Fairfax County, Virginia

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Fairfax County, Virginia

latitude: 38.840845, longitude: -77.249565
Browse map of Fairfax County 38°50′27.04″ N, 77°14′58.43″ W
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Fairfax County is a County in Virginia at latitude 38°50′27.04″ North, longitude 77°14′58.43″ West.


Aerial view of the Capital One campus in Tyson's
There is lots to map in Fairfax County!

Fairfax County is the largest municipality in Virginia, with a population of over 1.1 million. The county is the largest in NoVA and ever-changing, so there is always something new to map.

The Community

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The OSMUS Slack channel is a great place to connect on projects and share events. There are channels called #local-virginia and #local-dc to discuss topics in the region.

OSM Community Forum

Check out the US Community inside the larger OSM forum for discussion on current topics affecting US editors.


Here are some ongoing and potential projects in Fairfax County. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to add them here.

  • Adding landuse areas, including natural=wood
  • Updating POIs like restaurants and shops and adding website=*, phone=*, and opening_hours=*
  • Updating construction projects and new buildings
  • Adding and improving sidewalk and pedestrian crossing data
  • Adding speed limits and turn lane data to highway=* ways
  • Performing QA throughout the county
  • Responding to and closing notes

The following things are generally well-mapped in the county, but could always use updating as needed:

  • Addresses
  • Building footprints

Useful resources


Fairfax County has paid for its own imagery, separate from the state-wide VBMP Orthoimagery project, and it is generally preferable because it has higher resolution. The imagery is available through the OSM Editor Layer Index, putting it automatically in iD and Rapid. You can also load the imagery layer into JOSM.

County GIS Database

The Fairfax County GIS & Mapping Services offers 120+ layers of GIS data. Be sure to read and follow OSM's Import guidelines and consult with other local mappers before putting this data into OSM. The layers of interest include some about building footprints, addresses, roadway centerlines with useful data attributes, POI layers, and much more. All of the data would require transformation or translation in QGIS or some other GIS application to be suitable for inclusion in OSM.

Some of these layers include coverage of Alexandria, Arlington, and the City of Fairfax as well.

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