Arlington County, Virginia

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Arlington County, Virginia, United States

latitude: 38.880278, longitude: -77.108333
Browse map of Arlington County 38°52′49.00″ N, 77°06′30.00″ W
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Arlington County is a county in Virginia, United States at latitude 38°52′49.00″ North, longitude 77°06′30.00″ West.

Arlington County - Virginia.jpg

The Community

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The OSMUS Slack channel is a great place to connect on projects and share events. There are channels called #local-virginia and #local-dc to discuss topics in the region.

OSM Community Forum

Check out the US Community inside the larger OSM forum for discussion on current topics affecting US editors.


Arlington County is mapped relatively well compared to a lot of places in the US, but of course there are a lot of things you can help out with if you're looking for a project! Some ideas:

  • Updating POIs like restaurants and shops and adding website=*, phone=*, and addresses
  • Updating construction projects and new buildings
  • Adding and improving sidewalk and pedestrian crossing data
  • Adding speed limits and turn lane data to highway=* ways
  • Performing QA throughout the county
  • Responding to and closing notes

You can use this Overpass query template to identify objects within the county.

Data sources

Arlington County provides many data layers for download on its open data hub. Be sure to read and follow the import guidelines before putting anything from those data sources directly into OSM.

The county also hosts imagery that is higher resolution than what VBMP provides.