Frederick County, Virginia

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Frederick County, Virginia

latitude: 38.840845, longitude: -77.249565
Browse map of Frederick County 38°50′27.04″ N, 77°14′58.43″ W
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Frederick County is a County in Virginia at latitude 38°50′27.04″ North, longitude 77°14′58.43″ West.


The Frederick County GIS office does offer digital data, but charges a fee and does require a signed copyright agreement with the following condition:

"All digital data contracted for, produced by, maintained by, and owned by the County of Frederick is protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Digital Addendum. Digital data purchased from Frederick County may be used to produce and sell printed materials. However, no Frederick County digital data may be redistributed or resold in any digital form without the express permission of the Information Technologies Department of Frederick County."

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