.

Description SRID Link
Street Centerlines EPSG:2283 [2]
Watershed Polygons EPSG:2283 [3]
Zipcode Polygons EPSG:2283 [4]

The county has published cadastral and topographic maps. The tax maps are based on a grid system. For example 77-4 is part of Burke Centre, and has corner coordinates (in EPSG:2924): E 11821523.7, N 6968532.4 E 11827395.9, N 6973667.5

ZIP Codes

The database ZIPCODE_AREAS.* contains 83 (multi-)polygons describing the ZIP code boundaries in Fairfax County

  • OBJECTID: some private id? (ignore)
  • OBJECTID_1: private id (?) all zero (ignore)
  • ZIPCITY: primary city associated with zip (ignore)
  • ZIPCITYALT: alternate city associated with zip (ignore)
  • ZIPCODE: ZIP code of the (multi-)polygon, (postal_code=*)
  • AREA: area of (multi-)polygon in sqft (ignore)
  • LEN: perimeter of (multi-)polygon ft (ignore)

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