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There are numerous trails in Fairfax County, and there are many trail advocate groups. There is also a Sidewalk and Trail Committee for the county.

If known, use operator=* to describe who maintains a given segment of a trail (e.g. Fairfax County Park Authority, Virginia Department of Transportation, etc). For the relation, use the agency which is responsible for defining the entire trail (e.g. National Park Service).

Name Relation Notes
Accotink Creek Trail
Cross County Trail (CCT) relation 1613206
Cub Run Stream Valley Trail relation 1629351 needs a lot of fixing, two new pedestrian bridges
Curtis Trail relation 1161687
Fairfax County Parkway Trail relation 1100278
Four Mile Trail relation 1623946
Holmes Run Trail relation 1629353 needs attention
Long Branch Trail
Mount Vernon Trail relation 1161688 missing old town section, NPS page, map
Potomac Heritage Trail relation 1623950 missing lots of parts, NPS page, list of trail management partners
Rocky Run Trail relation 1645843
South Run Trail
Sugarland Run Stream Valley Trail relation 1616247
Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD Trail) relation 916095 Friends of the W&OD Trail, BikeWashington page, Wikipedia article

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