Williamsburg, Virginia

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Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

latitude: 37.2708788, longitude: -76.7074042
Browse map of Williamsburg 37°16′15.16″ N, 76°42′26.66″ W
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Williamsburg is a city in Virginia, United States at latitude 37°16′15.16″ North, longitude 76°42′26.66″ West.

Data Sources

In a 2022-04-11 email to System-users-3.svgJacob Hall (jacobwhall on osm), Aaron Small City Engineer for the City of Williamsburg confirmed that data published by the City in their Geo Data Hub is in the public domain:

We have confirmed that any data that is published on our open sites (visible via internet) is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, therefore is in the public domain. You are free to use it as you need to ascribing the site as an appropriate source.

Mapping Areas of Interest

Colonial Williamsburg

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation owns a significant percentage of the total land in Williamsburg, much of which is run as a "living museum" in which reenactors engage in colonial-era activities and give tours to visitors. This area includes many unique attractions, exhibits, and gift shops.

William & Mary

William & Mary is the other primary landowner and employer in Williamsburg. Work is ongoing to keep William & Mary up-to-date as the campus evolves; most years there are one or two construction projects completed. System-users-3.svgJacob Hall (on osm) works there and has spent considerable time mapping campus, feel free to reach out to them if you are interested in contributing to the area.


Main article: OpenHistoricalMap/Projects/Williamsburg

Williamsburg and the surrounding area may be of particular interest to OpenHistoricalMap mappers, due to its proximity to the Jamestown Settlement, its time as the Capital of Virginia, and now as a "living museum." The built landscape along Duke of Gloucester Street, for example, has changed drastically over the years.