Loudoun County, Virginia

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Loudoun County, Virginia

latitude: 39.1428, longitude: -77.5928
Browse map of Loudoun County 39°08′34.08″ N, 77°35′34.08″ W
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Loudoun County is a county in Virginia at latitude 39°08′34.08″ North, longitude 77°35′34.08″ West.

Loudoun County GIS

Loudoun County's Office of Mapping and Geographic Information has a wealth of data, including land parcels, buildings, census tracts, and a lot more. Here's what the county has to say about this:

Loudoun County distributes spatial data in ArcGIS coverage or shapefile format for the cost of reproduction. Countywide spatial datasets may be purchased for $21 per CD or $22 per DVD for up to 650 MB or 4.5 GB of data, respectively. There is a $10 surcharge to purchase countywide topography, and a $3 charge if the item is to be mailed. If the customer wants the data in DXF format and/or would like OMAGI to custom select specific geographic areas of the County, there is an additional $7 per 15 minute increment labor charge. Select aerial imagery is also available.

The county cites Chapter 54.1-402 of the Code of Virginia for usage restrictions and states that "acknowledgement of Loudoun County would be appreciated in products derived from this data."

In response to a query via email, the Loudoun County GIS stated that the digital data is public information, and that there is no license for it's use.