Loudoun County, Virginia

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Loudoun County, Virginia

latitude: 39.1428, longitude: -77.5928
Browse map of Loudoun County 39°08′34.08″ N, 77°35′34.08″ W
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Loudoun County is a county in Virginia at latitude 39°08′34.08″ North, longitude 77°35′34.08″ West.

Loudoun County GIS

Loudoun County's GeoHub has a wealth of GIS data, including land parcels, buildings, census tracts, and a lot more. The County has participated in the VBMP over many years, which typically collects aerial for our area every 4 years. During most of the other years, Loudoun County has independently contracted acquisition of aerial imagery since 1979.

In response to a query via email, the Loudoun County GIS stated that the digital data is public information, and that there is no license for its use. A disclaimer is available on the website.